Tuesday, July 6, 2021

A Little Catch up from Multiple Social Media Platforms...I can't Keep Up!

 Gill Bates told us Francine was a serial killer...he announced it on television. Why would anyone date a serial killer? We have many mentally ill peeps.

To distract us from the audits...there will be explosions, shootings, lootings and large plates of poutine broadcast all over lamestream. You are a fool if you fall for it. Ooops...thud...there goes another one.

I went into the bank yesterday and asked to withdraw ten thousand dollars. The teller checked my balance. Apparently, funds were insufficient. I told her not to worry as I identify as a millionaire. She said, "It doesn't work that way." Really? Such an intolerant bigot!

Still baffled by this: the dude who is not a medical doctor (for what it is worth these days) openly stated that he wished to reduce the world's population by a certain percentage, using Francines. In other words, he openly stated, on telly, that people would be killed via Francines...or perhaps he was saying that through Francines, the ability to reproduce would be diminished. How was this not a red flag and why are people dating Francine, a woman open about her mission to be a serial killer? WFT happened to people's brains? #freewillredpillitwillkillyourchoiceyourvoiceliveordiemanywillcrybrainswillfry