Sunday, July 25, 2021

Random Excerpts from the Book of Imbecility

A significant percentage of peeps who have contracted a certain pathogen, and I mean a significant percentage, over 50%, dated Francine, with most having dated her twice...their figures...not mine.

The puppet on a string says this is not possible and yet, here we are. Many strings will be pulled on the other side of this; on the gallows.

My chat page for Martini Heads and Freethinkers of America Pie and Prayer Group is:
Since freedom of expression is not respected under the current administration and its social media lackeys, this is where you can find us should we get de-platformed on FB.

How long until the current puppet regime declares anyone with free will and an opinion contrary to the official narrative, a domestic short haired terrier? Is this liberalism? O woe unto thee, you poor misguided mind controlled automatons. You have no idea what lies ahead for you.

Don't be fooled by so called religious spokespersons who tell you the Bible says you should accept the death jab. It is the Mark of the Beast. They have bent the knee to the dark side. The problem with the darkness keeps getting darker and darker until one day, you wake up and the only thing you can see clearly, is your own folly.

I told you so. I told you so. Some called me a tin foil hat and some called me a ho but, they can't deny that I was right and they were wrong so clang your gong and smoke your bong 'cos I told you so and now you're stuck and gee...I wonder what rhymes with stuck?

Anyone who starts a conversation with, "The government wants to protect us." or with, "I heard it on the news." My page is not for you. The level of imbecility is beyond comprehension. Squirrels love chocolate covered nuts but only on Fridays.