Thursday, July 30, 2020

First Amendment Has Been Pissed Upon

Since the First Amendment has been pissed by the larger social media platforms...and if you do not see what a dangerous and slippery slope that it, good luck to you, millions of Americans are beefing up their Second Amendment rights.

In the current climate, it seems wise to do so as it may well be our last line of defense against the criminal insanity being heaped upon us daily. The war they are waging against us is, out of necessity, a war on our minds. A precursor to genocide, disarmament is not an option.

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If you have a problem with the level of censorship we are currently experiencing...and you should because this is America not Soviet would be a good time to speak up.

The patriots behind the scenes can fight to the death to save this country from NWO, and they are doing just that, but the war against the globalist dictators will be won in the trenches, by John and Jane Main Street USA.

Think above your fear and programming and take a peek into the future you want for your progeny. Do you want to raise mind controlled automaton slaves or free thinkers dedicated to the expansion of consciousness?

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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Don't Mind Me

As they push harder for the New World Order, taking us into the Orwellian nightmare, I would like to point out that the answer to 1984 is 1776.

You can't obey your way to freedom. Unless the globalist governors are removed, arrested and tried, America will continue to be dismantled one brick at a time.

Those would be same the bricks used by the rioters to throw at the police. The police they, the faux communists, want underfunded in favor of United Nations troops on America soil.

I wonder if they know that's what they are facilitating? Not that it matters. Once the Establishment is done with these useful idiots, they too will be underfunded. Sorry, I meant deleted.  Pew.  Pew.  Pew.

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Random Saves from Social Media Before Censorship

*Independent fact checkers keep taking down my posts? Fact check my big, white arse, you charlatans.

*They are banning anything against the official narrative now. Not just videos but the transcripts. Heil Hitler, America.

*How have you, the great American people, not yet figured out the extent to which you have been played? Anything contrary to the official globalist agenda is immediately censored. In America! Hello? Anyone out there?

*Reasons to be Tearful. Part One. The Ignorance. The Arrogance. The Apathy.

"Defund the Police" is not about redistributing financial resources. It is part of a well planned play to dismantle America and hand over control to United Nations.

How did you not see this coming? What trivia were your minds focused on? This has been in the works since the 1970s.

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*There are people out there who would rather see Americans die than admit that someone outside their partisan affiliations suggested a safe, inexpensive and viable alternative to vaccination.
These people are not only useful idiots for the Establishment, they are accessories to murder. Shame on them.

It baffles me, saddens me and if I am honest, disgusts me, how quickly this once great nation fell for the UN takeover of America. Not on my watch.

*Trolls Troll Troll Trolls
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Here a troll, there a troll
everywhere a troll troll.
Troll la la
Troll la le
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Troll la lo
Trolls make noise
without grace without poise.
Do you know what trolls don't got?
Trolls don't got balls.

*God Bless all the medical doctors who came together as America's Front Line Doctors and spoke out today.

There has always been a cure for covid. POTUS suggested it but the globalists, anxious to murder more Americans, did their usual dismiss and ridicule routine.

Masks are unnecessary.

Fauci and Gates must now be tried for crimes against humanity.

Monday, July 27, 2020

A Nation Asleep. A world asleep.

"In a state of subconscious paralysis, people obey. They follow orders. They sleep-walk. They even, on top of the layer of paralysis, actively defend the powers-that-be.

A nation asleep. A world asleep."

That's where we are today, folks. That's why I won't back down. Mass hypnosis. A scenario planned by the Establishment (the government behind the government, the one Potus is trying to destroy) decades in the making.

We hinted. You laughed. We held instructional classes. You scoffed. We made videos. You dismissed them as conspiracy theory. We made podcasts. You decided they were too hard hitting...the truth often is. We posted on several social media platforms. You flooded our pages with vitriol, polluted our posts with ridicule and misinformation.

And still we continue with our campaign to expose the deep state agenda. Why? Is it because we enjoy abuse? Is it because we enjoy seeing our business shrink and our income diminish? I think not.

We continue with our campaign because we are in the midst of a great awakening. We have an opportunity, right here and now, to see through the illusion, to recognize the war on our minds and the attempt to turn this entire planet into one homogeneous corporation.

The Establishment would have us walk through the Bill Gates of Hell and emerge as mindless automatons, totally subservient to and dependent on the State.

American minds, all minds, are being toyed with daily. You think you have a legitimate reason for rioting? You do not. You were encouraged to riot by the Man.

You think you are rioting against the Man...I have news for was the Man who put those thoughts into your heads.

You are doing exactly what the Man wants you to do. Even without the micro chip posing as inoculation, your perception, your actions, have been engineered and controlled to such an extent...most of you have Stockholm Syndrome.

This is America 2020. Everyone is equal under the law. TAKE THAT AND MAKE IT WORK. Unless of course, you have zero sense of self worth and can find validation only through a culture of victim mentality.

Can we grow up now, please?

God Bless America. God Bless our world. God Bless our Mother Earth.

All comments on my page will be deleted. We post to (hopefully) inspire...not to incite and to wire. Feel free to share though 

*opening quote from Jon Rappaport.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

And the bleeding hearts, we will train them to support the totalitarian state and usher in New World Order.

😞With regard to the title of this blog, those are not my words.  I have heard those words on many occasions, in many a conference room, some wood paneled, some mundane, some ultra modern, and some in a tent in the middle of nowhere land.

My particular skill set being useful to a variety of organizations, my work has taken me to some interesting places.  Let's just say some of the projects I have worked on have opened my eyes/blown my mind wide open/filled my heart with dread/caused me to doubt the sanity of those in power.  Quick version: I learned how the world works, who runs it and why.  

I openly share this knowledge (not details...I signed stuff and I like being alive ) with a view to opening minds and preventing the Establishment from winning the war on our minds.  Since we, the American people, are quite well armed, they had to make the war one of emotional psyops.  This is why I am against gun control.  That plus I like plinking.

In a world gone mad, and the world is currently not in its right mind, it is our last line of defense against forced vaccinations, mind/DNA altering microchips and a future in which all humanoids are obedient slaves, responding to their master's instructions received via appropriate microchip frequency. Yes, I can assure you, this is exactly what they have planned for you.  I would not have believed it myself if I had not heard it, time and time again, with my own ears.

Small mercies...only a small percentage of the population will be subjected to this heinous assault on sovereignty.  Depopulation being the end game, always was and always will be, 80%+ will have been deleted by other means, falsely labelled inoculations being a particular favorite.

If you would all stop being distracted and triggered (by whatever the media chooses to trigger you with) for five minutes, and think about the implications of living in such a world...the horror of it might just sink in and you might just decide to wake up and take an interest in your evolution.  Some quiet time, a few days away from any media input, would radically alter your perception.

My cashmere gloves are off.  I want you to see clearly where my fingers point.  

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Stupidity By Any Other Name...

πŸ˜’For the time being, we have the illusion of living in a free country, with stiff penalties for venturing out without a muzzle so, you decide what that means to you.

Not interested in your opinion any more than you are interested in mine...not today. 

Just pointing out, on my blog, the absurdity of the situation and how easily the collective covered up the upper set of cheeks while willingly uncovering, spreading and offering the lower set of cheeks.

If this contagion was as anywhere near as deadly as the evil globalist bastards make it out to be, do you honestly think a stupid little mask is going to save you?  And have you not yet figured out they are toying with you, like rats in a maze?

"OMG...they fell for that!  Good start!  Let's turn it up a bit and see if they will go for it.  OMG...they are still falling for it!  Let's tell them they have to wear their masks when they enter a restaurant but can remove it while they chew but, it has to go back on in between bites and, of course, when they visit the loo and exit the premises.  Isn't this fun Bill?  We have the little fuckers by the short and curlies."

"Yes indeed, Anthony.  Reminds me of the good old days when you killed all those faggots with HIV.  Happy days, Anthony.  Happy Days."

Jesus wept.  All comments will be will we all if we don't sort this out.

Friday, July 17, 2020

Warning! Automatons Are Taking Over the World!

😒A hearty Hello to anyone out there capable of seeing beyond the tip of their nose. How sad that 2020 turned out to be the Year of Less Than Perfect Vision.

Empathy: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. As a spiritual counselor (not the there there, trust in God and everything will be okay variety...more the You are the universe in ecstatic motion so, why don't you get on with it variety) and specialist in all things considered paranormal, I meditate daily on the words grace and empathy. Meditation is my personal saving grace. Without it, how would one remain functional in today's world?

I find I am unable to empathize with those who have, without hesitation and anything resembling investigation, obeyed the Establishment command to muzzle themselves.

I am unable to empathize because, after diligently searching my personal data bank, I can find no record of handing in my God given sovereignty in return for a life lived as a brain washed automaton, submitting to PSYOPS in return for the privilege of going about my business.

I encourage those who worship at the Bill Gates of Hell to avoid my page. Your comments will be deleted. You are useful idiots to the Establishment...the nefarious nerd loves you so please, visit his page and tell him how much you adore being muzzled and are more than willing to keep it up for years until the nano-techno-track-and-kill -jab is developed. ( was in production before the actual no-demic).

To the self-aware I say this... do not give not stop questioning the official bought and paid for narrative. They will attempt to shame you, to insult you, to ridicule you and everything else they find in Edward Bernays' How to Eff the People 101.'

Smile. Sigh at their foolish notions. If they appear totally brainwashed, walk away. If they appear inquisitive, have a chat and share your research, your point of view. Millions of people, self-aware people, are in despair and with good reason. Let's help each other out.

Mainstream bought and paid for media repeat their slogans over and over again, day in, day out. They do this to instill Fear, Rage and Need. Let's use their tactic but instead of Fear, Rage and Need, let's instill Courage, Illumination and Cosmic Alignment.

At any other point in history, I might be giggling over this theater of the absurd. We are, however, in the midst of a New World Order Corporate Destroy the Individual and Destroy America scenario. If you are happy with this, good luck to you. If, like me, you want your incarnation to count for something...let's chat.

I wish you peace and all things cool. 

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Manners for Social Media

Manners for Social Media:

Think of a person's page as their living room but with the door slightly open.

In their living room, they are free to say whatever they please.

If you hear something of interest coming from their living room, you may ask to join the discussion. If you are invited in, you may assume you are invited to participate in discussion.

However, should you decide to disrupt instead of discuss, to stomp, shout and shit all over the floor of the person's living room, they have every right to rub your face in it and throw you out.

Have a nice day.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Amused, Bemused, Gut Busted...Disgusted.

Every morning I get out of bed hoping the American people have woken up and seen through this war on their minds and the vile assault on their freedoms.

I am encouraged by pockets of emerging awakening here and there but on the whole, every morning I am disappointed and saddened. My pre-meditation emotions range from amusement to embarrassment to outright disgust.

What happened to this nation of free thinkers and rugged individuals? The progeny of the Founding Fathers have submitted to slavery of the mind. They walk around muzzled and in fear, muttering insults at those who refuse the muzzle.

I invite, I beg the president to use the army to intervene.  In a million years I never thought I would ever utter those words!  Please, bring in the army and liberate us from the tyranny of the globalist state governors, mayors and all those who are fed from the deep pockets of the Gates/Fauci brigade.

Peeps, please look around you. There is no pandemic.  Contagions fill the air 24/7...and yet we live. There is no pandemic. We are not knee deep in bodies. They have cast an illusion over us to usher in New World end to personal and national sovereignty...and most of you are busy insulting and disparaging the one man brave enough to stand up against this evil.

There is no pandemic. You've been had and OMG you fell for it so easily. I weep for this great country.  How America responds to this very real threat of NWO takeover affects the future of this planet. There is no pandemic. You've been had. OMG...can you not see that...seriously?

For reasons as obvious as the non demic, all comments will be deleted.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Where in the World is Ghislaine?

Hello World...Ani Here.

So, another child trafficking sociopath has been arrested.  Has anyone asked why it took so long for these despicable servants of the Establishment to be apprehended?

No arrests were made during the Clinton years...or the Obama years.  People poo pooed the idea of pedophiles in high places.  Those would be the same people actively engaged in aforementioned child trafficking.  What do you need children for?  To sexually abuse them for pleasure and for ritual...and for the production of adrenochrome.

It's not just children, by the way.  They procure them as children, but as soon as girls reach maturity, they turn them into brood mares.  Think puppy mills.  They take the brood mare's children away and torture them...that's how you get the particular brand of adrenochrome favored by these evil bastards.  

If you are shocked by this revelation, I too am shocked.  I am shocked because those who were brave enough to expose it, were ridiculed and silenced.  Thank you, President Trump and the Patriots, for making the rescue of these children and women a priority.

Morality, or lack thereof aside, adrenochrome fuels the Establishment's blackmail hustle.  It is an incredibly expensive commodity with a limited supply stream so if you are hooked on it, and you will be, they own you.  One can only assume the previous administrations were part of the dominance game.  Why else would they not have exposed this disgusting satanic practice? 

Ghislaine Maxwell.  Ugh.  How many lifetimes does it take to overwrite empathy?  How many incarnations before  you succumb totally to the density of a material-driven agenda?   Incarcerated or not, never underestimate a sociopath...and this piece of Luciferian feces hiding in female form is a sociopath of the supreme order.  

She will never admit her crimes because in her mind, she committed no crimes.  She will have to spill some beans to survive...and I can assure you she will do whatever she can to take Trump down.  He is, after all, responsible for breaking up her gang of deplorables.  

Many will be all too willing to believe her and use her lies (yes they will be lies) to conduct further character assassinations on Potus, but it won't work.  I believe the Feds will put their brightest and their best on her interrogation team.   I look forward to the spilling of the beans.  Let's hope she lives long enough to implicate all those in need of exposure because if she does, it will open many eyes and light up many brain bulbs.

Such a shame I am no longer in the safe house business.  I would love to have her as my guest.

Chortles wickedly and exits stage left wearing a dark velvet cloak...

Monday, July 13, 2020

Bring Out Your Dead!

πŸ’€πŸ˜žThe Establishment was so sure its corporate takeover would go without a hitch, it did not properly prepare for an immediate implementation of Plan B. The takeover bid, although working well on millions of former humans turned automatons, has run into a glitch in the form of self-aware citizens.

The Establishment's response to this was, "Turn up the volume. Make them think the v-i-r-u-s thingy IS a pandemic. They won't know the difference; they believe whatever the 'Daily Spin-Big Screen-Eff-Your-Dreams-Buy-Into-Ours' tells them."

Here in Oregon, Brown is about to turn the volume way up...and so am I. Meanwhile, I will walk, mask-less, through the streets of my little city, carefully wading through the mountains of dead bodies. Gosh, it's inconvenient.

I went for a dip in the river this morning and had quite a bit of trouble negotiating the thousands of floating corpses. How sad too that every third person I know has dropped dead. I can, quite literally, smell the decay all around me. O wait a minute. Perhaps that smell is something else. is the putrefaction of perceptual engineering.

Not on my Watch!

πŸ‘€Hi Peeps  July 13, 2020

While it would be an understatement, with bells on, to say times are crazy, the major spiritual tenets still stand.

Attitude, vibration, alignment.

When preparing your prepper's pantry, you are doing so because it is the sensible thing to any time and in preparation for any or natural.

The Establishment excels at keeping peeps in a constant state of threat perception. It does this because fear is a groovy control mechanism and never fails.

It does this because living in fear wears one down, erodes motivation and curiosity, resulting in the erosion of individual and collective intellect. Once that happens, boom...wear a mask minions and do as we say...even though it could not be more obvious that whatever this contagion is, there is no pandemic...but we wore you down so ha ha we control you.

Get prepping for this reason. We are sovereign souls with no intention of bending the knee to dark control mechanisms for the privileged of putting food in our mouths and drinking clean water.

The war against the American people, yes that is what we are in the midst of, is a mind control war. It is a mind control war for many reasons not the least of which is because most of us are armed. Don't forget to add extra ammo to your prep pantry list.

American gun owners hope the only opportunity to discharge firearms is on the range or during hunting, but, as the saying goes, When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.

Prep sensibly, prep calmly. We got this! God bless and preserve America.

It's time to reclaim the word Patriot from the Globalists because the affirmation of our individual and national sovereignty is the only thing keeping us from becoming grunts in the NWO order dream of complete corporate takeover. Not on my watch. Not...on my watch.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Seriously? Will you fall for that one too?

Hi Peeps  The more people awakened, the stronger the Establishment push back. Watch out for a new strain of contagion "coming to a town near you!"

They, the Establishment, not to be confused with the government, are toying with variations of black death...not the actual contagion...much to their dismay...but the narrative.

Black Death; now there's a plague I can wrap my mind around! One in three dropping like flies. It is nothing short of New World Order porn!

I wonder how many peeps will buy into that one? How does one convince people that hundreds of millions are dropping dead, bodies littering the streets, floating in rivers, undertakers crashing with exhaustion before they too drop dead when, quite clearly, that is not the case?

O wait. I seem to remember some sort of a dress rehearsal...or was I just dreaming?

Gaps in Today's Education.

😎Hello World...Ani Here.

If schools taught civics, chess and Ovid...we wouldn't have fallen for the bullshit called covid.

I wish you peace and all things cool :-)

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Metaphysical Martini link Recorded July 8th 2020

Enjoy...or not.  I'm not a control freak and, contrary to popular belief, you DO have a choice.

Want to Eat? Plan Ahead or Starve.

πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€Hello World...Ani Here.

My job, as I see it, as a spiritual advisor, energy worker and sense-maker of all things paranormal, is to help peeps align with Supreme Cosmic Intelligence, to find their way in this co-creative experience we call the game of life.

My background, as in I have worked for the very people I speak out against, gives me an advantage with regard to all things World Arena.  Since intelligence and free thought are currently scarce commodities, forgive me if I take the in-your-face-and-hopefully-you-will-not-miss-it-and-take-an-interest-in-your-evolution approach.

You have all been conned.  Covid is not what you have been told it is.  It was designed to kill hundreds of millions...yes it was...but it failed so they have to find new ways to depopulate the planet.  Now, let us put that on the back burner for today.  Tomorrow, I will blog in greater detail about planned-demics.  Today's subject is food and food supply.  Covid is being used as a cover to push multiple agendas.  Food is a biggy.


Right, that's enough caps for one day.

1. Start buying bulk dry goods now.  Lentils, split peas, beans, grains, good jerky etc. Don't forget to throw in some good stuff too, like chocolate and bourbon.  During times of extreme stress, food and treats can be great motivators.

2. Invest in a good water filter system.  I have a rocks but many other options out there.
Invest in a few military grade water filtration straws...portability is a good thing.

3. Make a list of all staples...everything you and your family use on a daily, medicine and cosmetic...and start buying more than you need.  Plan for six months.  I'm going for the full year.

4. Keep your vehicle in good shape.  Don't postpone tune ups.  Check the tread on those tires.  Be sure to have oil, fluids etc on hand for top ups.

5. If you have a garden or space for raised beds...grow something...anything.  Access, affordable access to fresh produce will be a major issue.  You may think you don't like vegetables but a couple of months into bakes beans and turkey jerky, you will be begging for a fresh salad and some lightly steamed broccoli.

6. Firearms and ammunition.  Yes, shamans can be both free thinkers and range plinkers.  If you have firearms, make sure they are in good working order and make sure you know how to use them...and that includes field stripping.  Shotguns are a good option, shotgun ammo is quite a bit cheaper than most other ammo.  Contrary to popular belief, they are not point and shoot items.  Get professional advice on fit and gauge and get some training.  STOCK UP ON AMMO.  If the globalists have their way, it will be taxed to the hilt and supply will be limited.  If you know someone who can make reloads, be nice to them.  Learn to use handguns too and again, take advice on correct fit and get some training and stock up on ammo.

Why am I talking about firearms?  Because while you are all walking around wearing those ridiculous masks (hey...your choice) submitting to globalist domination and quite literally inviting NWO to take control of every aspect of your lives, I have been diligently discussing the content and purpose of the new "vaccine" they have planned for you.

It is not a vaccine.  It is a form of technology...tracking technology.  Once it is in you, they can do whatever they want with you.  You have to admit this much...all those science fiction novels and movies...they are now our reality.  Zombie apocalypse takes many forms.  Billions of people walking around with the faux vaccine track and control device implants.  Ouch.  The possibilities are endless.

I will leave it there for today with a reminder that God is Great and so are you so please start acting accordingly.  xoxo  May the Force be with us All.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

But Wait! If you buy now...

Attention! If you believe mainstream media, left or right, is a purveyor of truth ( as opposed to a well-funded and finely-tuned propaganda machine) PLEASE send me $100 (or more) right away!

In return, you will receive your sanitized-pasteurized-homogenized-pint sized-revised-analysed-ill advised-stylized-improvised-exorcised Certificate of Social Engineering Compliance level 3.

Send your checks to Cosmic Ani PO Box 714 Wilsonville OR 97070 But wait! If you order now, you will earn the right to select a background color. We proudly offer the following selections. Grey or Gray.

Thank you for your order and thank you for playing World of Earth Craft. The only game where the hunted openly welcome the hunters and assist them by allowing tracking devices before begging for a merciful death.

Don't delay now...get those checks in the mail!

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Behind the Curtain...Wizard of Oz or...the Grand Wizard of Khazaria?

πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰Hello World...Ani here.😏

In case you had not noticed, the Establishment is trying to start a civil war in America.  BLM, a lily white fund raising machine dedicated to maintaining deep state control, is a small part of that agenda.  "What!  Surely not Ani!  It's about civil rights and brutality and not giving people their fair share of the American pie!"  Swap out BLM for other matters not...this is not about black Americans.

My response to that is, "Wake the flip up O ye indoctrinated and easily manipulated minions of the system.  Fair share of pie?  This nation is awash in obesity.  There is plenty of pie.  You have to learn to make your own pie.  Learn to make lots of pie and share freely.  What could be better than sharing pie with those who have no pie?  Teaching people how to make their own pie, from scratch, flavored according to their preference.  Pies are being baked all over America.  If we want pie, we have to learn to follow the scent.

Or do we want to stay home, wallow in our victim mentalities and eat the government pie?  Think carefully about that last sentence because that is exactly what the government-behind-the-government  bakers want for us.  To sit at home, to receive and be grateful for our monthly digital stipend payout, to exchange it for a slice of artificially flavored genetically modified government pie...which we will eat in silence while giving thanks to Big Brother.

No motivation to achieve or evolve beyond what we are given.  Comply.  Obey.  Consume what we are given.  Be grateful.  Forget our true nature...forget our cosmic divine origin.  Forget we are cosmic space adventurers created by a magnificent Cosmic Creator to boldly go forth and create new realms of experience.  The expansion of consciousness?  Phooey on such notions!

You are getting very sleepy.  The voice of mainstream media is the only voice you hear.   Put on your masks.  Ridicule free thinkers.  Be very afraid of the covid monster lurking around every corner, on every surface, at every Trump rally and small business location but not, apparently, at Soros financed riots or at big lot stores.

Who needs cash?  Surely it is better for the government-behind-the-government to control every cent in and every cent out.  Where is the joy in quietly slipping your grandchildren a twenty spot to spend as they wish?  Why have a special occasion jar filled with spare change and a few dollar bills?  Surely it is better for the government to dictate what constitutes a special occasion?  

What's that?  Please speak up...I can't hear you.'ve lost your voice?  Hmm...perhaps you have been wearing that mask for too long?

I wish you awakening and all things cool :-( 

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Shush...I'm Hunting Coffee.

Hello World...Ani Here.

Sitting in the midst of acres of tall Douglas firs, sipping robust coffee, teeny-tiny dogs at my feet, sweet bird trills filling my senses...IRL seems a million miles away.  I need this.  I need this with bells on.

My partner and I have discussed moving away from the burbs.  I was ready years ago.  I credit public reaction to the recent sham-demic for convincing my beloved that our realm is currently populated by dangerous useful idiots and deranged automatons.  We have become preppers...and about time too.

I will document my journey on this blog this space...but not today.  I see a walk by the river in my immediate future.  I see lunch prepared with ingredients from someone's garden.  I see myself falling asleep in a rocking chair on the porch....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I wish you peace and home made baked goods :-)

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Happy Birthday, America :-)

Happy Birthday, America.

Two points to ponder over our morning coffee. 1. No matter how much you romanticize it, socialism does not work. 2. Mob rule is tyranny.

Enjoy your burgers and bourbon and above all, do not let anyone shame you for being an American. Dismiss mass media. Walk away from mass hysteria. Ignore the unwashed mind of radicalism.

We are in the midst of a major social conditioning experiment and it is time for the Continental Army to march once again.

God bless us all