Sunday, July 25, 2021

Freethinkers of America Pie and Prayer Group

Please private message Ani Avedissian (on FB) or email her at for details and an invitation. For now, on location attendance is by invitation only.

This will be our first meeting. Join us at the Willamette Valley Pie Factory in Salem Oregon. Best pie ever!
This is a social support group for people who:
1. Believe in a Supreme Cosmic Intelligence (God, Source, The Cosmos, insert preferred noun here)
2. Know there is a shadow government (Deep State/The Establishment) and are aware of the danger it poses to soul sovereignty, national sovereignty and ultimately, planetary sovereignty. In other words, globally aware American patriots.
3. Realize the "you know what" was created for nefarious purposes and have both the desire to explore this scenario and the courage to restore America to her sacred purpose.
4. Enjoy pie. Enjoying other pastries is acceptable. Not having a sweet tooth is also acceptable.
Please Read:
*We are not representative of any one particular party; if you understand the nature of shadow government, you know it controls both elephants and donkeys. Members belong to many different faith bases. God is too great to fit into any human construct. If you think you know it all…you know nothing.
*Knowing its true purpose, most members have not and never will accept “the thing that rhymes with Francine”. Some members, however, became aware of the agenda after receiving the shot and are, understandably, deeply concerned. This group supports those members without personal judgement. The Establishment’s perceptual engineering campaign was well funded and relentless.
*Please bring a sense of humor.
Since Ani Avedissian, is the founder and facilitator, should you wish to have a better understanding of her ideology and experience, please visit her website:
Amazing wit though she is, Ani is somewhat direct in her approach and does not fit into any mainstream definition of a shaman, so please, review her information before joining this group.
Watch some of her videos on You Tube or Bitchute. Just type Ani Avedissian in the You Tube or Bitchute search bar.
Listen to her podcasts, Metaphysical Martini, at:
If you decide to join us, we communicate through a Telegram Chat group:
*If you wish to attend our social gatherings in person, please request an invitation from Ani Avedissian by emailing her at:
Open hearts
and open minds
O such treasure
we shall find