Friday, March 5, 2021

Free Will

Free will. A sometimes sweet, a sometimes bitter pill. If you, of your own free will, be it from fear or for convenience, have accepted the Mark of the Beast into your being, may the odds be ever in your favor because the Gods, who gave us free will, have no option but to honor your choices.
On physical realms, freedom aka self-determination, is a choice.
When we make the choice in favor of soul sovereignty, we will not be affected by the propagandist's never-ending flood of fear and filth. We will no longer produce, en masse, the vibration of paranoia that keeps them, the Luciferian Globalists, so well fed.

Soul Sovereignty. Do as you please. If God gave us free will, who am I to deny it? All I ask is sure the voice in your head is from your higher self and not from the dark programming that wants to see you dead. 

Friday, February 26, 2021

Freedom is Always a Choice.

States are discussing seceding from the Union. Counties are discussing seceding from their states. And that, my darlings, is just the beginning.

Gratz, by the way, to those who voted to destroy America and turn it into a NWO franchise. Not on my watch. America's sacred purpose is too important for our world's spiritual evolution. The devil may have gone down to Georgia, as the song says, but he won't survive the Light-ening storm about to hit his sorry arse.
The Human Race. Born of Source Radiance with potential enough to create paradise wherever it chooses to experience, has chosen to tremble in fear before the ghosts created by propagandists.
Such weakness. Such blindness. In today's world, it seems every human relationship can be adjusted with the right amount of money.
To those who see through the propaganda machinery of evil, this is the time to stand and do what is right. Americans do not acquiesce to censorship.
Choose your side. God or Lucifer. Freedom or tyranny. What? Did they teach you to take your freedom for granted? On physical realms, freedom is always a choice and right now...if freedom is your choice, you had better get off your arse and fight for it.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Poetry Corner. Mark of the Beast.

POETRY CORNER, by Ani Avedissian. For your amusement and edification: If you don't have a sense of humor, kindly leave my page.

If you accept the Mark of the Beast
you have provided Lucifer with a sumptuous feast.
Some, perhaps, will grieve your loss
But they will live and you'll be lying under the moss.
If common sense is not your strongest ability
the Establishment welcomes your unwavering servility.
Conformist, obedient and never ask why?
I'll give it three years, them most of you die.
copyright 2021 ani avedissian

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Still No Red Flag?

Good Morning Humanoids. Are you lining up to receive an experimental jib jab from a man made malady with a ninety nine point eight percent recovery rate?

Still excited to go through with it knowing that those who have jib jabbed are having seizures and dropping dead? Well, there's not much that can be said then. It's a lottery. May the odds be ever in your favor.

They won't be, of course. It's a game and it is rigged in favor of the profiteers. The profiteers will tell you the strain has mutated and with every new mutation, you will need a new jib jab. What? Still no red flag?


Thursday, February 11, 2021

When I First Came to This Country...

When I came to live in this country, over thirty years ago, I did so legally. I applied for my Green Card in London and waited two years until I was approved.
Part of the approval process was vetting my political affiliations. "Miss Avedissian, are you a communist?" "No Sir, I most definitely am not." That wasn't the end of it...I was asked that question a dozen ways from Sunday. No way was I getting a Green Card if I had communist affiliations...and quite right too.
Today, as I write this, America is on the brink of a Marxist takeover and what pains me more than anything is that the people who voted for it don't even know that they voted for it. That's what happens when you let mainstream do the thinking for you.
I would rather die than live under NWO. I have no intention of dying. Gird your loins! 2021 is going to make 2020 look like a dress rehearsal for an amateur theater society.

ani avedissian wrote this...and made a cup of tea. 

Friday, February 5, 2021

The Thing That is Not the Thing

"Just wear the mask." days, weeks, months pass by...

"It's just contact tracing. What's the harm? Let the Establishment track your every move." time passes...
"Well, if you want to regain your freedom, just let them stick you with the thing that is not the thing they tell you it is." time passes...
"Just hand in your firearms. What's the harm? The people who are trying to kill you by injecting you with the thing that is not the thing they tell you it is will protect you from the thugs they created and paid." more time passes...
"Attention Citizens: The stuff we told you was not in the thing which we told you was something else is actually in the thing and it seems you have started questioning the wisdom of the almighty state. We will now activate the stuff in the thing which is not the thing we told you it was. Do you feel calmer now? Good. Get in the boxcar and report to the NWO processing center for character assassination aka death of personality."
No more times passes are dead...or as good as.

Thursday, February 4, 2021



Effective immediately, if you have received the shot against the thing we are not allowed to talk about, you will be asked to sign a disclosure and a waiver before any type of energy work, in person or remote. The reason for this is a simple one. I believe the ingredients contained within the thing we are not allowed to talk about are demonic in nature and will fight against the energy work protocols. In other words, energy work seeks to restore our immune systems to manufacturer's default specifications while the thing we are not allowed to talk about, seeks to alter them and separate us from our cosmic core and the love of our Creator. That's all folks. Be well and make good decisions. Or not. I'm not your mother.

Theresa A WolfSilva and Lenae Craig

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Thoughts from the Prefrontal Cortex

Thoughts from the Prefrontal Cortex:

Just watched thirty minutes of mainstream news. What a load of bollocks.
The mouthpiece of Sauron, smiles and fake schmooze. All in the name of glorifying Moloch.

They hire so-called experts, to discuss the false narrative. Back and forth they ramble, spreading more lies. People eat it up, like chocolate covered laxative...and every time you turn on the telly, another brain cell dies.

Livestock to the slaughter. You gave away your honor.

With their shiny false promises they lulled you. Now, you sit and wait until it's time to cull you.

Was this the plan you made for your incarnation? Subjugation, extreme censorship and renouncing co-creation?

ani avedissian

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

January 20th 2021

January 20th 2021. I know many wanted to see a visible, in your face, massive military operation today. Me too. O well. This doesn't mean we have conceded. We have not. This doesn't mean we will stop exposing corruption. Far from. I do not claim to know the game plan but I do know living under cabal rule is not an option and no way have we fought this hard only to walk away (even thought it may look like it) and let globalists turn us into micro-chipped money laundering units. If America is lost, there goes the world. Those fighting deep state have not given up and they never will.

I am waiting for the plan to play out and I still believe the best is yet to come. Playing with pools of potential when peeking into possible future that resonated strongly was the big guy leaving the big house...the small guy gets in but is out by the end of Spring...the military ask the big guy to come back. I was hoping it would not come to that but great awakenings are messy and this one is going to be filthy.
I have played my part and am happy to step back now and resume my role as a guide book. If I get any intel, I will share. Some things are worth living for. Some things are worth dying for. Right now, all things are worth waiting for. Stay strong. 🙂

Listen up Peeps :-) You can drive yourselves crazy trying to interpret all the Q codes and all that. I advise stepping away and letting it play out. Surely, if you know the plan, deep state know it too. Let's pick ourselves up and feed the patriots some positive vibes. The whole world is shifting, governments resigning and deep state minions making last minute deals. Massive transition yet the America Luciferian media will not cover it.

The words conservative and liberal have lost their meaning. Step away from partisan politics. This is about good versus evil. Reclaim your minds from the spin doctors. Reclaim this country from the globalist communist new world order agenda. You can do it! Find one functioning brain cell, sprinkle it with divine alignment, say a prayer asking for a boost in objective thinking and, from this higher vantage point, take another look at the world around you.

The Surreal States of America.

Good Morning. Another day in the Surrealist States of America. For now, it seems we are in an interregnum. The military are in charge. They have the nuclear codes. They know the extent of the fraud and have chosen not to support the little guy. The little guy has no Pentagon access. No matter what the media tells us, we have no president. The only peeps who have not figured out something is very wrong...would be the ones who listen only to mainstream news aka the Mouth of Sauron. O well. Interesting times ahead.

At some point, the media will collapse. Creating a lie is easy. Projecting an illusion is easy. Maintaining it for long periods of time...not so easy.

How did they get away with it? A hoax of this magnitude! Six year old children believes in the Tooth Fairy. Is the Tooth Fairy real? No, yet it is a hoax, a game played on a significant portion of the population. They fell for it hook, line and sinker.

Have the perceptual engineers in media dumbed our processing skills down to a six year old mentality? Good question.

*Bernie is cold. Bernie wears mittens. Bernie knows that Joe's shitting kittens.

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Brain washed...or thick as two short planks?

Good Morning World. The erosion of the collective intellect is truly a sight to behold.TO THE PEEPS WHO ARE REJOICING BECAUSE THE BIG GUY HAS BEEN CENSORED BY MANIPULATED MEDIA:

The Establishment rejoices. They have successfully brain washed you. One has to be as thick as two short planks (or brainwashed) not to realize that the big guy's agenda has nothing to do with partisan politics (despite labels used for identification) and everything to do with exposing and dismantling deep state ideology and machinery. Do you not realize who the actual dictators are?

A tyrant suppresses and controls the flow of information. The big guy is NOT the one doing that. Your naiveté and willful ignorance have the Establishment psyops psychologists peeing in their pants with joy. I have told you for years now that corporations have taken over congress. You no longer have a government. That is why the big guy came in to do the job no other would do. The corporations lead the agenda to homogenize, sanitize and dehumanize our world and you are supporting them.

You fell for their pretty words and false were mesmerized by the shiny. To anyone commenting on world events from a purely partisan have missed the boat. I hope you can swim.

Thursday, January 7, 2021



Good Morning Peeps. Are you whining? I suggest going into the bathroom and screaming until it is out of your system.
IMPORTANT REMINDER: This is not a partisan issue. WW3 is an information war (misinformation) designed to muzzle, manipulate and moronize this planet's population. Thus far, it has worked quite well.
Do not let me hear you say, "It's over." It is far from over. In fact, as the song goes, it's only just begun. The man whose name we cannot mention due to censorship in the land of the free and the home of the brave, is the figurehead of a massive movement with only one goal in mind...the exposure and dismantling of corruption in government.
After just four years, an incredible amount of bovine feces has been uncovered. We are not suddenly going to pack our bags and give up. The energy stream of integrity grows stronger each day and because of this, mainstream media's output of excrement grows daily in volume.
My peek into the pools of potential for the future have shown me that even if the man whose name we cannot mention has to leave the big house, the efforts to expose and dismantle DS will triple and he will be back in by early Summer, if not sooner.
If we can shift our emphasis from party affiliations to the bigger picture...destroying the Luciferian agenda for everyone's benefit...that would be the best way to support the cosmic energy of divine light.
I will post and blog daily to encourage and support you and to share information. If I get bumped from any platforms, you can always access my blog via my website.
Great Awakenings are messy. God be with us all.