Wednesday, December 15, 2021

You Don't Know What Courage Is.

Each day brings more surprises with regard to the level of imbecility on display. You don't have the courage to shop unmasked? You don't have the courage to enter a building without covering your face? Seriously?

Sharing your smile doesn't take courage. My great-grandparents watched the Turkish establishment of the day round up and slaughter their Christian brethren and somehow, they managed to escape and walk from Adana to the safety of Greece, to start a new life, to preserve our bloodline.
That's courage.
Staring down an armed Bolshevik soldier, refusing to comply with illegal and immoral instructions, knowing you may well be shot right there and then, that's courage.
Having run out of ammunition, stuffing your body into the enemy's big cannon to allow your platoon to escape, knowing no part of you will be left to bury, that's courage.
My ancestors and family may well be the most dysfunctional set of weirdos known to man, but they knew the meaning of sovereignty, they know what courage is.
And you tell me you don't have the guts to go shopping without a face diaper even though you know the official narrative is bollocks and nothing to do with health?
Shame on you. You are a debit to this great country.

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Ho Ho Ho Woe Woe Woe

Woe unto the people of today. They know not the meaning of courage. Lions have become lickspittles. Hunters have become the hunted. Sovereign souls have handed their precious free will over to the darkness and are now feeble-minded, weak-willed empty shells.

In the fight against totalitarian tyranny, courage means standing up straight, looking the demons in the eye, staring them down, making it known we are prepared to die but never will we comply.
Woe unto the people of today who cannot muster enough courage to enter a business without masking up. Woe unto those who would rather bend the knee to evil than explore and expose their powerful, magnificent, divine true selves.
As we enter the season of Ho Ho Ho...all I see is Woe Woe Woe. Really this all you have? Is this life? Endless rooster bots, permanent face diapering, rotating restrictions and generally acquiescing to any and all contradictory bullshit the state propagandists churn out?
Dudes. Woe.

Monday, November 8, 2021

Come Clean All Ye Who Serve the Dark Lord

Medical practitioners and medical officials. If you are knowingly covering up adverse reactions and mortality caused by you-know-what, come clean now.

On the other side of this, you will be arrested, tried, and sentenced.
Some will be imprisoned; others will be executed, all for crimes against humanity. No matter how long it takes, I swear this will happen. Come clean now and stop this evil. God’s mercy is assured. The same cannot be said of We the People.
Come clean now and take your chances in the Light. If you take this all the way only to fail, and you WILL fail, your dark overlords will crucify you…literally, after which they will do unspeakable things to your families. Your bloodline will be erased.
Your greed and lust for power has led you astray. You have no idea whom you serve. I almost feel sorry for you. Almost.
Come clean now and take your chances in the Light or face eons of soul wrenching suffering. What you have done to us will be multiplied ten thousand-fold for you. This is your last chance to come clean before the Light marches with full force against the dark illusion.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Weeding Out Freethinkers

The Dark Establishment wants only obedient, servile conformists in its ranks...boot lickers not arse kickers.  We now have two Americas; same location but different operational frequencies.

Those who took the Mark and despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, believe they did the right thing, have signed their death sentences.  How will it serve the darkness if the only ones left alive are the freethinking sovereign souls?  

Resist as though your lives depend on it because that is exactly what is at stake.  Mass non-compliance is the only way out of this.  It's a test,'s a test.  If you don't live by your principles, you don't deserve sovereignty over this realm.  

Stop cowering before the illusion.  Wake up.  Grow up.  Let's clean this up.

Thursday, September 30, 2021

We Are Morons

We have become a race of mindless morons, repeating everything we hear on television. I challenge you all to find the courage, and self-respect, to challenge every divisive notion mainstream puts into our empty, disconnected from reality, heads.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Clarifying the Transgender Thing...OMG So Many Haters Out There Do Not Listen To My Words!

When I listen to someone's podcast, or read their blog, their posts and so forth, I do so knowing that perception is unique and individualized.  If something they say/post resonates with me, cool.  If it does not, and especially if I am triggered, I allow myself time to digest the content.  Do I know anything about the author?  Why was I triggered?  Let me listen to it/read it a few times more and really try to understand what is being shared here.  Did I cherry pick the parts that triggered me and disconnect them for the main body?

An author's duty is to present the material as clearly as possible but, since perception is individualized, the author has no control over how 8 billion plus people will interpret the content.

With regard to transgender issues, which seems to have started a chain of triggers, here is my opinion, presented as clearly as possible, with no fluff and no guff.

If you are born a biological male but, as an adult, you decide you will be happier living as a female, who am I to stop you?  I can discuss with you, based on soul contracts, soul path etc. as to why you feel this way and whether or not this is the best path for you, but as an adult, you have dealt with these feelings and have struggled with them and as it is your life, no one else's, you have to make the decision as to what constitutes a functional and hopefully happy life for you.  Good luck to you.  It's a mean old world out there for those who wish to experience it outside the proverbial box.

If you are born a biological female but, as an adult, you decide you will be happier living as a male, who am I to stop you?  I can discuss with you, based on soul contracts, soul path etc. as to why you feel this way and whether or not this is the best path for you, but as an adult, you have dealt with these feelings and have struggled with them and as it is your life, no one else's, you have to make the decision as to what constitutes a functional and hopefully happy life for you.  Good luck to you.  It's a mean old world out there for those who wish to experience it outside the proverbial box.

As long as it hurts no one, we should be free to live our lives as we see fit.

My advice to you is to make peace with your decision.  If you are secure in your identity, if you have truly made the best decision for your life experience, then everyone else, an exception here or there, will be okay with it.  After all, you made the choice so you could get on with life, right?  You didn't make the choice to shock people or to disrupt their lives or to make yourself the center of attention, right?  You did it because you want what everyone be comfortable in the body, in the mind and have a fighting chance at a happy, functional life.

The issue I have, and this is not limited to transgender issues, is when a schoolteacher tells a four year old boy it is okay for him to be a girl and wear a dress and act like a girl.  Four year old peeps have barely graduated from pooping in their pants.  We must allow their personalities to develop according to their soul paths. They chose their gender before incarnation and did so for a reason.  If we wish guide young humans, we must pay careful attention and be sure to provide them with information suitable for their age group and level of awareness.  Confusing young minds is the only issue I have ever had with this.  Identify as an elephant for all I care...just don't put your trunk where it is not wanted.

The Establishment would like nothing better than to 'blur the lines' in every aspect of our lives.  They hide this agenda under a thin veneer of fake liberalism.  Their battle cry of, "Accept everything!" has a dark agenda.  They are not encouraging tolerance and acceptance.  Their goal is to turn mankind into one colorless, homogenous, pasteurized, sanitized hive mind collective.  An obedient race of automaton slaves, accepting every type of behavior, including actively participating in our own demise, as normal.

Look around you now at the masks...the shots...the boosters...the censorship...the damning of traditional values and the glorification of violent criminals.  Yes, it is all connected.

There is so much more to this than you ever thought possible.  They are lulling you into subservience with their carefully crafted songs of equality for all.  It's all a ruse.

To thine own self be true.  Figure that one out, and you will enjoy the multiple challenges offered by playing the game of life.  Walk around cherry picking and willfully misinterpreting the intentions of others while inserting the stick of self-righteous rectitude in your rectum, and it might not go so well.

I wish you well.  Haters gonna hate.  Baiters gonna bait.  I have a Zoom session now and cannot be late.


Tuesday, September 14, 2021

After Mando Jabberwocky comes...?


Without free will, the collective consciousness cannot expand and evolve.  Without free will, mankind cannot thrive.  If mankind allows the group of power-hungry sociopaths calling itself ‘government’ to make decisions on its behalf, mankind relegates its cosmic status to earthbound slave aka brain-washed, mind-controlled automaton…terror-stricken obedient servant, cowering before a corrupt state.

If, by now, you have not realized the greater agenda behind current events, you are an imbecile, and we will have to move forward without you.  Make no mistake, we are moving forward. 

To those who have eagerly submitted to ridiculous, humiliating, immoral, illegal, and evil instructions from the corrupt state, for the privilege of simply going about your daily business…you have allowed yourselves to be abused.  You have shown the Dark Establishment that you will do anything to keep things the way they are, and in doing so, you have accepted abuse, corruption and evil as part of your lives.

Everything happening now, we warned you about for years.  If you continue to allow and perhaps enjoy the abuse heaped upon you by those who openly mock you and think of you as cattle, let me tell you what comes after, “I’m okay with mando jabberwocky.” 

“Good morning, Citizen Automaton #978635427466.  Our records show you have two healthy kidneys.  For the sake of public health, we require you to surrender one.  Here is your appointment card.”

“Good morning Citizen Automaton #78563129876054.  Our records show you are approaching your 65th birthday.  As you know, the state has designated 65 years as the maximum time allowed for mortal life.  Here is your appointment card for your trip to the other place.  The state thanks you for your life and rest assured, your carcass will be put to good use.”

If you are giggling at the above, let me repeat that everything we predicted, everything, is unfolding right now, right before your very eyes.  Everything we predict going forward will also happen, just as we say it will.

You have a choice.  You can continue to feed the beast and lose your sovereignty or…you can do something useful, nay glorious, with your incarnation.  Fear feeds the beast and starves your soul.  Sovereignty affirms your cosmic nature and makes you whole.

Stop cowering and start empowering!


Monday, August 23, 2021


It is not a pandemic. It is an IQ test. Many failed.

Pope wants Catholics to take the Mark of the Beast. Well played, Lucifer. Well played.

I make no apology for the following statement. This Christmas, instead of ornaments hanging from my tree, I want to see every single person pushing this evil agenda, arrested, tried, sentenced and hanging from the gallows.

What Happened to our beloved country?

What happened to you, America?

We were the land of the free, the home of the brave. Our country is now a bio-matter farm, factory farming a clueless, obedient, state dependent human cash crop.
Forcing people to accept poison into their bodies for the privilege of simply going about their daily business? Denying them their livelihoods and access to the social body if they do not comply with immoral and illegal mandates aka Satanic Ritual?
Censorship of free speech…in America? What insanity is this and why do you comply? You have lost your nerve. You have allowed a small handful of evil people and their many jumped-up, ego inflated petty bureaucrats to crush your cosmic inheritance.
You have succumbed to the illusion, allowed it to terrorize you…you have cowered in the face of the truth and worshiped the false golden calf.
You were born magnificent, individualized manifestations of Supreme Cosmic Intelligence and this is how you use it? Masks? Social distancing? Hit me with the death jab so I can go to the movies?
People…it’s way past time to kick the arses of the Dark Establishment and their bought and paid for nattering nabobs of negativism.
Stop cowering. You dishonor your true nature. You are stardust. Start acting like it.
*In the distance...can you hear it...I hear the T train a 'comin.

Human Race...wash your face.

You don't trust the trust the television. Big difference. They trained you for years to be okay with, "Take this pharma product. It may help or it may kill you but that's just how it is folks."

Gratz. You saved them a bunch of work and made them into billionaires, all while signing your own death warrants. Human race...go wash your face. 

Laugh? Cry? Drink?

Let's all take a moment to give a big round of applause to everyone who identified as liberal and pushed their 'liberal' agenda all the way to totalitarian slavery under the New World Order. When they knock on your door to take your children away, when they deny you access to the social body without an injected tracking device, don't say we didn't warn you. I do hope you didn't give 'them' your guns...oops.
And while we are at it...all the rinos who stood in the way of the only man with the cajones to take on this evil, I hope your gutless, worthless species faces immediate extinction.
You reap what you sow. Take an interest in how your world is run or let the madmen run the show.

Laugh? Cry? Maybe I'll just have a martini. 

Thursday, August 19, 2021

We Were Right about EVERYTHING

NWO is taking over in Australia. The police are acting as the jack boots of the Dark Establishment, smashing citizens’ rights and in some cases, their bodies.

Australians are rebelling against this evil. Europeans and the British are rebelling against this evil.
The Luciferians’ golden prize is the USA, the land of the free and the home of the brave. To my fellow Americans, when did this great land become the land of masked morons and the home of cowering, weak-minded, feeble apologies for sovereign beings?
There is no savior. Each of us must decide today…live as soul sovereign free men and women or submit to slavery.
The Divine created me from pure cosmic essence. I am, as are you, pure, unblemished, cosmic energy, magnificent beyond all understanding…having an individualized human experience.
Obeying immoral and illegal mandates are not actions worthy of Divine/Cosmic souls. Extinguishing the brilliant light within us and giving it to the puppets of a dark and unspeakably evil regime are not the actions of those who understand their true Divine nature, to those who know they came to Earth to expand cosmic consciousness…not diminish it.
I will never submit to this insanity. It pains me deeply to see how little self-worth, self-respect and general awareness people have. It pains me deeply to see the erosion of the collective intellect. It pains me deeply to see sovereign beings cower in the face of the paper tiger.
On some level, you know something is wrong. It is time to grow up now. It is time to stop protecting your small minded false alter egos with a wall of fear. If America falls, this will not be a world worth living in. I was right about everything else. I am right in this.

Short Clips

 Bring back the mean tweeter. This one has balls and brains the size of a tiny 'skeeter.

They are trying to wear us down. Don't fall for it. On the other side of this, when they are arrested, tried and sentenced, they will be begging for their lives. I long for that day. I started working out and eating better so I can witness it.

If, after all that is unfolding so clearly before your eyes, you still think this is about a virus, you are insane.

Are we dying fast enough or shall we get another booster shot?

LOL...when the Taliban (or whoever they are) calls out Facebook and big tech for censoring freedom of know you are nearing end times 😊 Laughing my ample white buttocks off as I write this.

Wisdom of the Sages:
"Comment not on the shit in other countries until thou hast identified, removed and sanitized the excrement in thine own serfdom."
This message was brought to you by the residents of Any-Place-Istan.

The Ameri-Marionette administration has lost all control. We are now at the proverbial line in the sand. This is where we decide to live as free men and women or as slaves to the new world order financial reset.
The choice you make today dictates how you and your progeny will be forced to conduct themselves for many a year to come.
May the odds be ever in your favor.

Don't Make Excuses. Own it and Move On.

As peeps awaken to the true agenda behind this evil, emotions begin to stir. I now see posts along the lines of, "Even if it turns out this was a hoax and I was a sheeple, I am okay with falling for it because my motivation was kindness."

If kindness was your motivation, your only motivation, what a sweet soul you are. It is unfortunate that your kindness was liberally sprinkled with naiveté. I doubt kindness was the motivating force behind the majority of mask wearers and injected. It was fear that fed the beast. Fear and its many secondary emotions...all leading to the mass psychosis we see today.
If you realize your were misled, deceived, you don't need to make excuses for it. The Dark Establishment's campaign of perceptual engineering was relentless, well planned and well funded. Billions of dollars were spent polluting your mind with illusion, drowning out the voices of reason and logic. I once worked as a cog in their wheel. I know the agenda. I know how cleverly they worked to take over your minds.
Own the deception...don't make excuses for it. Congratulate yourselves for having the courage and maturity to see through the illusion, for allowing your higher selves to pierce the barriers "they" built to prevent you from accessing your higher wisdom.
Now you are aware, grieve what happened and let's move on. We have much work ahead if we are going to affirm our individual and national sovereignty.
For the courage you have shown during your awakening, I honor you. Welcome to the real world. Welcome to the light. We have your back.

Monday, August 16, 2021

Wake Up Stuff

This may be a novel concept for some can say NO to any "guideline" that has death and serious injury as a side effect.

This is not a partisan comment...and I am so very tired of having to point that out each time yet here we are: The tons of bricks approach to discrediting DJT should have been a major red flag for Americans. It was a heads up (for those who think with their own minds and not with the programming of media propaganda) that the Dark Establishment was poised to use the left, with the help of paid for rinos, to push their totalitarian agenda. No opposition. No voice of dissent. No opportunity given to expose government corruption. O ye of tiny minds...what have you done? You fed the beast and now it is poised to devour you whole. Ani exits stage right, holding a Spartan spear and a book on prepping and situational awareness.

Emotions are Intel

Emotions are intelligence. They are not facts. They tell us how we feel about something in that moment in time.

Chill the eff down and process your emotions. You cannot process emotions in an emotional state. Acknowledge how you feel.
Breathe deeply and slowly. Clear the aura of emotional triggers aka landmines.
Once you are calm and able to process objectively, do so.
This is called Maturity 101.

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Francine's Family

 Okay. Sanity check. Francine, the needle worker you dated, does not protect you from Cyrus but, you must keep wearing a face diaper and dating her sisters and brothers because Cyrus also has sisters and brothers ( Shmariant, Frariant and Bubba Jo Dumbpoopiant) and they might harm you so, you invite Francine's family into your home although she did diddly squat for you but, your delusions lead you to believe her family might?

And we are the crazy ones?

I Stand for the Second Amendment

Australians gave their guns away. Americans still have them.
My UK friends tease me about America's obsession with God, Family and Guns. Well, if you are paying attention, you will see that guns are why we still can say God and family. Patriots saw this coming years ago.
Globalists want that to go away. No sense of spirituality. No sense of tribe. Heck, if they have their way, the age of consent would be lowered to 13, then twelve, then eleven and keep going until pedophilia is just a sexual orientation and perfectly acceptable. Honestly...have you not figured this out yet?
That's what open borders are all about. Trafficking. Humans, drugs. Everything is acceptable. Let the Central Committee decide what you eat, where you eat it, how you eat it, where you dispose of it...and how you should copulate with it.
Tolerate everything. Go on. Wear three masks while you are at it and be grateful you have the Establishment to protect you from invisible germs floating about because Lord knows, you are not capable of making any decisions pertinent to your own welfare.
The perceptual engineers have done a number on you all. That number is 666.

I posted this one year ago and it stands today.


You Can Stick Your Mask Where the Sun Don't Shine

 Good Morning Freethinkers

😊 Here we go with another round of mandates. Every act of compliance is an act of obedience to the Luciferian state. The stakes are too high. If America falls to New World Order, the world falls. I can only speak for myself but I assure you, I will never comply. I will not join an enslaved, mind controlled social body. What a waste of an incarnation! We are individualized manifestations of Supreme Cosmic Intelligence. We project ourselves into physical life to bring that glory onto our chosen realm. If the Establishment tells me I have to inject myself with a bio weapon to buy food, to enter a restaurant or take part in any social activity, I guess they will move on without me. Some things are worth dying for. This is the line in the sand. Draw it or let the tsunami take you.

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Random Rants and Other Animals

At this point, anyone believing this is about health...anyone believing more rooster bots are going to save them...I guess your IQ must be very close to my target weight.

No point of view should be censored. In a society with a decent moral compass, right-minded people ( and it pains me to have to point out that right-minded has no partisan implications) will turn away from the bullshit and engage in other content.
Idle minds devolve humankind.

Grouchy says we may need endless rooster shots. I guess we are not dying fast enough.

I love rhymes. Booster shot rhymes with blood clot.

If a government wishes to control and then murder its citizens via biological warfare...what would that look like? Would the signs be obvious? For example...get jabbed or lose your job and access to the social body?

No matter how much the Establishment pays them to push Francine and Frandate, it won't be enough to buy themselves out of the 66th Circle of Hell.

Did you vote for NWO Fascism hiding under the thin veneer of liberalism? Worried about incurring massive karmic debt? Having nightmares about your place in the 66th Circle of Hell?
Fear not! Send me $10,000 and I will magically erase your soul debt.
What? You think it's a scam? Well, it was worth a try since you fell so easily for the first one.
*This notice is sent to you by Tongue in Cheek and was not endorsed by anyone of note.

Once you realize they created the story of Cyrus to sell you all starts making sense. One work of fiction, an illusionary affliction. One carefully planned curve ball. One prick to trick them all.

Attention Citizens! Did they promise you freedom if you consented to date Francine? Shame...they lied. What a surprise.

I spoke with a couple of federal employees today. They were fuming about the upcoming mask mandates. Peeps are going to walk out. The peeps that understand what is at stake, they will walk away.

I weep for Oregon. Because No Child Left Behind made everyone stupid, we are lowering the bar? It's okay to be a moron now? No reedin' or writin' or 'rithmatic?
If you want to control people, make sure they have no creative visualization critical thinking skills. Why don't we just train them to poop in their pants and have the state clean it up? After all, they enjoy being spoon fed state sanctioned bullshit.
One wonders what it will take to get the people to rise up and say, "Enough." It's hot today. I should be dreaming of a white Christmas. Instead, I'm dreaming of a military coup to oust NWO. By the by, my ideology is libertarian so wow...that's how effed up this world is today.

CRT = Race Baiting. Don't bother commenting to the contrary. Your naiveté will be deleted.

Mr. Greasy' s replacement is just as sleazy. Come on New Yorkers! Live up to your reputation as no BS takers. Let's get these Establishment minions out of office and into custody for crimes against humanity.

White Hats

 Good Morning

🙂 Peeps, please stop writing to me to ask when the White Hats are going to step in. They have been stepping and stomping daily for many a year now, while you have been asleep.
Want to see some White Hat action? Move your feet...use your voices...refuse to comply with illegal and immoral mandates. Stand tall and illuminate your sovereign souls and let the White Hats know you are out there and worth fighting for.
If you are depressed and feeling hopeless...acknowledge it, breathe it out of your system, then grow the eff up and act like someone worth fighting for. The Founding Fathers didn't overthrow the crown by complaining. They rallied the masses and kicked the Brit's arses!
American's arse kicking time 🙂

Small Things

 "It is not always great power that holds sway. It is sometimes the small things done daily with purity of heart and intent, blessed by the One Maker. These small, seemingly insignificant actions done daily, by many, will starve the beast."

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Greek Alphabet

ATTENTION CITIZENS: Are you familiar with the Greek Alphabet?

Start learning, because the Establishment is going to try each and every letter on you until you lose the will to live...which is the primary goal of this shameful shenanigan.
Here's hoping for sanity to kick in. Vinny the NY mayor is floating the idea of separating families if children are not exterminated...apologies...I meant injected.
When does this start making sense to all the clueless deniers? Is it when they knock on your door?

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 Freethinkers! We are still the majority. Mainstream media will jump through hoops of fire to keep this information from you but it is the truth.

Join my social support CHAT group on Telegram. We are freethinkers who honor Supreme Cosmic Intelligence. We know there is a "shadow government". We know the threat we face and we do not cower from it.
This group respects common courtesy, common sense and common decency. Above all, we expose the lies and reveal the truth. If you own your mind, if you are impervious to the Establishment's relentless campaign of perceptual engineering, join us and chill while enjoying the red pill.