Tuesday, March 7, 2023


Chuck Schumer's in a panic. Deep State anxiety is now manic. Can't wait to see how it transpires. Meanwhile, I will prepare the cleansing fires.

Gates of Hell told us all, on television, he wanted to reduce world population using v-a-c-c-i-n-e-s and also warned us to expect 'unnatural viruses'. Giant red flag and peeps just missed it. Vax is supposed to save lives, not destroy them and how on earth does one predict an unnatural virus? OMG Peeps...really? You missed it?

Matt Hancock is in hot water. Hot water is too good for him. Hot, boiling oil is my suggestion. Boasting about how many people he 'chipped' for pharma deserves a proper roasting. These people are abominations.

ROFL. Tucker is showing the real raw tapes of events on Jan six and the lamestream minions of misinformation are trying to tell us that what we see is not what what we see and is, in fact, damaging the Establishment. That's the point, the whole point and nothing but the point. The spin doctors are prescribing insanity and peeps are blue bill popping until they be dropping. Sigh.

When things are this fuckled up...it's time to take a deep breath and buckle up.
I wish to remind you that we are individualized manifestations of Cosmic Divine energy.
We did not project ourselves onto this physical realm to bend the knee to dark forces. We did not come down to cover our faces and restrict the Breath of the Universe. We did not come down to muzzle free speech. We are sovereign souls, not rabid animals, not programmed automatons.

"An evil man will burn his own nation to the ground to rule over its ashes." Sun Tzu

The Cabal wants us to live in a welfare state. They call it 15 minute cities. Everything needed to sustain life will be within a 15 minute walk. That's not life. When everything is provided for you and given to you...it dumbs and numbs the mind. You devolve into a caged rat, begging for food, which your corporate overlords can deny you should you have an original thought. A life with no inspiration stagnates creation. Peeps...WTF would you stand for this, for even one second?

I see Kleenton-cide is back on the menu.

"How long do you think it will take for people to realize that 15 minute cities have been planned for decades? Do people realize these are cages, designed to crush sovereignty, to turn people into rodents, scurrying back and forth? Sovereign souls cannot be confined without severe side effects. And here's what they have not told you yet. YOU WILL HAVE TO BE MEDICATED TO LIVE IN THESE CITIES. And, my darlings, that has been the plan all along. Confined to a few acres, tranquilized and replacing all that is beautiful in life with distractions and mass consumption." said Pooh.
"I have doubts." said Tigger.