Friday, November 20, 2020

Odds and Bods cont.

Some of my blogs are serious...some of them are mysterious...some are great and some are tongue in cheek decide which ones to fall for and which ones to ignore.

When you encourage people to riot but restrict family gatherings...the agenda is clear to anyone with half a functioning brain cell. Then again...

So...months later...the only curves I see flattening are the ones on those who are dieting. Still think it's about a virus? Don't bother answering that because clearly, some of you do.

So...the murder hornet fallacious ensign (E.A.G.O. Establishment Awareness Gauging Operation) went nowhere. Did they run out of AAA batteries to stuff up their little arses. What's the next buzz?

It may be obvious, but since the obvious is missed by so many, I feel it worth mentioning.
Donald Trump didn't wake up one sunny morning and say to himself, "Well, life is so good for me right now. I have everything I need and more but you know what...I'll just put myself in harm's way, expose myself to ridicule, media assassination and God knows what else, just to take on the full measure of the forces of darkness in this country."
He was asked to run for office by those in the military and in the security services, who understand the threat posed by a global NWO takeover. Someone told me recently they thought of him as a lone wolf crying out in the wilderness. Nothing could be further from the truth.
I'm pretty sure most have figured it out by now. Except, of course, the ones who get all their news from one mainstream station and look no further.

Friday, November 13, 2020

Is it done?

 "But Master, even by our own dark creed, the humans are required to prove their willingness to be enslaved. We cannot move forward with the Great Culling without proof of acquiescence. "

"Look around you, my loyal darkling. A slave is a biological unit without a voice. Look around and tell me what you see."
"I see biological units walking around muzzled like sick dogs."
"Exactly. They have acquiesced. It is done."

From November 3rd...quickie

Am not making predictions but, looking at the current state of the pool of potential, looks as though we will have another four years to smash the guts of Deep State.

Should numbers resemble the above remark, do not expect them to go down until the bitter end.
If you thought the last four years were bad for Potus, just wait until you see what they have planned for him next. They will not stand down but...they will be taken down.
Our world is about to receive a giant enema. Stay aligned. Stay focused. It is highly unlikely that any of us will take part in anything this biblical ever again, in any incarnation.
More staged events to come. More lies as the dark ones become ever more desperate. Whose country is this?
Peace. xoxo


 Flu d'état not working so well? Let's try an arse backward media coup d'état.

Keep Calm and Carry On.

 Keep calm, Peeps

🙂 All is well. We are in process. Those who want New World Order, mandatory microchipped inoculations and eternal slavery are welcome to celebrate is premature. Media spins a good yarn and supports it with an illusion but the crap they are currently spewing is very far from the truth. Just stay strong. Align with All That Is. Remember...this is not about red versus blue...OMG we are way beyond that. This is light versus dark. The light is All That Is, the dark is a catastrophic error in perception.
All shall be revealed. Watch out for announcements regarding reforming my Fellowship of the Reclaimed Mind group.

Will the Hobbits Fight Back?'s Friday 13th...and the media still do not have the authority to declare election results because, you know, due process and all that. Illusion. Smoke and mirrors. The truth will out and it will cut through this crap like shiny scissors.

Do you still think this is about partisan politics? have your head up your arse. New World Order is around the corner. Look around some countries it is already alive and well on your block.
So, New Zealand. Prime Minister thinks she has One Ring to Rule Them All. Perhaps it was a mistake to film Lord of the Rings out there. Will the Hobbits fight back and reclaim their Shire?
Those who are easily fooled will, by great evil be ruled. How will all this play out? Well...that depends on you and me. Welcome to another day. Welcome to another thrilling installment of World of Earth Craft. Uploading new expansion pack now...