Thursday, June 29, 2023

The Silent Majority Must Speak Up!

The so called silent majority, those who know what is going on, they tend to remove themselves from society. This is a big mistake. This weakens the exposure of truth. "I do not comply and here is why." should be loud and repetitive, just as the lies on media are. By withdrawing, you allow the evil to feed off the naïve and gullible. This needs to be changed asap.

How does the withdrawal from society serve our ascension as a species, and the restoration of our Republic, as a nation? As you hunker down, are you planning a new 1776 style rebellion or, are you mumbling under your breath about radicals and the decline of values, while delegating your salvation to some unseen force out there?

Nothing changes without grass roots action. Stop blaming-start exclaiming!