Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Money Washing

Here's an example of money laundering. You tell peeps you don't have five billion to build a wall but you give hundreds of billions away in foreign aid. So much poop is going to hit the pavement any day now. Peeps will be horrified at their naivety/apathy/ignorance/arrogance/leisure pants...you fill in the blanks.

Guerilla Gardening

So, back in the UK we had this thing called guerilla gardening. Peeps took seeds, flower or edibles, and made little soil bombs. Drove around and threw them out the window on open space. Now that chain supply has been compromised, we should make this a 'thing' here in the USA. When you eat fruit, save the seeds and engage in fruitful guerilla warfare. Even if we are back up and running by the end of this year, it will take years before we can regroup.

Bombs away! 🙂


 Psst...men can't have babies.

Bugs. Nope.

 Psst...you don't have to eat bugs. You are not rodents.


Prophets came to teach direct union with the Divine. They came to dispel the myth of separation. The Establishment knew it would fall if we connected directly with All That Is. They manipulated the message and placed the emphasis on the prophet, not on God. In this way, they re-introduced the sense of separation between mankind and God...the exact opposite of the prophets' message. And people fell for it, and the world is insane because of it. Prophets do not wish to be worshiped. They came to point the way. Stop worshiping the pointer and honor them by accepting direct union with All That Is. Simplest trick in the book...and people fell for it.

It's Obvious.

 :-) Peeps resent it when I say they are hypnotized but think about it. A small group of people decides to broadcast a certain piece of information on television and just like that...everyone believes it. Could it be any more obvious?

Ani Avedissian

It's the sun...run!

 To all my British peeps

🙂 OMG...run! It's the sun! It's hot! Did you know there was this giant ball of gas and stuff up in the sky, spreading warmth without a license? Run peeps...run! And now to other news: if your friends drop dead or develop serious health issues after being jabbed, that's normal. It's just sudden onset adult death syndrome. It's the same as sudden onset juvenile death syndrome but for adults. Totally normal and nothing to worry about. These syndromes have always been around...unlike the hot sun which is very dangerous and should be blocked by one of Gates of Hell's well-funded projects. And while you are at it, by all means, keep falling for the Establishment mind games. In no time at all, your pronouns will be was and were and RIP.
Ani Avedissian