Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Baal's Bum Boy

I sit here, piping hot coffee in hand, chuckling. Chuckling is better than wailing. How many times have we talked of deep state, of new world order? We warned you. We showed you the signs to look out for. We sent you literature to peruse. You scoffed. Now Macron, Lucifer's minion, and all his Baal-Bound Buddies WEF are openly announcing their desire to implement the very measures we warned you about.

I'm chuckling because you can live in that world if you wish. Maybe slavery is easier than sovereignty for you. Have fun being controlled by those who have decided that humanity has outlived its purpose.,
are openly announcing their desire to implement the very measures we warned you about.

Stop cowering. Unless you are a cow in line for slaughter.

Welfare State

Thought for the day: when people take care of each other, that's common decency. When the Establishment takes care of people, that's the creation of the welfare state. Study it. It has nothing to do with lifting people up. Quite the opposite. It's an interesting study, for those who are interested in study.

In the long run, it is better to be self aware than on welfare.

The Measure of One One Four. It should never have made it out of the door.

 Good morning, all you beautiful freethinkers

😊 Why would a government take steps to disarm a population? That's an easy one. They plan to do bad things to us and they don't want us shooting back. It matters not whether or not you hunt. It matters not whether or not you possess firearms or your viewpoint on firearms. What matters most is that you realize this...without the 2nd amendment, we would all be in gulags by now, injected against our will, tracked, traced and most probably maced. The times, they are a changin' but one's core moral code should never be re-arranging. Have a blessed day, my darlings, unless you voted in favor of measure 114. In that case, I hope your leftover turkey sandwich bites you back,.

Metaphysical Martini podcast 11-23-2022


You Tube keeps taking my videos down. Bitchute does not censor. Behold my latest Metaphysical Martini!

I will tell the truth

From Astoria to Duluth.

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Divide, Conquer and Crucify.

Certain elements are putting forward the theory that Jesus was transgender. Don't take the bait. Don't fall for the division game. Don't let the petty ego win. Smile, laugh it off and move on. Make the big guy proud. If you are distracted by every dog that barks...you will never reach your destination. You have better things to do. Saving America from NWO is a much better project.