Monday, July 19, 2021

Old FB Post from June 2020

A hearty Hello to anyone out there capable of seeing beyond the tip of their nose. How sad that 2020 turned out to be the Year of Less Than Perfect Vision.

Empathy: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. As a spiritual counselor (not the there there, trust in God and everything will be okay variety...more the You are the universe in ecstatic motion so, why don't you get on with it variety) and specialist in all things considered paranormal, I meditate daily on the words grace and empathy. Meditation is my personal saving grace. Without it, how would one remain functional in today's world?
I find I am unable to empathize with those who have, without hesitation and anything resembling investigation, obeyed the Establishment command to muzzle themselves.
I am unable to empathize because, after diligently searching my personal data bank, I can find no record of handing in my God given sovereignty in return for a life lived as a brain washed automaton, submitting to PSYOPS in return for the privilege of going about my business.
I encourage those who worship at the Bill Gates of Hell to avoid my page. Your comments will be deleted. You are useful idiots to the Establishment...the nefarious nerd loves you so please, visit his page and tell him how much you adore being muzzled and are more than willing to keep it up for years until the nano-techno-track-and-kill -jab is developed. ( was in production before the actual no-demic).
To the self-aware I say this... do not give not stop questioning the official bought and paid for narrative. They will attempt to shame you, to insult you, to ridicule you and everything else they find in Edward Bernays' How to Eff the People 101.'
Smile. Sigh at their foolish notions. If they appear totally brainwashed, walk away. If they appear inquisitive, have a chat and share your research, your point of view. Millions of people, self-aware people, are in despair and with good reason. Let's help each other out.
Mainstream bought and paid for media repeat their slogans over and over again, day in, day out. They do this to instill Fear, Rage and Need. Let's use their tactic but instead of Fear, Rage and Need, let's instill Courage, Illumination and Cosmic Alignment...and let's hope that leads to common sense.
At any other point in history, I might be giggling over this theater of the absurd. We are, however, in the midst of a New World Order Corporate Destroy the Individual and Destroy America scenario. If you are happy with this, good luck to you. If, like me, you want your incarnation to count for something...let's chat.
I wish you peace and all things cool. 🙂