Friday, July 9, 2021

What is the Final Card...the Final Hoax?

So, here we go. Peeps wake up, the Establishment pushes back.

Peeps see other peeps dropping dead and becoming seriously sick, they refuse to partake in the mass suicide ritual, the Establishment creates variants.
One million people march in England, the Establishment report it as a few hundred.
Just-add-water-rioters come and go. Bought-and-paid-for-scientists flip and flop. Food prices rise. Manufactured food shortages on the way.
What will their final card be? Their last-ditch effort to fill our minds with so much terror, that we fill our diapers with poo all day, every day. They are already floating it. They have planned it for decades.
No matter how real they make it look, don’t fall for it.
Aliens, my darlings. That’s the final card. Yes, of course they exist.
Yes, of course the Establishment has lied about ET contact for decades. But no…they are not a threat. If they were, they would have colonized or obliterated us by now.
Don’t fall for it no matter how convincing the narrative…no matter how amazing the holograms and special effects.
Don’t fall for it because it is all BS. Just like that philosopher Ovid. It’s all BS. If you fell for it, it’s time to grow up now.