Friday, July 30, 2021

Spiritual Stamina

A few peeps have asked me how I maintain spiritual stamina during these trying times. The spiritual stamina part is not difficult. Once you figure out that everything functional and worth having/experiencing comes from cosmic alignment, you focus on achieving and maintaining that alignment. The challenge for me has never been the spirit, it has been the human, as in my chubby little human body.

To prepare for the coming storm, I have made some major lifestyle changes. If the Realms of Light (some of its rays anyway) are to be channeled through my body, if I wish to properly process all that intel, my body needs to be in better shape. There is no one magic pill for this. Individualized assessment is the key.
For me it meant giving up grain and dairy. That alone made a huge difference to my cognitive abilities. Stage two requires daily exercise. Swim, walk, stretch. Given the current world scenario, I have zero faith in the medical chemical industrial complex...I do not trust doctors who inject their patients with I have taken complete responsibility for my own health. I'm very interested in taking up cold water swimming. I'll let you know how that goes. I will need another month or so to get ready for it...Oregon water is cold with bells on!