Friday, July 30, 2021

But the People Were Suspicious...

July 30 2021. Random excerpts from the Book of Imbecility. Faithfully scribed by Ani Mad Shaman Avedissian.

And lo, the people, worn down by blatantly false propaganda and with no knowledge of the benefits of Ashwaganda, prepared for yet another variant of false illusion.
"Let us once again take the actions that had no effect the first time around. Let us do this because you the people did not realize how well you were played and so verily we say unto thee, we will play you until you figure it out, or until you break."
But the people were suspicious. The false gods had kicked them hard in their hard they began to see dots. Many dots. And Lo, the people began to connect these dots.
All but the most naïve/frightened/I-refuse-to-admit-I was-played/ stepped back, removed their face diapers and reviewed the actions of the dark ones.
"OMG!" said the people. "What bullshit is this?"