Friday, July 30, 2021

Immature Concepts

The concept of God's Chosen People is immature, to say the least. There is no one chosen race. Unconditional love equals absolute equality in the eyes of the Divine. Do not confuse the words of man with the essence of God. This may be applied to many situations, such as the supposed divine right of kings. No such thing. Monarchs are thugs who have killed other thugs and taken their power. Rinse and repeat. We have much to unlearn.

O how clever is mankind! We have made history. We are now able to transmit a disease we don't have to people who are immunized against it. Is this why aliens don't land? Is it because we are so incredibly bright, our awe inspiring intellect will embarrass them?

I was chatting with a friend earlier, one of the few I have left, about Jesus.  In ancient shaman lore, he is white skinned.  Not that his hue makes a jot of difference to any sane person and yes, he was near eastern in that incarnation, and taller than the average male of the times with blue/grey eyes and...tanned though he was from the lovely near eastern sunshine, he was white skinned; not olive, not black, but white.  We have always known this and it has never mattered or meant anything other than...he was white skinned.  It's a part of our ancient shaman teaching.  Mention that today (which I do and always will because I believe it to be true) and peeps will have a hissy fit and poop in their panties.  Not that I care.  I'm not one to indulge panty poopers.  Great Spirit look kindly upon us poor fools down here.  I'm sure we can do better...