Friday, May 6, 2022

Let's Pick a Word


Let’s pick a word


Let’s pick a word

Let’s pick the word stupid.

If one blindly follows the herd

One’s fear is deeply rooted.

Who fills your trough?

Are the contents diluted?

How will you know

If you are too frightened to dispute it?

That strange, fixed smile on your face

Is a thin veneer hiding inner turmoil.

It’s not peace, it’s not grace

It’s the last remnant of your sanity

Slowly blistering on broil.


If mankind continues to pretend

The nightmare will never end.

If we allow humanity to be hacked and recoded

The intellect will be corrupted and eroded.

The Establishment think they’re the bomb

And think we are their slaves…their programmed bio-automatons.


Why are so many so clueless, so compliant?

Why do they suffer abuse from tyrants

Instead of being self-aware, mindful, and defiant?

Mankind…creations of Cosmic Source, Divine mysticism

Potential so marvelous, it is beyond description

Walking like zombies, filling their prescriptions

All the wonders of the universe at our disposal

Yet…we took the magic and created something tragic.


Ani Avedissian copyright May 2022

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

A Short Poem About Fasting

 I am Fasting.

Reality exists only in the human mind

So, I wish to explore mine and see what I can find.

Such dedicated research needs minimal distraction

I must fast and look upon pastry as wretched putrefaction.

Although nauseated and queasy, the first day is easy

I can go 24 hours without food and whisky sours.

Day two is strange, as daily habits are re-arranged

Not a good day, I think, to take my Glock pistol down to the range.

Day three kicks in and I have visions of donut sin

But I bear it and grin…I will not give in

I know from experience day 4 turns the corner

I replace food with prayer…I’m a human transformer!

Ani Avedissian copyright April 2022

Not an Accident

Food processing plants are catching fire all across the USA. We warned you. Since 2019, we have advised starting a prepper’s pantry. They will starve the population. They will halve the population. Do whatever you can to disconnect from state dependency. Real riots (not the state sponsored ones like bee el mm and an tee fah) start when people cannot feed their families. Peeps will turn against each other to feed themselves. To those who constantly poo poo…you will stave and die if you don’t get a clue.

OMG...they are trying bird flu again!

The puppet administration has started to push the bird flu thing again because clearly, far too many people have seen through the cow poo propaganda.

Well, if it is indeed a threat, let's stand back and watch every single person handling poultry drop dead in record numbers, in record time. I'm waiting.
Chicken is consumed in mass quantities. The puppet administration is destroying our food supply. If you connect the dots, you see the bigger picture. Most people have such poor second sight...they can't see the dots. I guess they will starve.
Everyone else, top up your prep pantries and make sure you have multiple water filters. Real riots, not state funded lootings of luxury stores, real riots happen when people cannot feed their families.
We warned you. We warned you because at our core, we do not see our interests as something apart from yours. We warned you because we do not want your children to suffer from malnutrition or be shot while 'liberating' supplies from the local supermarket.
It's up to you now. There is no point in repeating the warnings of the last two and more decades. Awaken or be taken.

A Poem

 In Case You Are Wondering (a poem)

In case you are wondering
how peeps carry out money laundering...
a popular way
and it's happening today
is to coerce entire nations
to accept experimental medications.
Rats in a lab
Pharma think that's ab fab!
Let's create a brain washed cult
sit back and examine results.
Yes, it's evil and horribly irresponsible...
but no one can touch us
or hold us accountable.
We are the Lords of Damnation
we lie, cheat and steal without hesitation.
Who cares what happens to the humanoid cattle?
They are easily frightened...far too easily rattled.
How easy it is...and how very delicious
We are killing them off...and they aren't even suspicious!
Ani Avedissian copyright 2021