Thursday, July 20, 2023

Blow that Whistle!

 Whistleblowers are popping up all over the place-like the first daffodils of Spring

🙂 That takes courage. Blowing the whistle often results in mortality...but they can't kill us all. We have to keep whistling until the sound of truth drowns out the litany of lies.

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Posted on Social Media in 2021

 Posted on Social Media in 2021:

This nation paid a heavy price for freedom. Colonials put everything on the line. A great many lost everything. At that time, the Establishment was the Crown. Today, it is much closer in...
Are you really going to let something they say is in the air, turn you into feeble-minded, obedient, leashed automatons...muzzled and befuddled...begging for treats under a fully laden table while your captors gorge themselves on the fruits of YOUR labor?
We are not descended from fearful folks. We should not be so easily bamboozled and provoked. Shame on us.
Celebrate the true meaning of July 4th. Independence Day. God bless America. God bless our Mother Earth.

Social Media Post from 2020

Something I posted on social media in 2020:

Attention! If you believe mainstream media, left or right, is a purveyor of truth ( as opposed to a well-funded and finely-tuned propaganda machine) PLEASE send me $100 right away!
In return, you will receive your sanitized-pasteurized-homogenized-pint sized-revised-analyzed-ill advised-stylized-improvised-exorcised Certificate of Social Engineering Compliance level 3.
Send your checks to Cosmic Ani PO Box 714 Wilsonville OR 97070 But wait! If you order now, you will earn the right to select a background color. We proudly offer the following selections. Grey or Gray.
Thank you for your order and thank you for playing World of Earth Craft. The only game where the hunted openly welcome the hunters and assist them by allowing tracking devices before begging for a merciful death.
Don't delay now...get those checks in the mail!

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