Saturday, June 25, 2022

Random thoughts for today.

My coffee tastes especially good this morning.  No idea why.  It's the same dark and dreamy blend I brew every day.

Peeps have lost their poop over Roe vs. Wade.  In my ever-diminishing circle, the same peeps who vilified me for not injecting a bioweapon into my body because a man on television told me to, are the ones jumping highest for my body my choice.  What an insane world.

One cannot have sensible conversations with screamers.  Peeps are squawking like propaganda parrots, hawking the Establishment's latest package of half truths and outright lies.

This is my take on the abortion issue.  I am neither left, nor right.  My ideology, formed from years of working for both the malevolent and benevolent organizations of this world, is best defined as spirit-centered libertarian.

At this stage of my life, I can honestly say I have no investment in changing people's minds or having them see things my way.  I am simply sharing my perspective.  Do with it what you will because I stopped reading peeps' responses long ago.

I believe abortion should be legal.  I could go down a rabbit hole of 'legal' because I think common law is an arse and should be done away with but, moving on...

An incarnating soul has six months from conception to decide whether or not it is going to stay.  This clause was written in case the parents, for whatever reason, decide to veer from their pre-written soul contracts.  Under such circumstances, the soul is under no obligation to incarnate.  This accounts for most of the still births at seven months.

The body is forming inside the female (I will not have a conversation about whether or not men can give birth...that is sheer insanity) but the incarnating soul will not take up full residence until the seventh month.

While anyone can fumble through a biological function and create a baby, the crushing responsibility of giving another manifestation of Source an opportunity to have an earthly incarnation is not, in my experience, subject to the due diligence it deserves.  It's not a pet.  It's God in a bod.

Orphanages are filled with unwanted little Gods in bods.  No one advocates for them.  Abuse is rampant and in time, I will write a book on the horrors I have observed. My stories will make Stephen King puke his guts out.   My chosen specialty has placed me in directly the path of the dark and dangerous.  I lost my naivety at an early age. 

It is the height of insanity, cruel beyond understanding, to tell a woman who conceived during rape, she must carry the child to term.  What happens to the rapist?  Shall we hang him in the town square and just before he croaks, shall we cut off his testicles?  Hm.  There's a thought.

People make mistakes.  If those mistakes can be corrected, we should take the opportunity to do so.  The world is filled with unhappy, depressed people, unable to move forward because a mistake they made in the past has frozen them in place. The incarnating soul understands this and will happily go home.  

That said, I do wish we would conduct ourselves in a manner befitting our cosmic origin.  Self-restraint, proper protection, cool minds in rapidly heating bodies.  An abortion is not to be used as a frequent and casual means of birth control.  If we give in to every urge that itched, we would be in a sorry state indeed!  We are in a sorry state.  This world is about to explode and the fallout from the excrement of the false ego is going to be a real stinker.

Does anyone have an original thought anymore?  I think not.  Peeps prefer acceptance from the herd over expansion of creation.  O well.  Have a nice day.  I need another cup of my dark and dreamy coffee.

*Our rights, by the way. do not come from governments. Taking the abortion issue away from the federal and placing it at state level is a good first step in kicking federal govt. out of our private lives. This is the main reason behind the ruling but peeps won't see that...they are far too invested in their programming.

Saturday, June 11, 2022

It's been a while...sorry.

Millions of common or garden variety gay folks, perfectly decent folks who just happen to be gay but are not gender confused or pedo or into animals or any weird shit, are experiencing prejudice for the first time.  It was always the Cabal's plan to corrupt the world under the banner of faux liberalism.  Such a pity so many humans have no interest in reading the playbook.  The play has not changed since Sumerian times.  One would think that by now, some peeps would have figured something out but alas...the na├»ve, the gullible, the apathetic all seem to outnumber the awakened and the prophetic.

Or do they?  Any guess on the ratio?  Is it 50% clueless television addicted, brain addled, mind controlled noise makers to 50% spirit centered purveyors of common sense?

I can only speak for myself, but at no time have 1 needed or wanted my own initials or my own flag.  I like the initials USA and I confess, I am devoted to the American Flag.  This whole lgbtxyz4&*#789 movement is rubbish.  It's crap.  Just like BLM or Skunk Lives Matter or Armenian Pastry Moms Matter.  

In spirit centered world, there is room for everyone to explore.  We should always keep warm, open hearts and cool, open minds but there comes a time when one has to put out a call for sanity.  There is no such thing as a minor attracted person.  If you want to bonk a child, you have a mental health issue.  And why would you be gender confused?  Men have willies, women have vaginas.  I'm not sure it could be any simpler. 

One choses one's incarnation.  One choses one's family bloodline and gender.  This is done before we project ourselves onto the physical realm.  Pre-incarnation decisions are not taken lightly.  No one wants to waste an incarnation.  

Insane thoughts create an insane world.  What a freaking waste of energy.  What an embarrassment of spiritual poverty.

Peace be with you all :-)