Friday, July 30, 2021

'splain it simple

So, I shall 'splain it simple.

There was this war. Many bad things happened during this war. One of those things involved scientists conducting medical experiments on humans. This is frowned upon. Against their will, people were injected with all manner of toxin. Naughty.
When we caught up with the ones who committed these heinous crimes, we arrested them, tried them and executed them...most of them anyway.
We did this not only to the medical community directly involved with the experiments, but also to the politicians (petty self-important ego-inflated lackeys) and the media promoting the immoral agendas of the bad guys.
We had this thing called the Nuremburg Trials. "Never again will civilized man allow this to happen."
One has to ask, "Is anyone coercing you to become a medical experiment today?"