Saturday, July 10, 2021

More Odds and Ends

 In the end...Mossberg beats Bilderberg. But here is the is not about the shotgun. Do you get it? It's okay. Take your time and you don't have to answer. You just have to think...for yourself.

Why would anyone be against voter ID requirements? If you have to think about this...please feel free to feel as confused as I am, to have to ask it. Toasted PBJ Lives Matter.

Coming up with all these variants. It must be a "strain" on Grouchy...

Sure you can vote yourselves into socialism. Problem have to shoot yourselves out of it and you can't do that if you give up your right to bear arms. This can be fact checked by accessing historical records. Have a nice day.

Door to door to "educate" people about Francine. I see. This is why the second amendment is so very important. If threatened at gunpoint to inject ourselves with an untested bioweapon designed to kill, sterilize and destroy the immune system by the so called authorities, we have the right to resist at gunpoint. Slaves or sovereign beings? Choose well because it may well be the last choice you ever make.
Meanwhile, it's only a matter of time before this platform throws me out so follow me on Telegram:

Grouchy is telling peeps to get over it and break down and take it. I wonder if he is so far removed from reality that he has no notion that on the other side of this...he will face the gallows. Shall we then tell him to just get over it and accept it?

When dark hats are baited...they are triggered and agitated. No matter how much time elapses...the false narrative always collapses. 😎

As it becomes clear, via audits, that selection broad is if there was any doubt...the dark hats are going ballistic and fighting back with every tool in their box. And we cannot deny, their ranks are filled with tools.
Watch out for fallacious ensigns...with special effects and shiny false narrative. Truly Peeps, it's time to grow up.