Sunday, September 17, 2023


If someone could place Bill Gates in a locked room with his mutant mosquitoes, that would be great and thank you.

Thursday, September 7, 2023

Ballots of Bullets?

If we don't clean up the ballots, the next president will be installed with bullets. Why are so many silent in the face of such evil? Do they think that by cowering in a corner, it will just go away? Stop cowering and start empowering.

Sitting in a corner waiting for it to end? At some point, they will entice you with a piece of cheese and because you have made your world so small and yourself, so insignificant, the cheese will look good. You will creep out of your corner and, because you have closed your eyes and minds to the feast that awaits freethinkers, you eat the little bit of government cheese and bam! They will lock you into that corner for the rest of your mortal life. The Cabal has done a wonderful job. It somehow convinced powerful, cosmic co-creators to turn their backs on their self-worth and behave like rodents. Wow.

Choose well.

What is the worst they can do to us for exposing corruption? Sure, they can kill us but, so what? Sovereignty is supreme and while 'no thing' matters enough to die for, sovereignty does matter. It is everything. They can go ahead and make as many martyrs as they wish...we are not going to comply and we are not going to keep quiet. If you enjoy being monitored and humiliated, go ahead and check yourself into a SMART city. Let them feed you. Let them tell you where you can go and what is off limits. Let them tell you what you can eat, drink and how much. Once they have you, they will implement phases two and three. Most of you won't live through that and...that is the point. You enslave yourselves. You eat Big Brother's processed survival rations. You stay within the boundary lines or risk a huge fine. You become a rat in a cage and one day, when the corporate overlords tire of indulging their pets, they will exterminate you. Is that what you want? Think carefully because once you make that choice, no one will come to rescue you. You paid your money-you made your choice. Good luck out there. Life gets wobbly for those without a spine.

Saturday, September 2, 2023

Respect the Front Door

Becoming an American citizen was the greatest moment of my life. I jumped through hoops to be worthy of the honor. I did not jump over walls.

Sincerely, Ani Avedissian

Monday, August 21, 2023

Stop! Think! Take Action!

To those cautiously approaching the Fence of Truths Hidden in Plain View.

The entire world is currently burning and it’s not because of “climate change". Bury your heads in the sand if you so choose. Your refusal to confront painful truths won't stop what's coming. Chowing down on propaganda and lies has made this great nation obese, sluggish and feeble-minded. Even today, after eight years of exposure and disclosure, the lack of general awareness amongst the citizenry is astounding. Even with RFK going dangly bits to the wall with truth bombs. Wow! You have to give the Establishment credit for doing a great job in the brain fry department.
The purpose of incarnation is to affirm soul sovereignty. New World Order is the exact opposite. It is designed to crush connection with Source. It is designed to cage us in fifteen minute cities and distract us with all manner of frivolity and perversion. They are burning homes and grabbing the land. The end game is communism and transhumanism. The end game is darker then anything Stephen King could come up with. You are not powerless. You are a cosmic creation. Connect with your true nature and reject that which is designed to crush the soul.

Saturday, August 19, 2023

Don't Fall For it Again!

The totalitarian evildoers are making noises regrading a new and improved strain of contagion. Peeps...we are simply not dying fast enough for new world order. Some of us are actually thinking for ourselves! fancy that...and coming to the inevitable conclusion that this was all planned. Say it ain't so! Well, sorry. It is so.

If you fall for it, after four years of exposure, disclosure and unexplained death all over, I guess you came to Earth to be a push over.
They will persist. We will resist. They will will threaten, plead and cajole. We will dig a large pit and bury them whole. They will insist we comply. We will turn our heads and say goodbye. Fool me once, I'm a dunce. Fool me twice, I have learned a valuable lesson and you will pay the price.
Slave or sovereign? If you ain't living free, it ain't worth bothering.

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Blow that Whistle!

 Whistleblowers are popping up all over the place-like the first daffodils of Spring

🙂 That takes courage. Blowing the whistle often results in mortality...but they can't kill us all. We have to keep whistling until the sound of truth drowns out the litany of lies.

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Posted on Social Media in 2021

 Posted on Social Media in 2021:

This nation paid a heavy price for freedom. Colonials put everything on the line. A great many lost everything. At that time, the Establishment was the Crown. Today, it is much closer in...
Are you really going to let something they say is in the air, turn you into feeble-minded, obedient, leashed automatons...muzzled and befuddled...begging for treats under a fully laden table while your captors gorge themselves on the fruits of YOUR labor?
We are not descended from fearful folks. We should not be so easily bamboozled and provoked. Shame on us.
Celebrate the true meaning of July 4th. Independence Day. God bless America. God bless our Mother Earth.

Social Media Post from 2020

Something I posted on social media in 2020:

Attention! If you believe mainstream media, left or right, is a purveyor of truth ( as opposed to a well-funded and finely-tuned propaganda machine) PLEASE send me $100 right away!
In return, you will receive your sanitized-pasteurized-homogenized-pint sized-revised-analyzed-ill advised-stylized-improvised-exorcised Certificate of Social Engineering Compliance level 3.
Send your checks to Cosmic Ani PO Box 714 Wilsonville OR 97070 But wait! If you order now, you will earn the right to select a background color. We proudly offer the following selections. Grey or Gray.
Thank you for your order and thank you for playing World of Earth Craft. The only game where the hunted openly welcome the hunters and assist them by allowing tracking devices before begging for a merciful death.
Don't delay now...get those checks in the mail!

Join me on a retreat :-)

Ancient wisdom trumps New Age Cliff Notes: Join us in September and learn to sort out the true from the woo from what gets flushed down the loo


Thursday, June 29, 2023

The Silent Majority Must Speak Up!

The so called silent majority, those who know what is going on, they tend to remove themselves from society. This is a big mistake. This weakens the exposure of truth. "I do not comply and here is why." should be loud and repetitive, just as the lies on media are. By withdrawing, you allow the evil to feed off the naïve and gullible. This needs to be changed asap.

How does the withdrawal from society serve our ascension as a species, and the restoration of our Republic, as a nation? As you hunker down, are you planning a new 1776 style rebellion or, are you mumbling under your breath about radicals and the decline of values, while delegating your salvation to some unseen force out there?

Nothing changes without grass roots action. Stop blaming-start exclaiming!

Saturday, May 27, 2023

Do not vote for career politicians.

The Establishment tries to destroy T because he calls out the corruption. He said no to the status quo. He dared to show the world the matrix of control imposed upon mankind. He dared to suggest that mankind should hold itself accountable for being so easily distracted, duped and dumbed down. He dared to peel back the thin veneer of shiny stuff hiding a giant pustule of corruption and unspeakable evil.

He dared to say change is possible if we have the guts to make it happen. He dared to say put America first. A family does not starve its children to provide for others. It first feeds its own and makes its own strong...the strong can serve others...the weak and feeble cannot.
If we vote for career politicians, nothing will change for the better.
You will eat bugs, be confined to 15 minute cities, be taxed until you puke and then you will be taxed for littering the 15 minute city with the contents of your stomach.
The multi party system has to end. There will be an American Assembly. I will fight for this until I draw my last breath.

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

The Restrict Act is an act of war against American citizens.

The Restrict Act is an act of war. The current puppet administration has declared war on American citizens. It has declared war on individual sovereignty. It is a corruption of all that is whole, wholesome and holy. The notion that one should submit to humiliation for the good of others is disgusting but, very much in keeping with how evil regimes carry out their plans. Man's highest goal is self-realization. One self-realized being brings great light into the realm. This is what they want to squash with their bugs, pun intended, their 15 minute cities and their death jabs. They want to convince us that the rights of the individual are unimportant. All should be done for the glory of the State. The notion of sacrifice is abhorrent to the soul. It is a deep state ideology control mechanism. Why don't we learn from history?

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Stop Playing Victim

This whole stolen land issue glorifies victimhood. Where exactly is the stolen land stashed? Ego programming is a female dog. It prevents us from looking forward to a brighter future by creating points of entrenchment in our past.

Was there conquest? Yes or no. If yes, did you lose? If yes, no one actually stole your land. You were invaded, you fought and you lost.
I grew up in a British Armenian household. I know first hand how genocide complex can destroy minds. Everything becomes the fault of the Ottomans. Something that happened decades ago, that should have been processed and resolved years ago, is kept alive in the internal fire of resentment. This feeds the ego and prevents the human from accepting the unlimited potential of the present moment.
This gives the perceived enemy all the power. Is that constructive? I think not. Continuing to empower your enemy is the action of the victim, not the sovereign freethinker.
Everything woke, will go broke for no other reason than it defies common sense and personal dignity. If the media's perceptual engineers are guiding your thoughts, reactions and actions, you have done yourselves, and this realm, a great disservice.

Monday, May 1, 2023

Metaphysical Martini Podcast link

15 Minute Gulags

15 minute cities are not about the environment. They are created by the Establishment to make population lock down easier for them. Confined to a small area, they will be prisons and when it is time to cull the population, because the you know what did not kill enough of us, they will become gulags.
After three years of this BS, and now that only the truly dim-witted cannot see the agenda, we should fight this with every fiber of our being. They see us as lab rats fit for nothing except medical experimentation. Those who acquiesced and accepted the mark of the beast showed them how easy it is to frighten mankind into submission.

If you want to live life as a fully controlled automaton, this is your chance. For the rest of us, freethinkers, those who understand that there is no such thing as freedom without respect and honor for individual rights, it is not an option. We came to Earth to embody the Divine within, to expand consciousness. Why would you throw that away in favor of transhumanism? 

Rights begat responsibility

Rights begat responsibility, accountability. Woke-ism is the opposite. When people finally realize how easily they were played, how easy it was to make them useful idiots for the darker agenda...ouch...but their awakening will bring light into our world so, let's help out when we can.

Let us remember the goal is not revenge; all that does is feed the ego. No one is going back to normal. Normal was an illusion, a thin veneer of shiny stuff keeping a giant pustule of corruption hidden. If you have the courage to embrace the exposure, I urge you to show zero tolerance for the planned destruction of this republic. Mother Earth does not wish to host a race of automatons. She wants to help the human race maximize its God given potential. No one is coming to 'save' us. That's not how it works. That said, if we continue to rebel against the evil, and we can look to Europe examples, if we continue to rebel and ramp up our efforts, if we show zero tolerance for enslavement, we will receive help from advanced civilizations. They are waiting for the proverbial critical mass to be reached in consciousness shift.
The silent majority has been silent, and uninformed, for far too long. If we want choice, we must use our voice.

Have I said this before?

Sunday, April 2, 2023

Today' Boston Tea Party

Evil has no honor, no integrity, no sanity. Those who seek to destroy us are mad in the truest sense of the word. Mentally deranged. They fight dirty because they are dirty. They wish to take all that is whole and holy and turn it into a pile of filth for their flies to feast upon.

They are greed fueled. They lust for power, for control. They have turned their backs on cosmic co-creation through divine love and created a matrix of fear to feed upon. 

This Establishment needs to be destroyed, utterly and completely. The machinery of the Deep State needs to be dismantled, utterly and completely.

The Boston Tea Party lit the fuse that started the American revolution proper. T's bull crap indictment is today's tea party.

The republic will be restored. Will it be easy? I think we all know the answer to that is no. Are we up for it? O yes...with liberty bells on, yes!

Shall I put the kettle on?

Tuesday, March 7, 2023


Chuck Schumer's in a panic. Deep State anxiety is now manic. Can't wait to see how it transpires. Meanwhile, I will prepare the cleansing fires.

Gates of Hell told us all, on television, he wanted to reduce world population using v-a-c-c-i-n-e-s and also warned us to expect 'unnatural viruses'. Giant red flag and peeps just missed it. Vax is supposed to save lives, not destroy them and how on earth does one predict an unnatural virus? OMG Peeps...really? You missed it?

Matt Hancock is in hot water. Hot water is too good for him. Hot, boiling oil is my suggestion. Boasting about how many people he 'chipped' for pharma deserves a proper roasting. These people are abominations.

ROFL. Tucker is showing the real raw tapes of events on Jan six and the lamestream minions of misinformation are trying to tell us that what we see is not what what we see and is, in fact, damaging the Establishment. That's the point, the whole point and nothing but the point. The spin doctors are prescribing insanity and peeps are blue bill popping until they be dropping. Sigh.

When things are this fuckled's time to take a deep breath and buckle up.
I wish to remind you that we are individualized manifestations of Cosmic Divine energy.
We did not project ourselves onto this physical realm to bend the knee to dark forces. We did not come down to cover our faces and restrict the Breath of the Universe. We did not come down to muzzle free speech. We are sovereign souls, not rabid animals, not programmed automatons.

"An evil man will burn his own nation to the ground to rule over its ashes." Sun Tzu

The Cabal wants us to live in a welfare state. They call it 15 minute cities. Everything needed to sustain life will be within a 15 minute walk. That's not life. When everything is provided for you and given to dumbs and numbs the mind. You devolve into a caged rat, begging for food, which your corporate overlords can deny you should you have an original thought. A life with no inspiration stagnates creation. Peeps...WTF would you stand for this, for even one second?

I see Kleenton-cide is back on the menu.

"How long do you think it will take for people to realize that 15 minute cities have been planned for decades? Do people realize these are cages, designed to crush sovereignty, to turn people into rodents, scurrying back and forth? Sovereign souls cannot be confined without severe side effects. And here's what they have not told you yet. YOU WILL HAVE TO BE MEDICATED TO LIVE IN THESE CITIES. And, my darlings, that has been the plan all along. Confined to a few acres, tranquilized and replacing all that is beautiful in life with distractions and mass consumption." said Pooh.
"I have doubts." said Tigger.

Sunday, February 12, 2023

Mop Up Ops

The current chaos is mainly mop-up ops. Peeps don't believe we are actually mopping up but those would be the same peeps who do not realize we have been fighting Light versus Dark, a war for the survival of a free mankind.

If Epstein's client list goes public, the bad guys have lost the war but...these are people who will destroy an entire planet on their way out. If they can't have it, they will piss and poop on everything and everyone while retreating.
So, balloons and so forth are setting the stage for a fake ET invasion...assuming they still have enough power to pull it off. I warned about this two years ago. I warned you about a great many things two years ago, all of which have happened, but hey, free will and all that. Who am I to stop you signing your own death warrant? Anyway, moving forward, if it happens, go home, lock your doors, put the kettle on, make a nice cup of tea and tell anyone who calls you that it is fake, you're not buying into it and more fool them for responding in such a dramatic and naïve manner.
Awakening is messy. Shift takes courage. The war is for individual sovereignty and without respect for individual rights, there is no expansion of consciousness.
How is it that so many Americans sit by, staring blankly at the goggle box, watching the current puppet administration blatantly disregard the Constitution, the highest law of the land? The Cabal did a snow job on those peeps. Snow jobs create snowflakes.

Theater of the Absurd in action.

Saturday, January 7, 2023

Metaphysical Martini link, Ani's bi-weekly podcast.

 My latest podcast. Enjoy!

Monday, January 2, 2023

We Are Not Obliged to Tolerate Insanity and Immorality.

Attention Citizens! Do you find yourselves smiling and engaging in nervous chuckling while pretending to tolerate behavior that makes you puke? When evil goes unchallenged, it will spread. Are you afraid to speak up in case you are ridiculed by the brainwashed? If the answer is yes, then you too are brainwashed. They have silenced you. The next step? If you can't speak, you will eventually stop thinking for yourselves. Cabal 1. We the People 0. We can reclaim our minds in Divine/Cosmic alignment or we can live as transhuman automatons. One contributes to the glory of God aka the expansion of cosmic consciousness. The other glorifies the Luciferian agenda. Choose wisely or it will be the last choice we ever get to make. 


The important parts are extracted-while the people are distracted. Yet mankind is getting smarter-so Pfizer's Black Lines Matter. The truth has not been adapted. It has been redacted. Some time soon, it will be too late. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth as the brainwashed bemoan their fate. Better late than never? Only if the clever deign to join forces and come together.