Monday, May 24, 2021

O What a Tangled Web We Weave...

Notes from May 24, 2021.  Words have been changed to avoid being ventured on social media. rhymes.

The creepy doctor now admits we should investigate the origin of the illusionary virus.  The one for which no one can provide an isolated sample.  The one that led to a rush to date Francine, the one prick to trick them all.

Through persistence, diligence, focus and unswerving dedication to the preservation of free thought and soul sovereignty, the good guys and gals have uncovered irrefutable proof of selection clawed.  We, the White Hats, will never give up, we will never surrender.  We know this is a game, yes, but we know the game is the end game, the fight for the survival of a free human race.

With regard to the ongoing medical experiment, (if you believe it is something other than a medical experiment, your cranium is located inside your rectum) the bad guys and gals are pushing for 90% compliance.  They can deal with 10% worth of free thinkers...or so they believe.  90% and the planet is finally their dream house in the Hamptons.  They may get 50% before the truth hits mainstream.

So, what happens when the 50% realize they have been duped?  When they realize they are human rats in a controlled experiment?  This troubles the bad guys and gals.

They seem to be winning the battle right now but here's the thing...if you have to bribe people with ice cream, beer, donuts, travel passes, lottery tickets, French fries and so forth...does that not smack of desperation?  Is desperation a sign of winning?

Millions will die slow, miserable deaths after dating Francine. This hurts my heart.  The pending zombie apocalypse I write about, ad nauseum some might say, does not refer to the slow, miserable deaths; it refers to the emotional overload and unavoidable outburst that will follow once the truth bomb hits the mind.

Exciting times ahead.  

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Archons and Morons

I was fourteen years old when I first read Aldous Huxley's Brave New World.  I remember thinking, in the prime of my short-lived innocence, "Mankind will never acquiesce to that.  We will never rescind our God given rights, our sovereignty, our physical integrity.  We will never stop having mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers.  We will never grow our babies in test tubes.  We will never allow ourselves to become brain washed, mind-controlled meat robots.  We will never allow the creation of a dystopian state.  No matter how many shiny mood enhancing drugs they give us, we will see through the agenda."

I remind you, I was fourteen.

And yet, here we are.  The Establishment is pushing transhumanism.  No more mothers...just gender neutral birthing parents.  By the time that notion becomes mainstream, the term will be lost forever because humans, the ones who accepted the medical experiment posing as  a vaccine, will be sterile.  Most will be dead, of course, but some will live and they will be unable to reproduce.  That is the goal of the non FDA approved medical experiment, the Mark of the Beast, posing as a vaccine.

Brave New World is set in the future, in a time after the Corporation Wars.  Corporations are the de facto governments of today.  In Brave New World, there are no birthing parents or private, intimate relationships.  Children are made in test tubes, created and conditioned according to the needs of the state.

Forming a special bond with another human is considered perverted and damaging to the state yet, all are encouraged, indeed it is compulsory, to have lots and lots of sex with anyone and everyone.  If you do not do this, there is something wrong with you.  Normalizing deviant behavior, pedophilia would be a good example, is something today's Establishment is focusing on.  Check your teenagers' school curriculums. 

Here we are, on the front lines of a war for our very existence as sovereign beings, yet a great portion of the population lines up to get the Mark of the Beast, the shot, just for the privilege of being allowed to go about their normal daily business without having to cover their faces with a useless soiled rag. 

We are magnificent individualized manifestations of Cosmic Energy and this is all we can come up with?  I weep.  

Friday, May 7, 2021


Divided into three. Free Thinkers. Members of the Kult Kovidian. Members of the Kult-Whatever-Just-Don't-Inconvenience-Me. Which way will the scales tip? Autonomy or dictatorship?

On the brink
tipping point.
Something stinks
adjust viewpoint.
You ate the lies
you bent the knee.
Millions will die
it's a killing spree.
On the brink
tipping point.
Something stinks
adjust viewpoint.
Ani Avedissian copyright May 2021

Remember the instruction to First Do No Harm? Why then do you shoot experimental solutions into peoples' arms? Have we cancelled the culture of the Hippocratic Oath? It seems medicine today exists for economic growth. Years from now, when you are arrested, tried and convicted...will you shed a tiny tear for those you have afflicted?

For Years We Banged the Drum

For years we banged the drum

You acted dumb.
"Hey! Wake up! Humans are a cash crop on a people farm."
You rolled up your sleeves and presented your arms.
"Please, don't repeat the mistakes of the past." we asked
You ridiculed us, you giggled, you passed.
Well now, it's sad, but the joke is on you
Your hubris allowed the dark ones to stage a coup.
And still you deny truth, even as the facts are presented
"The Establishment wishes to cull you." you signed, you consented.
If you wish to die, that's your affair
but hear me well...this planet is a home we all share.
You accepted the Mark, now the gene pool is polluted
You allowed your sovereign body to be openly looted.
Should you live long enough to realize the damage you created
prepare to be shunned, baited and hated.
Today we sail into uncharted waters
castrating our sons, sterilizing our daughters.
You will claim coercion and that your actions stemmed from ignorance.
No, they did not. They stemmed from indifference.
Our world is wonder with treasures yet to find
If you would but open and then reclaim your minds.