Friday, July 30, 2021

Catch Up from Social Media

I told you they would come for your children. I told you they would hide the statist curriculum from parents. I told you they want to turn the entire planet into one homogenized, pasteurized, sanitized, dehumanized, colorless goo. I told you about compliance by pharmaceutical products. I told you all about the totalitarian takeover. I explained it step by step. Did you listen? No. I told you sweet potato pie had no calories. I lied about that one...

There are dots. You need to connect them. Once you connect them, a pattern emerges. For example, if one wants to destroy billions of lives and change the course of a planet's history, one must formulate a plan to terrorize people into complying with unreasonable, nay ridiculous measures. One such plan might be to create the illusion of a deadly threat and trick people into destroying themselves by accepting a "cure" for a non-existent condition.

There are dots. You need to connect them. When we connect dots, a pattern emerges. For example, once you realize that the United Nations was created to facilitate the destruction of sovereign nations, a penny drops. Want more pennies?

A reminder that my page is for people who know how the world works. It is not for people who live under the delusion that their govt. or any other such "authority" cares one hoot for them or their wellbeing or the greater good.
When "they" lifted the mask mandates, my partner and I turned to each other and said, "Just wait and see. They'll get everyone relaxed over the summer, breathing God's fresh air and just when folks start to chill a little, bam...they'll invent some other variant and recommend another mask-athon, even more draconian than before."
Well, shave my back and call me an elf. We were right. If peeps cannot see, by now, that this whole thing was a manufactured crisis, designed to subjugate mankind into accepting NWO aka slavery and absolute obedience to the State, I guess they have, quite literally, lost their minds to the delusion...and so many have.
We are at the crossroads. If you want to live as mindless automatons, obeying instructions spewed forth from the magic box of mind control, if you are Hell bent on self destruction, no one can stop you, nor should they. Such a shame your naivety/obedience/acquiescence/ignorance is ruining the world for the rest of us.
For everyone else, those who value sovereignty, find some sand and draw a line in it. You are not alone. We are the majority and we will no longer be silent. Our world is under attack from the darkest of forces. Let each of us ask, "What is my part in this? How can I assist mankind's transition from mortal moron to aligned cosmic soul?"