Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Firehose of Propaganda

Without the firehose of propaganda, you would never know about the thing we are not allowed to talk about. It would just be another type of flu, which it is. But you drowned in fear and fell for it.
In doing so, you confirmed how feeble minded society has become. You bent the knee at the first hurdle...the right to show your face and breathe freely...to travel, to have open access to services and goods and to live your life as you see fit.
If the hoax were any more obvious, it would paint itself neon ugly orange and dance in front of you shouting, "I'm a hoax!"
Your acquiescence guarantees your obsolescence. The demon of fear is sucking your life force. You are, quite literally, handing this planet over to those who serve the Darkness. Good luck with that.
On a brighter note, those who do not follow mainstream mind control media, outnumber you and will fight to the last drop of blood to prevent a totalitarian takeover.
You don't know this, of course, because the Mouth of Sauron won't broadcast it.


Stop Coddling Patriots!

Dear people ( content providers) who are trying to comfort/coddle/deceive patriots that something was going to happen but due to something else, it did not happen and blah bloody blah...and we moved the dates up...STFU and let the people who actually know what the plan is, get on with it. Armies do not broadcast DETAILS of battle plans.

O, and so sorry FU Tube banned you and you lost thousands of hits. Same here. It's an information war. Misinformation is the weapon...on both sides.
This is a war for the future of mankind. If you don't have the spiritual stamina for the long haul, step aside, shut up and let the peeps who have, get on with it.
Yes, people are fragile and clueless, but, as long as they are still breathing, there is hope. Not as much as I would like...but hey...free will and all that.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Feast for the Beast.

Multiple products are recalled if even one person dies from usage. It could be contaminated vegetables, or meat or something else. Someone dies and right away, the shelves are cleared of the contaminated products.
Not so with the inoculation we are encouraged not to talk about.
Well over 1000 (CDC numbers) have died after taking this heavily marketed product and not only is it still in use, peeps are lining up for it.
How on earth did we become so stupid? This is a dark agenda. Beware or...wait for the mutation to kick in at which time we will have no option but to deal with you in the most practical, and hopefully humane, way.
The effects of this product are NOT REVERSABLE. You are marked, by the Beast.

I Did Not Come to America to be a Slave to New World Order

Freedom is not something the government of the day can give you.
It is a God given right and a spirit centered mindset. Liberty cannot be bestowed upon We the People by administrators.
Ergo, it is not something that can be restricted or taken away by aforementioned government.
We do however, live on a physical realm and on such realms, there will always exist a group of sociopaths with near unlimited wealth and influence. On physical realms, freedom presents itself as a choice. We choose between freedom and the expansion of our glorious cosmic souls, and tyranny under the boot of those with dark agendas.
The sociopaths will take over the media and turn it into a propaganda machine. They will assault the people daily with their relentless campaign to convince the people they have no right to their opinions.
Once the people begin to doubt their capacity for objective thought, the sociopaths, seeing the crack in the people's self confidence, will up their game and, using the firehose of propaganda method, will batter the minds of a once confident people until they no longer own their minds.
At that point, the Establishment will kick it up another notch and pursue the path of false narratives, followed by censorship and punitive measures for free thinkers. This will be followed by a complete totalitarian take over and, should we let it get this far, we are perilously close to another one thousand years of Luciferian control.
This is where we are now. On the brink. Brinks are dangerous places.
This story is as old as the hills and yet, we still fall for it. I, for one, did not come down to Earth to be a pawn for the dark forces to play with. I did not move to America to become a slave in New World Order. I came here, as did all honest immigrants, to contribute to the storyline of this wonderful nation.
If you are on the fence, get off it and pick a side. New World Order seeks to destroy all fencing and not...I repeat not...for the betterment of mankind.
Why have fences when...the people, having given up common sense and critical thinking, have turned the entire planet into one big prison?


Spoiled Royals

Meghan and Harry were lovers.
They married...then left The Firm.
Said good-bye to the royal mothers...
decided not to serve out their full term.
When one leaves the company's payroll
and moves on to make a new life...
one should not behave like an a-hole
and blame others for choices and strife.

ani avedissian 2021


Banned Books.

 Good Morning, Peeps

Welcome to another day of may-I-point-out-the-obvious-please.
Books that make you think. Books that stir multiple emotions. Why are such books banned? The Establishment does not want us to think or to feel.
Does this set a dangerous precedent? Have you read enough books to understand, let alone answer, my question?

Little Ditty (to encourage more unsubscribes)

Will there be two Americas
or is it just a ruse?
Will the military step in
grab the time bomb, and defuse?
If it comes down to two Americas
I won't stick around to be abused.
I'll be with the armed patriots
and the ones who know which toilet to use.

One day, we pray, we WILL all see ourselves as one
and golly gee Moses, won't that be fun?
But unity, my darlings, is chosen BY the people
not forced upon a group of clueless brainwashed sheeple.

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

"Antifa and BLM are “diversionary ops.”

"Antifa and BLM are “diversionary ops.” They’re pushed out there to deflect attention from the biggest problem that’s destroying inner-city black communities: the gangs. And the gangs are left untouched, because they’re part of the massive global drug trade".

Money laundering. Money laundering. Money laundering. We can solve the inner city issues in a matter of weeks if the core issues are exposed and dealt with. Military units can take them out boom boom and it's over.
So, why does this not happen? Because the banks launder the drug cartel money. It's big money. Do you want to see inner city communities thrive? Police are not the problem...so grow up. Drugs and their effects are the problem. Where do drugs come from? Cartels provide, gangs take care of distribution and chain supply.
Break the gangs. Stop laundering cartel money. Take back the inner cities. So much good work is being done by inspired, articulate pastors but they are fighting a losing battle against state sanctioned drug running.
We are constantly distracted from investigating the truth. Society is run by sociopaths engorged with power, greed and a lust for the destruction of mankind.
Please tell me your version of what it would take to make people interested in learning how the world works and how to make it a better place...because it starts in our individualized hearts and minds.

Friday, March 5, 2021

Free Will

Free will. A sometimes sweet, a sometimes bitter pill. If you, of your own free will, be it from fear or for convenience, have accepted the Mark of the Beast into your being, may the odds be ever in your favor because the Gods, who gave us free will, have no option but to honor your choices.
On physical realms, freedom aka self-determination, is a choice.
When we make the choice in favor of soul sovereignty, we will not be affected by the propagandist's never-ending flood of fear and filth. We will no longer produce, en masse, the vibration of paranoia that keeps them, the Luciferian Globalists, so well fed.

Soul Sovereignty. Do as you please. If God gave us free will, who am I to deny it? All I ask is this...be sure the voice in your head is from your higher self and not from the dark programming that wants to see you dead.