Saturday, July 10, 2021

Random Excerpts from the Book of Imbecility

From the Book of Imbecility: Random Excerpts. July 10 2021

And lo, it came to pass that the people of Earth, distracted by shiny nothings, minds filled with straw stuffing, placed their brains in their arses. Delusional, paranoid, frightened little insects, eagerly awaiting orders from Mouth of Sauron...they cringed at verity and binged on the Beast's barbarity.
Had they but listened to those who, out of love and true compassion, warned them in tones most loud, that the needle was a billionaire's cash in.
O woe unto them who failed to hear the voice of reason! For verily I say unto them, "You know not what you have done. You have accepted the Mark of the Beast and now, with your permission, upon your flesh he shall feast. Upon your bones he shall gnaw and when all semblance of humanity is gone from you, he shall set himself atop your remnants and cry tears of joy."