Sunday, July 25, 2021

Random Social Media posts. All mine.

Why would house dims block an investigation into the origin of the poet Ovid? Is there more to Metamorphoses than we have been led to believe?

Question: Why won't people engage in research? Is it fear of finding the truth or something else?
Answer: Fear of finding the truth is a factor, of course. People will do just about anything, including poison themselves, to lead what they consider to be a normal, event-free life.
However, don't discount Attention Span. The human attention span has been reduced from several minutes (say 40-50 years ago) to a few seconds.
A deadly combination for mankind's evolution.

If you are going to draw a line in the sand, I suggest getting on with it sooner than later. The Establishment will never give up. If you truly understand and value sovereignty, stand up and step forward and never back down.

Y'all saying, "When will the white hats do something about this?" I'll tell you when...when you the people decide you have had enough of being pushed around.
When you the people reclaim your minds and start thinking for yourselves, instead of repeating mainstream news headlines like a hypnotized parrot.
Do you see the crowds in Europe? Some fell for it in the early days, yes, but surely by now, with all the mixed messages and flip-flop falsehoods, surely you now can see this has nothing to do with health? Surely you can see this is about subjugation, mind-control, fear and 24/7 threat perception?
Facing hard truth takes guts. Without guts, you're pawns.