Sunday, February 12, 2023

Mop Up Ops

The current chaos is mainly mop-up ops. Peeps don't believe we are actually mopping up but those would be the same peeps who do not realize we have been fighting Light versus Dark, a war for the survival of a free mankind.

If Epstein's client list goes public, the bad guys have lost the war but...these are people who will destroy an entire planet on their way out. If they can't have it, they will piss and poop on everything and everyone while retreating.
So, balloons and so forth are setting the stage for a fake ET invasion...assuming they still have enough power to pull it off. I warned about this two years ago. I warned you about a great many things two years ago, all of which have happened, but hey, free will and all that. Who am I to stop you signing your own death warrant? Anyway, moving forward, if it happens, go home, lock your doors, put the kettle on, make a nice cup of tea and tell anyone who calls you that it is fake, you're not buying into it and more fool them for responding in such a dramatic and naïve manner.
Awakening is messy. Shift takes courage. The war is for individual sovereignty and without respect for individual rights, there is no expansion of consciousness.
How is it that so many Americans sit by, staring blankly at the goggle box, watching the current puppet administration blatantly disregard the Constitution, the highest law of the land? The Cabal did a snow job on those peeps. Snow jobs create snowflakes.

Theater of the Absurd in action.