Saturday, October 31, 2020

All Hallows Eve

 All Hallows Eve

the veil is thin.
Take care, my friends, the dreams you weave.
When time slows down
and realms collide
right minds and right actions
are blinded by pride.
All Hallows Eve
the veil is thin.
The trickster can alter
what we choose to believe.
When time speeds up
and dimensions merge
chose songs of joy
to drown out the devil's dirge.
All Hallows Eve
the veil is thin.
Take care, my friends, the dreams you weave.

copyright Ani Avedissian 10.31.2020

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Keep Silent and Lose Your Voice?

 New World Order. One World Government. The 1% rules this planet for another 1000 years. Game over.

Keep silent while they terrorize people in the streets. Keep silent while arson is committed. Keep silent while they foment hatred where none exists. Keep silent while criminals are glorified. Keep silent while mob rule is organized, encouraged and financed by local government.
Keep silent as they normalize pedophilia. Keep silent as you acquiesce to levels of censorship even George Orwell could not have foreseen.
Keep silent and refuse to believe you are in the midst of a massive evolutionary shift of consciousness and perilously close to losing your humanity. Keep silent and wear your masks because you are too feeble-minded to realize you have been played.
Keep silent with occasional outbursts of self-righteous directed by the media, the servants of your overlords.
Keep silent and in time, you will forget you have a voice. The Establishment thanks you because the only words they want to hear from your mouth is, "All Hail Lucifer. Feed us. Direct us."
If that makes you laugh out loud, if you cannot entertain the possibility that you have been played, if you cannot see what is playing out all around you, perhaps free will is too much for you to handle. Perhaps you don't deserve it.
Well, the choice is yours to make but, don't expect the rest of us to roll over and allow our sovereignty to be so brutally violated. It's going to get dirty out there. Choose well whom you will serve. Choose well the legacy you wish to leave your progeny. Choose well between the dark and the light because you will have to live that choice for a very long time.
Divine Creator, please help us to heal our fear based thoughts.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Hammer and Sickle Time?

 Good Morning, We the Peeps

🙂 It's getting close to Hammer Time. Let's hope it doesn't turn into Hammer and Sickle Time. So, listen up.
The Globalists aka Deep State aka the Establishment aka the Cabal and so forth will continue to take desperate measures to prevent the exposure of their corrupt agenda.
They have tried for four years...without success. It is fair to assume they are now beyond desperate. Watch out for f a l s e f l a g s and other manifestations of gross deception, up to and including the realms of the ridiculous.
Encouraged by the masses who willingly lap up every drop of bull feces the Daily Spin feeds us, they will continue to defend their dark program until they are, quite literally, destroyed.
Under constant bombardment, slandered, ridiculed and threatened, we have come a long way. Hold the line. We have not come this far only to come this far. The worst is yet to come. The trump card has not yet been played. When that happens...OMG.
Remember, this is not about red versus blue. If we play this game properly, we will achieve its true expose decades of corruption and brain washing on all sides and to break the multi-party system.
America has a sacred purpose. Unity through diversity. I have much to say on this...and we all know I am verbose 🙂

*The majority are not silent. Far from. The media are silent about the majority. Smoke and mirrors. Illusion of collusion. The truth will cut like scissors. After much screaming, we will see an end to the confusion.

*World Health Organization + United Nations = machinery for New World Order. If you think that is a good thing, you may have a thought process disorder.
It's not too late to deliberate. Once it's done, you cannot backdate.
The choice is clear. Evolve in autonomy or devolve into automatons.
Choose wisely.  

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Forced Homogenization is Not Unity

If you do not accept that a Deep State ideology exists, kindly move off my page. Nothing I post, nothing that happens on the world arena for that matter, will make sense to you.

Good Morning. We are in America. Land of the free, home of the brave. The media relentlessly censors the president and anything with even a hint of conservatism. Why is this not a red flag for the majority of the population? Is it because you think, "Well, my side is doing the censoring so it's okay."
At this time in our history, The Establishment aka Deep State works primarily through the left wing, sowing its seeds of division, fomenting hatred, stirring emotions and encouraging violence all under the false illusion of liberalism. It has abused the term liberal.
At another time, it might choose to work through another avenue.
Peeps...this election isn't about red or blue, left or right. Surely you have realized by now that for the last six decades, both parties are fronts for the big guys. This election is about freedom versus tyranny. Self determination versus slavery. National sovereignty for all nations versus one big homogenized colorless goo of automatons controlled by one giant private corporation.
America's sacred purpose on this earth is Unity Through Diversity. Forced homogenization is not unity. It is mind control.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

The Swamp

😎 Surprising but true...peeps have given no thought to why career politicians with decades of employment in legislature went ballistic, with bells on, when a political outsider was elected to the office of president. Peeps just ate up whatever the media fed them. They deny this, of course, but that is the nature of brainwashing. One denies one has been brainwashed.

So, back to the going ballistic with bells on. Back to inventing everything from A to Z to discredit and oust him...all with no success because well...he is not guilty. They are still trying. They will keep trying up to and well after the election.
The Swamp is the filthy pool of corruption that passes for government. Draining the Swamp was a formula for fiscal reform written by Harvey Francis Barnard. You may know it by another name, NESARA. That is what Potus 45 refers to when he says we shall drain the swamp. We shall expose the corrupt politicians who have gorged themselves on the fat of the land while the divide between masters and slaves grows wider, day by day.
The swamp creatures do not want their swamp to be cleaned up. They like it murky. In the murk they hide the true nature of their work. If the people of the land were to discover the truth, why they would hunt the swamp creatures down and beat them to a pulp.
Or would they? The swamp creatures spent years perfecting their swamp magic...the magic of distraction, ridicule and constant threat perception...the magic of masterful illusion powered by a darker, more sinister and dangerous blood magic.
You see, a group of valiant men and women came together a few moons ago to put an end to these dark practices. They thought long and hard about which path to take for they knew the dark magic had fed upon its victim's fear for long enough to have become very powerful.
After deep and prayerful contemplation, knowing the corruption would eat away and destroy America and the world if they did not act with haste, they came up with two potential scenarios. The first was an all out military coup. The second was to insert a land dweller into the swamp, one who would act as a figurehead for the land they loved and wished to protect from annihilation.
Will the people see this man for what he truly is, the legion he serves and what is being done? Or is the magic too strong to break the mind shackled spell?
Well, my darlings, we shall see, won't we?

Monday, October 12, 2020

Lulling Before Culling

 Good Morning

🙂 Now that we have established, beyond reasonable doubt, that information dissemination is nothing more than propaganda on demand, carefully crafted to lull the masses into a false sense of security in preparation for the final culling of spiritual connection...the lulling before the culling...might I suggest this would be a good time to develop your intuition? You see, if you can't trust the intuition of your higher self, you will forever be a puppet on a string. Sounds a bit like a waste of an incarnation but hey, free will and all that 🙂

Race and Sex

 PLEASE NOTE: Peeps, if you do not believe The Establishment exists, my posts will not make sense to you. Move along now. Nothing to see here.

So, peeps keeping say race and sex don't matter. I agree. So why do peeps keep mentioning it, making it an issue and playing the race and/or sex card?
Surely, we choose the person best qualified for the position, right?
So, why jump through hoops to point out race and sex and make it an issue? You either choose the person best qualified, regardless of race and/or sex, or you choose a person because of their race and/or sex, in which case, am I to assume you bypassed other qualified candidates because people of a different hue or those without penises are incapable of advocating for themselves without your benevolent intervention?
Despite the frantic efforts of certain Establishment factions to convince you to the contrary, this young nation has come a very long way in a very short period of time. My two cents worth? We should make time each day to celebrate that. It will brighten our moods and illuminate our minds and in that illumination, our flaws will be revealed and in the illumination, with open hearts and open minds, we can make improvements...together.
After working in my chosen field for decades, I have learned one thing. All right minded people want the same thing. A peaceful, harmonious life in a functional world. We do, however, disagree on one point...who we perceive is the enemy standing in the way of our dream.
And the result of social conditioning and its sinister sibling, perceptual engineering. The mind is a wonderful thing. Make sure you are the one taking up the space in it.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Odds and Sods

 Malfeasance. Thousands will go to prison. Media. Medical. Politics. Militia.

Normalizing subservience to the state. Is this really the legacy we wish to leave our progeny?

Inalienable rights. Bodily integrity.

The one party system. The American Freedom Party. Freedom from the Establishment. Why are we working 24/7 to pay down debt when the banks create their wealth from thin air? O wait. I see why. All I have to do is look around. Who was that masked man?

Sovereignty. Neutrality. Freedom of speech.

If Johnny Public understood the true meaning of Freedom, he wouldn't have such contempt for it. Standing back, watching, in awe, at the current mind control experiment playing out.

Grasping at straws. Making bitch-slap remarks. Venom and stupidity...2020 hallmarks.

"We have a fair and unbiased media." That was written by our old friend Mr. Bo Lox.

Every reprisal is an act of aggression. If every act of aggression requires a reprisal...are we sunk? What do you thunk? Caught in an insane loop. The mentality of poop.

He is one step ahead of the poisoned vial. The clock is ticking. Are you still in denial?