Saturday, June 26, 2021

Odds and Bods

Death by lethal injection. Now there's an interesting concept.  Have you had your shot today?  Did they reward you with a donut?

One doesn't simply date Francine! That first date seals your eternal commitment to her agenda. Oops.

Q: What keeps us from entering the Kingdom of Heaven, or, for secular spiritualists and everyone in-between, what erodes my intellect, blocks objectivity and destroys my self-confidence?
A: Fear. The Kingdom is made glorious by those who are not afraid.
Alignment, not confinement.

Good Evening, Citizens. Are you still operating under the delusion that something horrible in the air, a manifestation of Osiris perhaps, will kill you if you disobey Large Sibling? It seems you missed Gill Bates multiple references to depopulation by Francine over the years. We humans have such selective hearing. That is unfortunate so many will soon be disappearing.

First it was green monkeys, then soup made from bats. Someone has a warped imagination under his arrogant little hat. He fooled the drama junkies, then played cheat 'em with the stats but hey...remember the Nuremburg trials...they also hung the bureaucrats.

Equality of opportunity does not mean equality of outcome. That, my friends, is what free will is all about. Remove curiosity and motivation and you have a dumbed down, apathetic nation 🙂