Thursday, September 24, 2020

If 2020 Wrote a Memoir...

 If 2020 writes a memoir, it will be titled, People Searching for Their Brains While Shoving Their Heads Up Their Arses. Part One.

For so many reasons and in time, I will list them all. Here's one for today.
You are glorifying career criminals. Violent criminals. Drug dealers and their accomplices. You are idolizing them. Putting their names on helmets. Engaging in civil disorder. Spewing venom over complete strangers. Demanding they comply with your idiotic salutes and slogans before they can move on and go about their daily business. And you really think this has anything to do with a few bad apples in the cop shop?
Here's a suggestion. The next time you eat out and get food poisoning, close down all the restaurants. Every single one. If one restaurant poisons you, then all restaurants must be defunded, right? Who needs food?
I had a pet hedgehog once. His name was Harold. He had more self-awareness and capacity for critical thinking than the lot of you put together. I miss Harold.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Random Thoughts. Karens and Brads.

 Hey Peeps  Just returned from running errands. I would avoid Wilsonville today. One part of town is Karenopolis...the other is Bradlandia. I don't think I have ever told someone, in public, to go home and engage in vigorous self-copulation but was that day. Am I proud of myself? Well, actually, yes. Tee Hee.

Ransom Thoughts. Civil War

As we gear up for the next Civil War, it might be a good idea to pick which side to support. Freedom or Tyranny. That said, if you still read mainstream news, left or right or green, and believe they are unbiased...if you do not believe there is a Deep State agenda to turn the world into one colorless, homogenized goo of brain washed automatons, you will probably confuse freedom for tyranny and visa versa. Just a heads up then, from me. Time for my delicious low calorie breakfast smoothie.

FB Censorship

 Attention Peeps  Starting September 30th 2020, anything I have to share pertinent to our personal and collective evolution and the betterment of mankind, will be censored on FB. You will not be able to read my posts on FB as they will be censored.

I will continue to pontificate daily through my blog on Blogger.

I will post, on FB, a link to my blog, every day, several times each day...I have a lot to say and am not shy about sharing my thoughts.

You can also access my blog through my website

I also have a presence on Parler and Twitter but am limited by the number of characters I can use so, linking to my blog is the best option for now. Staring October, I will also be on Bitchute, Brand New Tube and Brighteon. It's a lot of work getting this together so please be patient with me.

Peace be with us all.

I will use FB purely for casual social interaction and recipes.

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Erase History? So many Idiots...

Here is my two cents worth for the mind controlled minions who feel they are so under-represented, they have to tear down statues they feel portray a bygone era.

It is called history. It happened. Someone wanted to commemorate it, to acknowledge it. Someone erected a memorial to it. It was constructed to convey the sentiment of the era.

As society changes, and not always for the better it seems, citizens have to option to request and commission statues/plaques/memorials/fountains/urinals that reflect the sentiment /diversity/dysfunction of the current era. These would stand along side the others.

What on Earth do you hope to achieve by attempting, in immature, criminal and incredibly amateur ways, to erase history? One hundred years from now, would you think it acceptable for others to erase your contribution to it good, bad or somewhere in-between?

Do any of you have any capacity for independent thought? Don't bother answering that last question. The mental anguish it will cause might be the end of you. Then again...go ahead and give it some thought on your way to the dry cleaner to pick up your blue Chairman Mao suits.

Hey Children...What's That Sound?

👀 Good Afternoon folks and welcome to another episode of the Brain Wash Factor. Let's see how much headway the Establishment has made in convincing people to pour venom and vitriol on the one man brave enough to take on Deep State and work tirelessly to make our enslaved country whole.

Well, I see the programming is still in effect in many parts of the country but wait...hey children...what's that sound...everybody look what's going down...there's something happening here...and if you reclaim your minds it will become clear.

Stay tuned folks because the Silent Majority is about to burst into song. Exciting times ahead!

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Ani's Birthday Poem (so you have to be nice to her)

 Ani's Birthday Poem (so, you have to be nice to her)  09/01/2020

Since today is my birthday, I have been quiet.
You may have noticed.

But I will say one thing on this special are all wrong about Potus.

There is no point in arguing or getting irate. You would agree with me if you truly understood Deep State.

Peeps are confused...can't tell Butterscotch from Ashwaganda.
That's what I mean when I talk, ad nauseum, about the effects of propaganda.

I'll leave it here for now as there is a cold beverage waiting for me in a can
And I will remind you once again, these comments are not partisan.

The reason I drone on, each and every day
is because I see the threat to the sovereignty of the American Way.

I don't know anymore what it will take for the truth to hit home.
So many are brainwashed and suffer from Stockholm Syndrome.

It is a free will universe so I have to let you do your worst
But I weep... because I know that what you mistake for freedom.. is a self-inflicted curse.

I wish you peace and all things cool :-)