Thursday, August 27, 2020

It is So Obvious...It Is Worth Pointing Out.

 ðŸ˜€  Hi Peeps :-)

Mainstream media is bias.  Items posted on social media are fact checked (I use the term in jest) by the Establishment which means they are censored by the Establishment.

Most peeps are still posting and commenting through partisan filters.  Most are too brainwashed to know they are doing this.  

Why are we still walking around with masks?  Why are we tolerating the destruction of our cities by paid for wanna-be thugs?  Why does the DNC have a strange little logo?  

This is what happens when we become distracted, indoctrinated and feeble-minded. We become self-absorbed.  The bigger picture becomes blurred and one day, we find that the people doing the blurring have erased our faces.  Masks are the first step.  

Please know that in my big picture, this ends with the likes of Fauci and Gates, followed by all the mayors and governors who supported them, being tried for crimes against humanity and treason.  Then comes execution.

If you know anything about dark forces, you will know that execution by the collective (We the People) is required to break the Luciferian agenda.  They love their rituals...the dark ones.  I love rituals too.  Can't wait to see some of my preferred ceremonies performed and witnessed.  

In my naivety, I thought it would be amusing to watch this end of days scenario play out.  I thought I would take it lightly.  I was wrong.  Watching people defend and glorify their oppressors is painful.

Lavender's blue dilly dilly

Lavender's purple

In about three more months

We will all come full circle.

Are They Feeling the Heat?

 Hey Peeps 

It's about to get real. Globalists are feeling the heat. Peeps be waking up. Peeps be asking questions. Peeps be peeved. Expect the Establishment to throw all they have at us. Both sides are fighting for their lives and it is exceptionally dirty behind the scenes.

It will be a real nail biter, up and down and around and, at times, it may seem that the globalist propagandists are winning but...and it's a big but...corruption will be exposed and the light still holds the trump card.

Reminder: don't bother commenting on my page if you do not believe in/understand deep state ideology.  Nothing on the world arena will make sense to you if you do not understand what it is.  Your comments will be deleted, as will any rudeness or immaturity.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Fallacious Ensigns

Hey, Peeps  Watch out for a Fallacious Ensign attack coming to a town near you. Since we are already in the realms of the ridiculous, yes we are, this one will involve phony alien attacks.

I am not the only person talking about this. Deep State peeps are getting very pissed off with all this awakening. Make no mistake...they are nervous...and with good reason.

Should you see light beams in the sky and a bunch of unemployed actors running around pretending to be killer aliens from outer space...please go home...lock the door. Do not open the door. Do not let anyone except your tribe in. Do not sign any documentation. Just stay home and do not fall for it.

This too shall pass. Until the next one...and the next one...until we reach critical mass in the I will not fall for it department. Can't come soon enough.

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 Please Peeps...stop getting this mixed up. You can be liberal minded and not be a democrat. You can be conservative minded and not be a republican.

These adjectives can be applied to any noun. That's how it works. YOU decide what you are. You do not have to adjust your values to fit some group's mission statement. Also, you can be a blend of both because, Peeps, this is not a cookie cutter world. Cookies. I like cookies. If anyone wants to send me cookies, they will be gratefully received.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Kick the Partisan Poo Poo!

 I am not Republican or Democrat. Both parties are broken. I am someone who understands Deep State ideology and respects the president's efforts to expose and dismantle it. If you think Deep State does not exist, you are naive beyond words and your ignorance works against the betterment of mankind. At another point in history, I would probably not be so concerned, but given the current case you had not noticed there is an all or nothing power grab by the Establishment...I cannot sit idly by while you allow our devolution from sovereign to slave.

Ani Avedissian

Below from Forbidden Knowledge.

This president is taking on some of the most powerful and nefarious organizations and corporations on Earth, with Big Pharma being near the top of that list. Make no mistake about it, when President Trump said he's doing what no other president would do

In truth, he's doing what no one else on the planet could do, because Big Pharma is Deep State. Big Pharma is Shadow Government. Big Pharma is part of the Big Club. Big Pharma controls the Mainstream Media, politicians and doctors. Big Pharma makes the chemical weapons; delivery systems the doctors inject into our perfect little babies and Big Pharma presents itself as the cure to the 'Rona.

All we need, in order to return to normal is their vaccine.

Big Pharma is responsible for the opioid crisis and the deaths of hundreds of thousands. Big Pharma runs hit teams. Hundreds of truth-telling doctors have been suicided. And Big Pharma causes many of the ailments they then stand to profit from by curing.

When Big Pharma giant, Baxter International was caught red-handed in 2009 distributing live avian flu virus in their vaccine materials containing a mix of H3N2 seasonal flu viruses and unlabeled H5N1 viruses, distributed to 18 countries, who helped cover it up?

The Mainstream Media - the same Mainstream Media that despises Donald J Trump and lies about him to the American People every single day.

Make no mistake. The president is taking on some of the most dangerous and nefarious foes on Planet Earth, like no other man or woman could or might dare to do.

Pray for our President.


The media convinced you he was nasty and vile. So, you have to ask yourself why... because no one else was interested in exposing and arresting the the massive network of pedophiles.

The media campaign against him was and still is relentless to the point of being unnatural and absurd. So, unless your mind is totally controlled by your television...and if you have any interest in your future and any remnant of commitment to might want to revisit this.

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Friday, August 7, 2020

Patriot Rap

💪 Patriot Rap (lyrics)

Our country now resembles Zombie Land.
You're asleep if you don't think this was planned.
They swamped our brains with information pollution.
Tried to teach the kids to hate the Constitution.
The time has come and gone to put an end to this treason.
It's time to restore America’s sanity and reason.

Chorus: I’m sick and tired of the mind control
Wake up you pioneers before you lose your souls.
You’re prisoners of a psyops illusion
Pick up the flag…
And step out of the confusion.

True patriots don’t cover their faces
They don’t cower or kneel because they know what Grace is.
What happened to our country, our spirit of adventure?
Muzzled like dogs, like lowly servants indentured.
The time has come and gone to put an end to this treason.
It’s time to restore America’s sanity and reason.

Chorus: I’m sick and tired of the mind control
Wake up you pioneers before you lose your souls.
You’re prisoners of a psyops illusion
Pick up the flag…
And step out of the confusion.

This blessed land has a purpose Divine.
The start was pretty rough, but we turned out just fine.
1 7 7 6 we persevered, and we won
All you globalists are dreaming if you think you’ll take our guns.
The time has come and gone to put an end to this treason.
It’s time to restore America’s sanity and reason.

Chorus: I’m sick and tired of the mind control
Wake up you pioneers before you lose your souls.
You’re prisoners of a psyops illusion
Pick up the flag…
And step out of the confusion.

Copyright Ani Avedissian August 2020

I appreciate your support. God bless America. I'm done with this psyops crap. Who's with me?

It's a Bad Movie...

😏 If we spent more time in meditation and prayerful contemplation...we would not succumb to this intense media indoctrination and America...would still be a free nation. Go ahead, stick your head in the sand and believe you are doing the right thing. When the truth is finally heard...o man...for some of you...that's really going to sting.

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Stop Feeding the Coffers of Corruption.

 ðŸ˜ŽHeads up, Peeps. Here we go again with the divide and conquer. Don't fall for it. Stop feeding the Establishment coffers of corruption.

There is now a movement to get folks to apologize for their whiteness. What a load of bollocks. It is designed to over-stimulate our already unsettled emotions and create racial issues where non exist.

If you feel triggered by that last sentence, please reread it and understand it before commenting through the filter of your petty, ego-driven emotions.


If your skin is brown
That's cool, don't knock it down.
If your skin is white
That's perfectly all right.
If your skin is yellow
Then you are awesome fellows.
If your skin is red
By Great Spirit you are led.
If you are aliens and your skin is green...
Welcome! Where the heck have you all been?
And if we missed a color...who cares?
You are still my sisters and my brothers.

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Monday, August 3, 2020

What is Going On Behind the Scenes. Part 3

👀Hi Peeps

So, the Establishment are being dismantled but do not think for one moment they will go down without a fight to the death.   This is why I urged peeps to do some basic prepping for daily needs.

Any day now, they will release more contagion into the air, especially in areas where Macaroni related numbers are decreasing.  The upsurge in Macaroni will not be due to awakening, resistance to the enforcement of trivial demands or human interaction.  It will be due to more contagion being released into the air.  Just as it was the first time around.  Macaroni is lab made.  

At some point, you will see a significant military presence coming to a town near you.  Now here is where it gets tricky.  Some of the brass will be Establishment and some...will be Patriots.  You won't know which is which.  Both sides are fighting for their power bases and for their lives.

I am advised not to advise you on how to proceed when this happens.  I will share with you, however, what I plan to do.  I plan to stay home and lock my doors until it is over.  I have supplies.  My automobile is tuned up and gassed.  

I'm ready for anything they throw at us.  Giant rodents from Rikal 7.  Slime monsters from Siskalia 9.  Killer Alien Pineapples from the center of the Black Hole of Death.  Flying Shish Kebab Skewers from the dark side of the Moon.  Whatever.

Stay strong.  Pray.  Meditate.  Clear and reclaim your minds.  Make sure your older friends and family have everything they need.

This would be a good time to re-evaluate everything you think our world is built upon.

Have fun :-)  I will blog daily for a while.  Smile!  We are on Cosmic Camera!  

What is Going on Behind the Scenes? Part 2

👀Hi Peeps

First and foremost in the war against Deep State is the dismantling of the core of the power base.  I am not talking about the banking system...that is being dealt with.  I am talking about Human Trafficking.

For decades, I have talked about ritual sexual abuse by the Establishment.  As adept as they are in the art of procuring and penetrating, raping children is not exclusively a Catholic Church agenda.  If you knew the size and scope of human trafficking for sex, for ritual and for the production of adrenochrome, you would vomit for nine days straight.

Do you honestly think any actor/celebrity, no matter how talented they might be, deserves a paycheck in the tens of millions?  What does one have to take part in to make that kind of money?  What does one have to cover up or, through carefully placed symbolism, promote?

"Here Babe...take a few drops of this.  You will feel amazing and it will significantly retard the aging process.  Good, isn't it?  Can I get you more?  Of course I can keep you supplied!  But, I am the only one who can so do me a favor and don't talk to anyone about this.  How much?  Well, it's expensive...way up there...but the company will take care of you, Babe.  Of course it will.  What is it made from?  Ah.  Well, here's the deal.  It sounds kinda gross but stay with me.  It's made from the blood of young children.  Yeah, I know but hey...don't you feel the best you've felt for years?  That's right.  I knew you would see it my way.  What happens to the children?  Are they hurt during the extraction?  O, don't worry about that.  They don't know any other life.  This is what they are bred for.  Hey Babe...don't think about that.  How do you like your new beach house?"

Blackmail.  It's a thing.  A control thing.  You know that Secret Elixir of Life we keep reading about in mythology?  That's adrenochrome, and the Establishment, in whatever form it has taken over the years, has been using it to blackmail and control people for millennia.  

Peeps, you have no idea what is about to be exposed.  It goes way to the top and the man you love to hate, through media character assassination I might add, is part of a group of world leaders and military top brass, dedicated to exposing this vile practice and bringing the filth to justice.  Interesting note:  no one else has wanted to do this.  Why?  Because they were part of it.

Dominoes will fall.  Ha Ha.  Pizza.  Get it?  Right...not funny.

What is going on behind the scenes? Part 1

👀Hi Peeps

Triggered much?  Locked in fear?  Experiencing bouts of rage?  How about a touch of paranoia followed by a sense of hopelessness?  

Well, you are not alone...and this makes the Establishment very happy because...they are losing their grip on OUR sovereignty. Each fearful thought, every act of compliance through fear, gives them hope and the will to carry on.  I am done with that.  How about you?

To those who insist on believing the mainstream news is indeed news, please stop reading now and move to another blog.  Everyone else...listen up.

A great deal is going on behind the scenes.  Yes, I can hear you.  "When will we see the arrests?  When will they be exposed?"  Hey, Deep State ideology took years to develop and deploy.  It IS being dismantled but, as I am sure you can appreciate, it is a logistics nightmare.  The sociopaths are themselves living in fear...or whatever version of fear a sociopath is capable of experiencing.

Their global network is showing sign of wear and tear.  Middle level minions are jumping ship.  Why?  Because of Jane and Joe Main Street USA.  That is where the battle against global slavery will be fought and won; on the streets by the common citizen.  POTUS and the Patriots are part of an international  movement to expose and uproot the world controllers.  It would give them some validation to know that the population they are working so diligently to save understands the enormity of the situation. 

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