Friday, July 30, 2021

Hate Crime is NOT a Thing

 Good Morning Freethinkers

😊 We are in the midst of psychological warfare, the likes of which we have not seen since WW2. Today, the mind manipulators have become more sophisticated. more experienced. I wish people could see that the term Hate Crime was designed to create hate and division, not end it. The collective has lost its mind. If you are in your right mind, don't despair. It seems hopeless sometimes but I assure you, Light always trumps dark in the end...and since we don't know when this will end...stay centered in Spirit. Process emotions in a functional manner. Remain objective. God is great and so are we 😊

Don the Armor of God

When we don the armor of God, please understand it is ethereal armor...celestial cosmic armor. It is not heavy. It will not weigh you down. Do not imagine yourselves weighed down, as were the knights of old. It is not cumbersome. It is the finest gossamer, radiant in appearance and it weaves itself into your aura, illuminating your highest self, the best version of you. With this armor, shift your perception from, "I am being attacked." to, "I am a manifestation of the Cosmic Divine. I operate above the disease and dysfunction of the world." This subtle shift in perception is the difference between a successful, functional life, and a mediocre, half life.

Inflatable Donkeys

Labeling people questioning the official narrative as anarchists is all the proof you need that we are in the midst of a totalitarian takeover. If you still can't see this, look up into the sky. See those clouds? Those are actually neon colored inflatable donkeys wearing top hats.

Ode to the Deceivers

An Ode to the Deceivers:

No matter how much Francine's pimp is paying you.
No matter how many juicy promises he made.
No matter how many people you poison, ridicule and screw...
He won't honor his trade and you, poor lost soul, will wish you had stayed home and prayed.

No Partisan Affiliations

Ani note: I have no partisan affiliations...all parties are corrupted by Deep State money. My personal ideology can best be described as Naked Libertarianism. I support DJT because he is the only one, thus far, with the cajones (and soul contract) to take on the forces of darkness.

As a bloodline shaman, I KNOW that America has a sacred purpose. I have taken a solemn vow to support that vision come what may, and I assure you, my soul is ready for whatever may come. My entire life is dedicated to the restoration of American sovereignty. If America falls, our world falls and that, my darlings, I cannot allow.
Now, more than ever, is the time to look within and to align ourselves with whatever we choose to call Supreme Cosmic Intelligence. Soul sovereignty. Right-mindedness. Integrity. Let us review these qualities within ourselves, allowing our aligned individualized souls to benefit the alignment of the collective. Peace be with you all. God bless America. God bless our Mother Earth. Where we go one...we go all.

Catch Up from Social Media

I told you they would come for your children. I told you they would hide the statist curriculum from parents. I told you they want to turn the entire planet into one homogenized, pasteurized, sanitized, dehumanized, colorless goo. I told you about compliance by pharmaceutical products. I told you all about the totalitarian takeover. I explained it step by step. Did you listen? No. I told you sweet potato pie had no calories. I lied about that one...

There are dots. You need to connect them. Once you connect them, a pattern emerges. For example, if one wants to destroy billions of lives and change the course of a planet's history, one must formulate a plan to terrorize people into complying with unreasonable, nay ridiculous measures. One such plan might be to create the illusion of a deadly threat and trick people into destroying themselves by accepting a "cure" for a non-existent condition.

There are dots. You need to connect them. When we connect dots, a pattern emerges. For example, once you realize that the United Nations was created to facilitate the destruction of sovereign nations, a penny drops. Want more pennies?

A reminder that my page is for people who know how the world works. It is not for people who live under the delusion that their govt. or any other such "authority" cares one hoot for them or their wellbeing or the greater good.
When "they" lifted the mask mandates, my partner and I turned to each other and said, "Just wait and see. They'll get everyone relaxed over the summer, breathing God's fresh air and just when folks start to chill a little, bam...they'll invent some other variant and recommend another mask-athon, even more draconian than before."
Well, shave my back and call me an elf. We were right. If peeps cannot see, by now, that this whole thing was a manufactured crisis, designed to subjugate mankind into accepting NWO aka slavery and absolute obedience to the State, I guess they have, quite literally, lost their minds to the delusion...and so many have.
We are at the crossroads. If you want to live as mindless automatons, obeying instructions spewed forth from the magic box of mind control, if you are Hell bent on self destruction, no one can stop you, nor should they. Such a shame your naivety/obedience/acquiescence/ignorance is ruining the world for the rest of us.
For everyone else, those who value sovereignty, find some sand and draw a line in it. You are not alone. We are the majority and we will no longer be silent. Our world is under attack from the darkest of forces. Let each of us ask, "What is my part in this? How can I assist mankind's transition from mortal moron to aligned cosmic soul?"

Immature Concepts

The concept of God's Chosen People is immature, to say the least. There is no one chosen race. Unconditional love equals absolute equality in the eyes of the Divine. Do not confuse the words of man with the essence of God. This may be applied to many situations, such as the supposed divine right of kings. No such thing. Monarchs are thugs who have killed other thugs and taken their power. Rinse and repeat. We have much to unlearn.

O how clever is mankind! We have made history. We are now able to transmit a disease we don't have to people who are immunized against it. Is this why aliens don't land? Is it because we are so incredibly bright, our awe inspiring intellect will embarrass them?

I was chatting with a friend earlier, one of the few I have left, about Jesus.  In ancient shaman lore, he is white skinned.  Not that his hue makes a jot of difference to any sane person and yes, he was near eastern in that incarnation, and taller than the average male of the times with blue/grey eyes and...tanned though he was from the lovely near eastern sunshine, he was white skinned; not olive, not black, but white.  We have always known this and it has never mattered or meant anything other than...he was white skinned.  It's a part of our ancient shaman teaching.  Mention that today (which I do and always will because I believe it to be true) and peeps will have a hissy fit and poop in their panties.  Not that I care.  I'm not one to indulge panty poopers.  Great Spirit look kindly upon us poor fools down here.  I'm sure we can do better...

Got Courage?

Good Morning World. So, now that we have NWO minions telling us to wear face diapers indoors because most of the sick people are the ones who have inserted the "you know what" into their bodies, PLEASE tell me you have found the courage to review the last two years and connect some dots. The emerging pattern is the one we warned you about at the start of this darkness...the one we have warned you about for decades, truth be told. Why is it no one ever takes action until the wolf has broken down the door and taken the first bite?

Stuff I Posted One Year Ago in 2020.

There are people out there who would rather see Americans die than admit that someone outside their partisan affiliations suggested a safe, inexpensive and viable alternative to vaccination.

These people are not only useful idiots for the Establishment, they are accessories to murder. Shame on them.
It baffles me, saddens me and if I am honest, disgusts me, how quickly this once great nation fell for the UN takeover of America. Not on my watch. posted July 2020

How have you, the great American people, not yet figured out the extent to which you have been played? Anything contrary to the official globalist agenda is immediately censored. In America! Hello? Anyone out there? posted July 2020

"In a state of subconscious paralysis, people obey. They follow orders. They sleep-walk. They even, on top of the layer of paralysis, actively defend the powers-that-be.
A nation asleep. A world asleep."
That's where we are today, folks. That's why I won't back down. Mass hypnosis. A scenario planned by the Establishment (the government behind the government, the one Potus is trying to destroy) decades in the making.
We hinted. You laughed. We held instructional classes. You scoffed. We made videos. You dismissed them as conspiracy theory. We made podcasts. You decided they were too hard hitting...the truth often is. We posted on several social media platforms. You flooded our pages with vitriol, polluted our posts with ridicule and misinformation.
And still we continue with our campaign to expose the deep state agenda. Why? Is it because we enjoy abuse? Is it because we enjoy seeing our business shrink and our income diminish? I think not.
We continue with our campaign because we are in the midst of a great awakening. We have an opportunity, right here and now, to see through the illusion, to recognize the war on our minds and the attempt to turn this entire planet into one homogeneous corporation.
The Establishment would have us walk through the Bill Gates of Hell and emerge as mindless automatons, totally subservient to and dependent on the State.
American minds, all minds, are being toyed with daily. You think you have a legitimate reason for rioting? You do not. You were encouraged to riot by the Man.
You think you are rioting against the Man...I have news for was the Man who put those thoughts into your heads.
You are doing exactly what the Man wants you to do. Even without the micro chip posing as inoculation, your perception, your actions, have been engineered and controlled to such an extent...most of you have Stockholm Syndrome.
This is America 2020. Everyone is equal under the law. TAKE THAT AND MAKE IT WORK. Unless of course, you have zero sense of self worth and can find validation only through a culture of victim mentality.
Can we grow up now, please?
God Bless America. God Bless our world. God Bless our Mother Earth.
All comments on my page will be deleted. We post to (hopefully) inspire...not to incite and to wire. Feel free to share though πŸ™‚

Greed and Lust for Power

NEVER FORGET that given the right amount of money, any human relationship can be altered. This is the time to check our spiritual integrity. How we conduct ourselves now, at the crossroads between light and dark, sends ripples throughout space and time. Thousands of Establishment lackeys have been bribed into working towards the destruction of mankind. Greed, lust for power...these are the forces corrupting our world today. Align with the Cosmic Divine and tap into the power of the entire Hierarchy of Light. This is the line in the sand...this is it. You are not alone...the entire cosmos supports your mission.


Spiritual Stamina

A few peeps have asked me how I maintain spiritual stamina during these trying times. The spiritual stamina part is not difficult. Once you figure out that everything functional and worth having/experiencing comes from cosmic alignment, you focus on achieving and maintaining that alignment. The challenge for me has never been the spirit, it has been the human, as in my chubby little human body.

To prepare for the coming storm, I have made some major lifestyle changes. If the Realms of Light (some of its rays anyway) are to be channeled through my body, if I wish to properly process all that intel, my body needs to be in better shape. There is no one magic pill for this. Individualized assessment is the key.
For me it meant giving up grain and dairy. That alone made a huge difference to my cognitive abilities. Stage two requires daily exercise. Swim, walk, stretch. Given the current world scenario, I have zero faith in the medical chemical industrial complex...I do not trust doctors who inject their patients with I have taken complete responsibility for my own health. I'm very interested in taking up cold water swimming. I'll let you know how that goes. I will need another month or so to get ready for it...Oregon water is cold with bells on!

Missed This One Too?

I suppose this is too obvious. Take a peek at the sectors of society the cabal, through the babbling brain dead minion posing as something he is not, are wishing to vacksterminate. How many times have we told you that the goal of the bad guys is to first weaken and then dissolve America's infrastructure? O missed that one too?

But the People Were Suspicious...

July 30 2021. Random excerpts from the Book of Imbecility. Faithfully scribed by Ani Mad Shaman Avedissian.

And lo, the people, worn down by blatantly false propaganda and with no knowledge of the benefits of Ashwaganda, prepared for yet another variant of false illusion.
"Let us once again take the actions that had no effect the first time around. Let us do this because you the people did not realize how well you were played and so verily we say unto thee, we will play you until you figure it out, or until you break."
But the people were suspicious. The false gods had kicked them hard in their hard they began to see dots. Many dots. And Lo, the people began to connect these dots.
All but the most naΓ―ve/frightened/I-refuse-to-admit-I was-played/ stepped back, removed their face diapers and reviewed the actions of the dark ones.
"OMG!" said the people. "What bullshit is this?"

'splain it simple

So, I shall 'splain it simple.

There was this war. Many bad things happened during this war. One of those things involved scientists conducting medical experiments on humans. This is frowned upon. Against their will, people were injected with all manner of toxin. Naughty.
When we caught up with the ones who committed these heinous crimes, we arrested them, tried them and executed them...most of them anyway.
We did this not only to the medical community directly involved with the experiments, but also to the politicians (petty self-important ego-inflated lackeys) and the media promoting the immoral agendas of the bad guys.
We had this thing called the Nuremburg Trials. "Never again will civilized man allow this to happen."
One has to ask, "Is anyone coercing you to become a medical experiment today?"

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Freethinkers of America Pie and Prayer Group

Please private message Ani Avedissian (on FB) or email her at for details and an invitation. For now, on location attendance is by invitation only.

This will be our first meeting. Join us at the Willamette Valley Pie Factory in Salem Oregon. Best pie ever!
This is a social support group for people who:
1. Believe in a Supreme Cosmic Intelligence (God, Source, The Cosmos, insert preferred noun here)
2. Know there is a shadow government (Deep State/The Establishment) and are aware of the danger it poses to soul sovereignty, national sovereignty and ultimately, planetary sovereignty. In other words, globally aware American patriots.
3. Realize the "you know what" was created for nefarious purposes and have both the desire to explore this scenario and the courage to restore America to her sacred purpose.
4. Enjoy pie. Enjoying other pastries is acceptable. Not having a sweet tooth is also acceptable.
Please Read:
*We are not representative of any one particular party; if you understand the nature of shadow government, you know it controls both elephants and donkeys. Members belong to many different faith bases. God is too great to fit into any human construct. If you think you know it all…you know nothing.
*Knowing its true purpose, most members have not and never will accept “the thing that rhymes with Francine”. Some members, however, became aware of the agenda after receiving the shot and are, understandably, deeply concerned. This group supports those members without personal judgement. The Establishment’s perceptual engineering campaign was well funded and relentless.
*Please bring a sense of humor.
Since Ani Avedissian, is the founder and facilitator, should you wish to have a better understanding of her ideology and experience, please visit her website:
Amazing wit though she is, Ani is somewhat direct in her approach and does not fit into any mainstream definition of a shaman, so please, review her information before joining this group.
Watch some of her videos on You Tube or Bitchute. Just type Ani Avedissian in the You Tube or Bitchute search bar.
Listen to her podcasts, Metaphysical Martini, at:
If you decide to join us, we communicate through a Telegram Chat group:
*If you wish to attend our social gatherings in person, please request an invitation from Ani Avedissian by emailing her at:
Open hearts
and open minds
O such treasure
we shall find

Random Excerpts from the Book of Imbecility

A significant percentage of peeps who have contracted a certain pathogen, and I mean a significant percentage, over 50%, dated Francine, with most having dated her twice...their figures...not mine.

The puppet on a string says this is not possible and yet, here we are. Many strings will be pulled on the other side of this; on the gallows.

My chat page for Martini Heads and Freethinkers of America Pie and Prayer Group is:
Since freedom of expression is not respected under the current administration and its social media lackeys, this is where you can find us should we get de-platformed on FB.

How long until the current puppet regime declares anyone with free will and an opinion contrary to the official narrative, a domestic short haired terrier? Is this liberalism? O woe unto thee, you poor misguided mind controlled automatons. You have no idea what lies ahead for you.

Don't be fooled by so called religious spokespersons who tell you the Bible says you should accept the death jab. It is the Mark of the Beast. They have bent the knee to the dark side. The problem with the darkness keeps getting darker and darker until one day, you wake up and the only thing you can see clearly, is your own folly.

I told you so. I told you so. Some called me a tin foil hat and some called me a ho but, they can't deny that I was right and they were wrong so clang your gong and smoke your bong 'cos I told you so and now you're stuck and gee...I wonder what rhymes with stuck?

Anyone who starts a conversation with, "The government wants to protect us." or with, "I heard it on the news." My page is not for you. The level of imbecility is beyond comprehension. Squirrels love chocolate covered nuts but only on Fridays.

Random Social Media posts. All mine.

Why would house dims block an investigation into the origin of the poet Ovid? Is there more to Metamorphoses than we have been led to believe?

Question: Why won't people engage in research? Is it fear of finding the truth or something else?
Answer: Fear of finding the truth is a factor, of course. People will do just about anything, including poison themselves, to lead what they consider to be a normal, event-free life.
However, don't discount Attention Span. The human attention span has been reduced from several minutes (say 40-50 years ago) to a few seconds.
A deadly combination for mankind's evolution.

If you are going to draw a line in the sand, I suggest getting on with it sooner than later. The Establishment will never give up. If you truly understand and value sovereignty, stand up and step forward and never back down.

Y'all saying, "When will the white hats do something about this?" I'll tell you when...when you the people decide you have had enough of being pushed around.
When you the people reclaim your minds and start thinking for yourselves, instead of repeating mainstream news headlines like a hypnotized parrot.
Do you see the crowds in Europe? Some fell for it in the early days, yes, but surely by now, with all the mixed messages and flip-flop falsehoods, surely you now can see this has nothing to do with health? Surely you can see this is about subjugation, mind-control, fear and 24/7 threat perception?
Facing hard truth takes guts. Without guts, you're pawns.


 I have no partisan affiliations. I support the ones who seek to eliminate the Cabal.

So, the party of liberal values, equality and freedom, which is bollocks but moving on, through Psaki, declared that if you are banned on one platform, you should be banned on all. For the truly clueless, if these NWO minions stay in power, this translates to Freedom of Speech is Dead in America.
If...they stay in power.

Find my podcast Here: Metaphysical Martini

Well, if you really want to know what I think, listen in but be warned...I don't add mixers to my bourbon.

Monday, July 19, 2021

Francine's Pimp Goes Door to Door

And once again, for those who sleep under mossy stones and live under a cloud of delusion, the current administration wants to make life "uncomfortable and difficult" for those who do not wish to inject themselves with an experimental product for a condition that does not exist...and don't bother arguing that last point with me on social media...if you can't see the obvious, I will not waste my time responding.

They plan to come door to door to "educate" us. Let me translate that for you. They plan to come door to door to "intimidate" us.
Got sand? Time to draw a line...if you have not already done so. No one stands on an American's doorstep and attempts to intimidate...

People Have Gone Mad

Strange times. Science fiction movies playing out before our eyes. Medical practice complicit in mass murder. Mainstream media complicit in mass murder. Peeps walking around repeating phrases they heard on television. How many times does this cycle have to repeat before the human race awakens to its true nature? I'll put the kettle might be a while.

FB Post from June 2020

The Establishment was so sure its corporate takeover would go without a hitch, it did not properly prepare for an immediate implementation of Plan B. The takeover bid, although working well on millions of former humans turned automatons, has run into a glitch in the form of self-aware citizens.
The Establishment's response to this was, "Turn up the volume. Make them think the v-i-r-u-s thingy IS a pandemic. They won't know the difference; they believe whatever the 'Daily Spin-Big Screen-Eff-Your-Dreams-Buy-Into-Ours' tells them."
Here in Oregon, Brown is about to turn the volume way up...and so am I. Meanwhile, I will walk, mask-less, through the streets of my little city, carefully wading through the mountains of dead bodies. Gosh, it's inconvenient.
I went for a dip in the river this morning and had quite a bit of trouble negotiating the thousands of floating corpses. How sad too that every third person I know has dropped dead. I can, quite literally, smell the decay all around me. O wait a minute. Perhaps that smell is something else. is the putrefaction of perceptual engineering.

Pinot Noir Repertoire

 How many people have to die before you realize you've been conned? Not dying fast enough for you? Just wait...

Always check your threat perception meter. Hint: it should be smaller than your peter.

There is no upswing. It was always just the Drew. Same as any other year. They lied about Bohveed X1X to sell you Francine. Beware Francine. She's all killer with no filler.

I have been reading a few of the leaked door-to-door faux vaccine scripts. I feel we should have some scripts of our own. For example, the answer to some of their questions could be, "Have you ever engaged in copulation with a gender neutral Emperor Penguin from the remotest region of Patagonia?" Or perhaps, "I have information on the mating rituals of Armenian aardvarks. Would you like me to share that with you?" Or even, "I have photos of fire ants at a rave. Would you like to see them?"

Still think it's about health? "Knock Knock. We are here to talk to you about eating less junk food and more farm fresh produce."
No, that's not it. "Knock Knock. We are here to advise you on the potential risks associated with smoking tobacco." No, that's not it.
"Knock Knock. We are here to give you free insulin...and a donut! Aw...come on...we will even enter your name in the lottery!"
No, that's not it either. "Knock Knock. Are you aware that multiple symptoms can be resolved simply by drinking more water and engaging in moderate daily exercise?" No, that's not it either.
"Knock Knock. Hello you terrified conformist minion of the state. Wanna shoot up some poison for no good reason other than to crash your system and hopefully kill you before you can claim benefits?" Ah...that's it.