Wednesday, April 28, 2021

So...Blood Transfusions?

A few things to think about with regard to the current insanity and rising rate of imbecility:

May it never happen but, if you have an accident and need blood, how will you know if the blood comes from someone who has accepted the misrepresented experimental medical concoction?
If you invite someone to your home, and you have accepted the concoction, I suggest you inform your guest in advance. Many, myself included, do not wish to be in close proximity to recipients of gene altering experiments. It is a simple courtesy.
Have you figured out the big picture yet?

The Woke. The Poke. The Joke.

The Woke. The Poke. The Joke. Copyright 2021

Peeps frozen in fear
Peeps identifying as woke
Whose minds are less than clear
Lining up to get poked.
Confined to your haciendas
Faces covered like common criminals
Refusing to see the agenda
Mental faculties set to minimal.
The Hippocratic oath
now corrupted to include mass murder
You can choose Light or Dark, not both
One creates peace, the other manic disorder.
Mankind sits on the brink
Awakening or the end of our species?
Will we swim or sink?
Or become automatons on corporate leashes?
The choice is made within
Dare to pierce the barriers of inner consciousness.
Once you let the demons in...
Your body becomes their acropolis.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Dear Mouth of Sauron

Dear Mainstream Media aka Mouth of Sauron. Good Morning. You have done a good job thus far obeying your corporate overlord's instructions.

I suspect you have begun to realize that a certain portion of the population, a significant portion in fact, does not identify as feeble-minded, woke or moronic.

Those would be the ones we call soul sovereign free thinkers. Having maintained a capacity for objectivity, they are capable of thinking for themselves and require no prompting or intervention from your pathetic propaganda.

Do you remember the story of the little Dutch boy who, to stem the flow of water and save his country, inserted his tiny digit into the dike? What a brave little chap he was. Well Mainstream Media, that is exactly what you are doing now. Running around like headless chickens, desperately plugging the many holes in your false official narrative.

I suspect some time soon, you will realize just how many dikes there are and how many holes they have and...I suspect you will eventually come to the realization that you don't have enough tiny digits to plug them all.

That day will be a special day. On that day, I open the Van Winkle Special Reserve Bourbon. #freewillredpillitwillkillyourchoiceyourvoiceliveordiemanywillcrybrainswillfry

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Cannot Say it Enough...Choices are Tough.

 Here's an idea with which you should become acquainted.

They tricked you, and now the entire human gene pool is tainted.
The change in your coding is not erasable.
The damage it will cause, is not reversible.
Had you but paused and engaged in some study
and showed a modicum of respect for your physical body...
obesity can be reversed and addictions can be cured
but not so the Mark to which you were so cleverly lured.

And Lo...they effed up the world.

From the BOOK OF IMBECILITY: Random excerpts from THE most sacred scripture of common sense and soul sovereignty.
And Lo...the people continued to line up to accept the Mark of the Beast, each justifying their actions in a manner that pleaseth them and keepeth them calm.
When friends warned them of the dangers, they dismissed their concerns. Most did so out of ignorance, from minds frozen in fear. "We are ascending." said some. "It cannot hurt us as our DNA is ascending into a different dimension. Our Crystal Awareness will overcome any potential threat."
And Lo...those who gave the warning sighed and grieved the loss of their friends for in truth, if one had Crystal Awareness, one would know that the Mark is designed to destroy the connection between the human interface and the spirit self.
They sighed, they cried and grieved for they knew that if one had Crystal Awareness, they would know to stay far, far away from the Mark.
And so it came it pass that the entire human gene pool was tainted with the Mark. Those who refused to bend the knee to the Dark Lord, prayed and made preparation.
Here endeth today's lesson.


Tuesday, April 20, 2021

NPC or Player?

Apathy is the virus. The government does as it pleases, when and how it pleases while the majority, the citizenry, is required to obey draconian restrictions.

I know there is significant resistance to won't see it because Mouth of Sauron won't report it on the mind-manipulating Daily Spin...but why is it that only a portion of peeps see the end game?
What is the opposite of apathy? Enthusiasm. Interest. Passion. Are you an NPC or a Player? Do you bake the bread...or beg for crumbs?

Monday, April 19, 2021

And Lo...

 From the BOOK OF IMBECILITY: Random excerpts from THE most sacred scripture of common sense and soul sovereignty.

And Lo, the Man required the substance be tested on animals and was done. And more Lo...all the animals died and their souls returned to the one true Maker.
And so the Man, taking great delight in the destruction of the animals, deemed the substance worthy of entry into human bodies, for the Man careth not for the human but desireth the Firmament for his own use.
The humans, having been conditioned by television and other advertising to accept death as a normal side effect of modern medication, received the substance as willingly as a heroin addict receives his next fix.
Deep down he knows it may kill him, but the pathways connecting his mind to common sense and a respect for self have been irrevocably altered, rendering him feeble-minded and unable to think for himself. He hears only the voice of the Dark Overlord demanding that he obey, conform and commit slow suicide.
Here endeth today's lesson.