Saturday, May 27, 2023

Do not vote for career politicians.

The Establishment tries to destroy T because he calls out the corruption. He said no to the status quo. He dared to show the world the matrix of control imposed upon mankind. He dared to suggest that mankind should hold itself accountable for being so easily distracted, duped and dumbed down. He dared to peel back the thin veneer of shiny stuff hiding a giant pustule of corruption and unspeakable evil.

He dared to say change is possible if we have the guts to make it happen. He dared to say put America first. A family does not starve its children to provide for others. It first feeds its own and makes its own strong...the strong can serve others...the weak and feeble cannot.
If we vote for career politicians, nothing will change for the better.
You will eat bugs, be confined to 15 minute cities, be taxed until you puke and then you will be taxed for littering the 15 minute city with the contents of your stomach.
The multi party system has to end. There will be an American Assembly. I will fight for this until I draw my last breath.

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

The Restrict Act is an act of war against American citizens.

The Restrict Act is an act of war. The current puppet administration has declared war on American citizens. It has declared war on individual sovereignty. It is a corruption of all that is whole, wholesome and holy. The notion that one should submit to humiliation for the good of others is disgusting but, very much in keeping with how evil regimes carry out their plans. Man's highest goal is self-realization. One self-realized being brings great light into the realm. This is what they want to squash with their bugs, pun intended, their 15 minute cities and their death jabs. They want to convince us that the rights of the individual are unimportant. All should be done for the glory of the State. The notion of sacrifice is abhorrent to the soul. It is a deep state ideology control mechanism. Why don't we learn from history?

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Stop Playing Victim

This whole stolen land issue glorifies victimhood. Where exactly is the stolen land stashed? Ego programming is a female dog. It prevents us from looking forward to a brighter future by creating points of entrenchment in our past.

Was there conquest? Yes or no. If yes, did you lose? If yes, no one actually stole your land. You were invaded, you fought and you lost.
I grew up in a British Armenian household. I know first hand how genocide complex can destroy minds. Everything becomes the fault of the Ottomans. Something that happened decades ago, that should have been processed and resolved years ago, is kept alive in the internal fire of resentment. This feeds the ego and prevents the human from accepting the unlimited potential of the present moment.
This gives the perceived enemy all the power. Is that constructive? I think not. Continuing to empower your enemy is the action of the victim, not the sovereign freethinker.
Everything woke, will go broke for no other reason than it defies common sense and personal dignity. If the media's perceptual engineers are guiding your thoughts, reactions and actions, you have done yourselves, and this realm, a great disservice.

Monday, May 1, 2023

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15 Minute Gulags

15 minute cities are not about the environment. They are created by the Establishment to make population lock down easier for them. Confined to a small area, they will be prisons and when it is time to cull the population, because the you know what did not kill enough of us, they will become gulags.
After three years of this BS, and now that only the truly dim-witted cannot see the agenda, we should fight this with every fiber of our being. They see us as lab rats fit for nothing except medical experimentation. Those who acquiesced and accepted the mark of the beast showed them how easy it is to frighten mankind into submission.

If you want to live life as a fully controlled automaton, this is your chance. For the rest of us, freethinkers, those who understand that there is no such thing as freedom without respect and honor for individual rights, it is not an option. We came to Earth to embody the Divine within, to expand consciousness. Why would you throw that away in favor of transhumanism? 

Rights begat responsibility

Rights begat responsibility, accountability. Woke-ism is the opposite. When people finally realize how easily they were played, how easy it was to make them useful idiots for the darker agenda...ouch...but their awakening will bring light into our world so, let's help out when we can.

Let us remember the goal is not revenge; all that does is feed the ego. No one is going back to normal. Normal was an illusion, a thin veneer of shiny stuff keeping a giant pustule of corruption hidden. If you have the courage to embrace the exposure, I urge you to show zero tolerance for the planned destruction of this republic. Mother Earth does not wish to host a race of automatons. She wants to help the human race maximize its God given potential. No one is coming to 'save' us. That's not how it works. That said, if we continue to rebel against the evil, and we can look to Europe examples, if we continue to rebel and ramp up our efforts, if we show zero tolerance for enslavement, we will receive help from advanced civilizations. They are waiting for the proverbial critical mass to be reached in consciousness shift.
The silent majority has been silent, and uninformed, for far too long. If we want choice, we must use our voice.

Have I said this before?