Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Attention Citizens! We have unleashed a new threat...we mean social conditioning device...we mean virus...yes...that's it. A virus...not man-made.

Attention Citizens!

We have been made aware of a new threat to your health (one which we planned decades ago and have worked diligently to update as we gauge your reaction to our ongoing perception games).  This new threat, a medical emergency of gargantuan proportions, is called Mind Control Mast Cell Activation Syndrome.

Primary symptoms include but are not limited to:

The belief that the CDC is an organization actively working for the benefit of mankind.
Following CDC guidelines to the letter.
Insisting that others give up their mental faculties and engage in your no-think-necessary automated responses to Establishment engineering.
Assuming whatever position the authorities ask you to assume for maximum penetration.
The assumption that all symptoms listed are beneficial and welcome.
Forgetting everything you were taught in Human Biology 101 with regard to what constitutes a healthy immune system.
Forgetting everything you were taught in Philosophy 101 with regard to achieving mastery over your minds.

For your safety, please follow our instructions to the letter.  It doesn't matter what we ask you to do.  We have witnessed the erosion of your intellect, capacity for critical thought and the ease with which we distract, bait, divide and conquer.  We chuckle.  You are ants.  We will crush you, tens of millions at a time and we will do it effortlessly because you will ask us to...and we know this because this was always our plan.

It took a while but in some ways, it was almost too easy.  Humans...ugh.  We don't want you.  It's the planetary resources we are after.  What?  This is news to you?  Point proven.  What use would we, the Glorious Establishment, have for such compliant-go-with-the-gang-automatons?

Strength, Honor and Glory to the Empire!  The rest of you...put on your masks and wipe your arses with the mountains of toilet paper you recently procured.

The above was a message from your Globalist Overlords.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Our Country. Our vision. Our choice.

Hello World...Ani Here

Independence Day is around the corner.  Don't you love it when these things fall on a weekend?

Jefferson wrote the first draft of the Declaration of Independence in June 1776.  Independence was declared on July 2nd 1776.  Final edits were decided upon on July 4th 1776.
It was not signed until August 1776 and was not delivered to Britain until November 1776.  So, why do we celebrate on July 4th?

It is the date printed on the Dunlap Broadsides,the original printed copies of the declaration that were circulated throughout the new nation.  When people thought of the Declaration of Independence, they remembered the date July 4th 1776.

From my shaman's perspective, America has a sacred purpose; to prove that unity through diversity is how we evolve on this physical plane.  There is an ongoing plot to subvert that sacred purpose.
It takes many forms, but the desired result is always the same; to destroy America from the inside out.  To erase its history, to erode all sense of national sovereignty in favor of a homogenized, colorless, soul-less corporate identity.

This is the agenda behind open borders.  This is the agenda behind sanctuary cities.  It is also the agenda behind the current planned-demic, social distancing and ready-to-go-just-add-water planned, fake race riots.

It pains me that so many are oblivious to this in-your-face-could-we-be-any-more-overt social conditioning experiment.  It pains me to see so many people support the Establishment as it pours acid on the precious notion of personal freedom.  They, the people, know not what they do.  Bang!  There goes another nail in the coffin that America will be buried in.

Every country has a mixed bag of good and bad in their history book.
Whatever happened in the past does not obviate thriving in the future.  There exists today a campaign to make Americans ashamed of their identity; to replace our sense of rugged individualism and soul sovereignty with obedience to and reliance on the corporation.  Do you scoff at my suggestion?  Perhaps you should open your eyes.  You will see that corporate interests merged with government a while ago.  It happened while you were distracted with whatever the Daily Spin deemed fit to fill your minds with.

Be careful with the choices you make.  Think long and hard on how you react to Establishment engineering because the choices you make today, will color the next one thousand years.  America the beautiful...or America the screwable?

Our country.  Our vision.  Our choice.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Butt Check Please America!

Hello World...Ani Here

Good Morning, America.  Time for your daily butt check.  Please take a moment now to check your butts and see if your heads are up there.

If yes, please pull head out of butt.  Wash head.  Take a deep breath and ask yourself, "What the heck is going on here?"  

When head is free from butt space and body is oxygenated, head is primed for thought process.  Thought process should not be confused with repeating daily media narrative.  That is parrot process.  You are human.  The universe expects more from you.

To those who support and comply with mandatory mask use, the air is bursting with multiple contagions 24/7.  Why did you choose to protect yourself from this specific gene edited patented virus...which has a high recovery rate and clearly is not a pandemic because...look around you.  I will answer that for you.  You bought into the official narrative.

Your fear induced compliance gave the Establishment the strength to push other agendas, falsely labeled as per usual, and designed to destroy America from the inside out...to turn it into a soul-less, border-less homogeneous franchise of Corporation Earth.  Do you not see the writing on the wall?  No?  Perhaps those masks are messing with your depth perception.

Wear one if you wish but give the likes of me a wide berth if you set out to regulate personal habits based on Big Brother's daily spin.

I love this country.  I will honor America's sacred purpose until my least breath and, when I take that last breath, it sure as heck won't be covered by a mask.

I wish you all peace and healthy immune systems :-)

Postscript: You don't get those unless you allow your bodies to experience and interact with the environment.  But hey, it's a free will universe.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

If Your Friends are Entrenched...Just Let Them Be.

Hello World...Ani Here

Another day, another dollar, another opportunity for the unwashed minds of the masses to hoot and holler.

If peeps are deeply entrenched in their partisan affiliations, if they truly believe the Blues are better than the Reds, or visa versa, just let them be.  Clearly, they have no idea how the world works.  You might as well try taking jelly beans away from a sugar-fueled toddler.

Save your breath for the peeps wishing to expand their world view...for the ones who know things do not add up, the ones who want to make sense of it all.  We are at a major karmic crossroads.  How we respond to Establishment bullying defines the next one thousand years.  That is a long haul, so let's not waste our time trying to influence the Establishment's useful idiots.  Step away and save yourselves the frustration.

Focus instead on becoming as self-sufficient as possible and on building a community of like-minded folks.  We are in for Toad's Wild Ride for the rest of the year.  Behind the scenes, the forces of light and dark are fighting for their lives and the fight gets dirtier by the day.  If that sounds biblical...it is supposed to.

If your family is 100% dependent on supermarkets and big lot stores for food and essential supplies, you are at the mercy of the globalists.  Start making changes now, unless, of course, you wish to destroy America from the inside out and change the Red White and Blue to communist grey.  Did that sound a tad dramatic?  Aw...I'll let you get back to your jelly beans. Not sure how you will eat them through those masks but hey, don't mind me.  Just keep believing what the propagandists tell you.  Comply.  Consume.  Obey.  It's a free will universe.  

Safety is an illusion.  I wish you Freedom over Tyranny...Free Thinking over Mind Control.  I can only hope you know the difference.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Stop. Think. Get the Brain in Sync.

Hello World...Ani Here.

It seems they have convinced a great many peeps to fear the act of breathing.  Did you think the masks were about something else?  

Life on physical realms is a balancing act.  The planets came first.  Humans are obliged to adapt.  If we do not adapt, we die.  Getting sick is part of the process.  Our bodies respond to incoming intelligence.  If it is unfamiliar, the body will get busy processing and sorting it all out.  Getting sick is part of that process.

If we survive, hurrah.  We now have archived intelligence and are ready to tackle the threat, should it rear its head once more.  If we do not survive, we die but...we do so having recorded the process on the depository of planetary wisdom.  If a great many of us die, we leave more resources for the survivors.  It's a win win scenario.

Jumping through hoops to protect ourselves from perceived-threat-fill-in-the-blanks is not living in harmony with our surroundings.  The air is, quite literally, bursting with thousands of contagions and toxins 24/7.  No one had a problem with it until they instilled the fear of Lucifer in us with this latest plan-demic.  Seriously peeps...please get a grip.  You fell for it...fell right on your compliant, trembling, terrified arses.  They will have you wrapped up, head to toe, in Saran Wrap next, blocking out the fresh air, blocking out the sun's life-giving rays, screaming while running away from anyone standing less than six feet from you in the supermarket aisles.

So much for America's rugged individualism.  It's morphed into a nation of pussies.  I don't mean girly bits.  There is nothing wrong with girly bits.  I'm quite fond of mine, actually.  No, by pussies I mean the do-as-1-am-instructed-because-I-have-given-my-mind-over-to-the-Establishment variety of humanoid automaton.

Life is an eternal and magnificent adventure.  If you fear death, you also fear life.  Take a chance on life.  Go on...get out there and breathe!

I wish you peace and Summer wine.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Have You Figured it Out Yet?

Hello World...Ani Here.

They said we can visit big lot stores
but not our local grocer.
Feed the corporate pig by all means
but serve the community?
Eff you minions, and, no sir!

They said we should wear masks all day
for everyone's safety and protection.
But thousands of contagions are in circulation
Do you detect the odor of Establishment deception?

If they told us to put pineapples up our arses
and to sing Old McDonald
All in the name of some new threat for which
we now have mandatory classes..
I bet some of you would go ahead and do it...
the heart weeps and the mind...it boggles.

I wish you peace and a handful of brain cells :-)

Thursday, June 18, 2020

You Sound Like A Broken Hymnal.

Hello World...Ani Here

To all the rioters (not peaceful protesters) and clueless minions of mob mentality:

Here is a goodly dose of today's reality.
Those with brains see how you have been seduced by selective morality.
They hijacked your minds with messages overt and subliminal...
Stop acting like petulant children and above all


Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Ani Has A Snack

Hello World...Ani Here.

When one has been overweight for some time, peeps can and will convince you they have the best solution for your uncomfortable condition.  I made the mistake of listening to them.

"You should do Atkins."  "You should go back to being a vegetarian."  "Paleo is the only way.  Be a cave woman."  "Keto is the way, Ani.  Do Keto."  "Why not try starving yourself for twenty-one days? It will reset your system."  "Eat whatever you want but eat only once a day."  "I did Jenny Craig and it worked.  Why don't you try it and see?"  "There is a guy in Peru who can set you up with reptile eggs.  It is a miracle diet!"  "Have you tried the Windex diet?  When you experience cravings, you sniff the Windex and it curbs the appetite."  And the list goes on...and so do the pounds.

Having grown weary of all this nonsense, I decided to put the brake pads on strange diets and fads.  I sought advice from my late beloved Welsh spiritual teacher.  "Mother Carys!  Advise me please.  The world has gone mad and I am too fat to deal with it in a functional manner.  How should I proceed?"

Mother Carys looked down upon me from her heavenly pod and replied,"Do you remember a conversation we had a long time ago, when you were but a child?  For the solution to any problem, you must look to your roots.  In this case, look to your native tribe.  The answer is  contained within your blood."

Thank you, Mother Carys.  My blood work was most revealing.  Dietary suggestions for my blood type mirror, almost exactly, the food prepared by my Armenian family.  Add to it daily exercise, a goodly dose of moderation and total elimination of all processed and GMO foods...and we are back on track.  

Missing the obvious is something we humans are quite good at.

I wish you peace and all things cool :-)

Monday, June 15, 2020

They are Playing You For Fools...

Hello World...Ani Here

All you self-righteous peeps, vandalizing and tearing down statues, chanting against white privilege, crying out for the police to be underfunded, smashing windows, defecating in public, screaming profanity at anything and anyone resembling any shade of blue, applauding the creation of no-go-zones and the list goes on...you are not fit to kiss the shoes of an honest anarchist.  

You misguided morons.  They are playing you for fools.  The Establishment giggles, counts its profits and drools with delight.  How do you sleep at night with the rattling noise that one thought in your head makes?

"OMLL and hurrah" say they.  "The minions have bought hook line and sinker into our narrative of division.

They are tearing down statues of their founding fathers...they are carrying out our master plan! The eradication of America...erasure of all national history and sense of national sovereignty.

What a bunch of twats.  They don't realize they are paving the way for their erasure, the eradication of their sovereign identity, their personal history and their future.  This makes us happy, of course, but also sad.  We want obedient mind-controlled minions who respond to any bug we plant in their ears but I suppose we should review adjusting the stupidity meter once we have taken full control of the planet.

World domination through perceptual engineering.  It's a process.

I wish you peace and all things cool but mostly, I wish for common sense.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Lost in Interpretation

Hello World...Ani Here

This is a short one.  There was this guy once called Jesus.  He was really cool but some of his followers misinterpreted his teachings and ran around ranting like total arseholes.  This did not benefit Christianity.

Well, it's the same with some of Q's followers.  Q is real, Q is high level and Q is cool but some of Q's followers misinterpret his drops and run around ranting like total arseholes.  This does not benefit the Patriots.

I wish you peace and all things cool :-)

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Ani's Raves About All the Money She Saved.

Hello World...Ani Here

When this social conditioning experiment started, I vowed to withdraw my custom from any business that required I wear a mask and stand in line, six feet apart and follow the orange arrows.  I challenged three of the business establishments to show me the box the masks came in.  None claimed to protect from viral infection.

Q:  What exactly is the point...I asked.   A:  To make people feel safe...was the response.

Illusion.  It is all an illusion.  Some are waking up to the realization they have been played for fools and have started researching Deep State and New World Order.  Others continue to jump on whatever bandwagon the Daily Spin comes up with.  A great range of emotions come into play here.  Amusement.  Bemusement. Embarrassment. Disgust. Back to amusement.  A short sojourn into apathy and back to bemusement.  

Honoring my word to withdraw support  from those who bankrolled the illusion has proved quite profitable.  No wasted expenditure in big lot stores.  No paying obscene amounts of money for fresh produce, especially those marked organic.  I have discovered small, privately owned grocery stores and produce stands not thirty minutes from my home.  Drive a few minutes more and I can buy direct from small farmers.  Not only is the food fresher, it is almost half the supermarket price.

Does it get any better?  Why yes, it does.  Because most of the produce is local, it is naturally ripened and compared to the supermarket-pick-me-when-I-am-green-to-account-for-transportation-variety, it is flavorful.  

My gut and pocket book are healthier.  The small businesses and farmers are happy.  My new side quest is to play my part in helping these folks maintain ownership of their land.  If the globalists get their way, our landscape will continue to be littered with densely populated urban ghettos.  Ugh.

The next step is to move out of our apartment and set up home on about 1/2 acre of arable land.  Better get on with it, Ani.  You are not getting any younger!  God Bless the preppers of America.  They saw the writing on the wall and vowed never to depend upon the state.

I wish you peace and all things cool :-)

Friday, June 12, 2020

An excerpt from Washington State Side Story

Governor Inslee...we're begging you please
Nobody wants a governor with an anti-social disease.

Governor Inslee...we're going to throw you out.
Bill Gates has filled your pockets...of that there is no doubt.

Sincerely, We the Peeps

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Do Not Waste this Incarnation. It's a Big One.

Hello World...Ani Here

Every morning we tune into a new episode of "What is Surreal and What is Real?"  Each episode is more cringe-worthy than the last. 

Do you not see what is happening in plain sight?  Do you not see the merging of government and private corporations?  Do you not see the campaign to erode our intellect...our individual and national sovereignty?

Do you not see how fiercely the Establishment is fighting to dislodge the current administration?  Do you ask why?  How many people have been brainwashed, via media character assassination, to despise President Trump?

How many people know anything about this man and his history other than what they have been fed by the Daily Spin?   It's a valid question.  I ask it often and am met with silence and blank stares.

We are at a karmic crossroads.  The Corporate Establishment's perceptual engineering department registered an  80% success rate by 2015.  Having reached critical mass and then some, they were poised for a complete takeover.  They had several end game scenarios up their sleeve.  Releasing a deadly contagion to wipe out a significant portion of the population (failed) was top of the list.  Fear and panic would take care of the rest...any humans surplus to requirements would be dispatched by other means...mass vaccinations were discussed.

New World Order is not exactly unknown to those who take an interest in mankind's evolution.  By 2015, government administration had moved beyond corruption...it had become a tool of the Corporate Establishment.

The Deep State was outed not by tin foil hats, but by government accountants and those working in the NSA.  They followed the money...they followed the intel.  They saw the writing on the wall and moved quickly to regain control of their country.  The key words here are their country.  NWO seeks to eradicate cultural identity and turn us into one big dull colorless homogeneous lump of goo.

America's sacred purpose is to prove that unity through diversity is the goal for life on physical realms, and that is why the Corporate Establishment wishes to destroy America.  

Patriots in the intelligence service and the military joined forces to expose and eradicate the deep state agenda.  They asked Mr T if he would run for president.  To all those who despise this man and think him unsuitable for this office, I have a question.  If he was just a brash, entitled, arrogant, wealthy ne'er do well...why on earth do you think the military would ask him to take the helm during this light-versus-dark-fighting-for-our-sovereignty-scenario?

I'll admit, I wasn't a fan at first, but since my mind is my own (mostly) and not influenced by partisan affiliations or whatever the Daily Spin churns out, I listened to my higher self, I gathered intel from several sources, both on and off world.  I even had a couple of astral realm conversations with him. 

Right now, he is the only thing preventing us from becoming micro-chipped minions and walking through the Bill Gates of Hell.  Right now, he is the only one strong enough to stand up to the Luciferians running the world...and if you are laughing at the notion of Luciferians running the Corporate Establishment...I have the distinction of having been employed by them on a few occasions and I assure you, when you are in their presence, laughter is not only the last thing on your mind, it is physically impossible.

Very soon, difficult truths will come to light.  We will see that people we hailed as heroes were anything but heroes.  We will see how easily the people we had high hopes were pressured by the Establishment to do their bidding.  It would benefit mankind if we opened our minds to these revelations.

So what if the guy leading the charge is brash and over-brimming with a sense of self?  When you are going head to head with the combined forces of darkness, you don't need Prince Valiant...you need someone who can manifest his inner Minotaur.  We tried the elegant tall guy in nice suits who spoke in complete sentences.  It didn't work.

I wish you peace and all things cool.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Limericks and Poetry Tricks for the Awakened: Part One

Lavender's blue dilly-dilly
let's find the snitch
I want it known dilly-dilly
who killed Seth Rich.

Ani Avedissian copyright 2020

The agenda for politically correct...
is the erosion of our intellect.
it is so obvious, so blatant
yet you are all so complacent!
Played for fools, yet no desire to object.

Ani Avedissian copyright 2020

I had a little house
upon a little hill
the door was wide open
to people of good will.
But then I checked the mortgage
and found it was a scam.
I had agreed to bondage
and now, I fight The Man.

Ani Avedissian copyright 2020

Be a Diligent Checker...Do Not Spread the Lies of the Feckers.

Hello World...Ani Here

How many peeps out there share posts on social media without researching the source?  We are all guilty to some extent.

Photoshop aka graphics manipulation.  So easy to use, even I can pull it off.  Cropping photographs, adding images, erasing parts of the image and inserting new items.  If all this can be done at home, on our personal computers...imagine what a powerful tool it is in the hands of media professionals.

Before we set out to share and ignite, let us take a few moments to research the wrong and the right.

I wish you peace and all things cool :-)

PS  Attention everyone living in the Greater Salem OR area!  Willamette Valley Pie Company are open and selling their delicious Strawberry Shortcake.  I have conducted field research and declare this to be a true and valid statement. 

*Warning.  This message has been color coded to influence your purchasing decisions.  You will now associate Willamette Valley Pie Company Strawberry Shortcake with Ani Avedissian.  The power of the universe compels you to offer her a slice...

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Here We Go Again...White Privilege. Ugh.

Hello World...Ani Here

The catch phrase this week is white privilege.  Ugh.  Those words make me cringe.  They invite division by invoking the ghosts of slaves and their masters.  The media's cashiers love white privilege.  It stirs up all manner of shit for people to fling at each other.

Before I continue with my pattern of thought, I am familiar with American history.  I came to this country many years ago and devoted time each day to the study of American history, culture, civics, systems, structures, Jim Crow and so forth.  I did this out of respect for my new home because I wished to be a productive member of American society and not some ex pat living in a bubble, eating stale McVities Digestives and longing for a proper cup of tea.

America has a sacred purpose...to prove that achieving unity through diversity is the main theme on physical realms.  There are many, for convenience let us call them The Establishment, who will do anything and everything to stop this from happening.  These are the people who come up with catch phrases such as white privilege.  These are the same people who jumped through hoops after emancipation to convince poor whites they were superior to freed slaves.

In shaman lingo, we call this Luciferian psychology.  Luciferian means refusing to co-create with Supreme Cosmic Intelligence.  It means focusing entirely on material gain and controlling every aspect of life lived upon that realm.  It is the driving force energy that created Deep State ideology.

Before you get your knickers in a twist, and knock yourselves out if that's all you can come up with, any label on a physical realm is a mindset.  When we are children, someone gives us a wooden toy shaped a certain way and says, "Look, this is for you.  It is a wooden horsey-poo just for you."  As human children, we have no conscious frame of reference for this strange object so we accept it into our lives as a wooden horsey-poo.  What makes it a wooden horsey-poo?  The fact that someone told us it was so.

Are we still children?  Do we still believe whatever we are told by the purveyors of media-poo?

There is a deep psychology attached to the phrase white privilege.  It is designed to trigger a multitude of emotions across all partisan affiliations.  Here is the one that bothers me the most; it implies that today, in 2020, the fact that black Americans do not thrive is solely the fault of white Americans...and today in 2020, not only is that untrue, I consider it the grossest of insults to black Americans...because it implies they will never thrive without white intervention. 

After emancipation, black Americans were not given the same advantages as European settlers.  It's a fact.  We had segregation from 1877-1964.  It's a fact.  History is filled with accounts of people treating each other with unimaginable cruelty and yet, somehow, we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and have another bash at this game called Life.  Whatever we feed, will grow.  That too, is a fact.

I wish you peace and all things cool. :-)

Monday, June 8, 2020

"I Didn't Know." is not an option.

Hello World...Ani Here

The war waging in today's world is for control of information.  He who controls the narrative, controls the people.

People are easily led and therefore easily misled.  He who runs our mind, runs our life.  We should ask ourselves each day, "All those thoughts in my head...all those words I spoke today...are they mine or am I repeating what I heard on the Daily Spin?"

We think we are in charge, we think we are objective thinkers but we are not.  The campaign to engineer our perception is relentless, well planned and expertly executed.  The captives are identifying with and defending their captors.  It reminds me of those biblical epics where demons are riding on the backs of the people, slowly plunging their tentacles into our flesh, causing just enough pain to distract us from our true path and the truth in general.

It hurts, at first, but after a while we become accustomed to the persistent plunging.  We accept it.  But deep within our essence, mind-body-soul are not happy.  They are more than a little disgruntled.  They are fomenting dissent.  They wish to re-assert our Supreme Cosmic Programming. 

This makes us uncomfortable.  The demons have fed us for so long now...can we remember the taste of our true nature?

The answer is yes.  Yes, we can because our true cosmic nature is the only part of us that is real...and it is magnificent.  All else is temporary illusion.  If we focus on the light within our true nature, the demon energy will fight back with a vengeance at first but, as our inner illumination grows, all that is wretched and filthy will be exposed and we, being repulsed by it, will watch it shrivel into dust.

Awakening is not easy, but in today's Light versus Dark scenario where we are quite literally fighting for our soul's sovereignty, it is not negotiable.  When we find ourselves, through our own lack of awareness and engagement, in an End of Days story line, "I didn't know." is not an option.

I wish you peace and all things cool :-)

Sunday, June 7, 2020

A Message from Foghorn Leghorn

Hello Ani...Foghorn Leghorn  Here

"I say-I say-I-say-I say Wake up America!  Your corn bread ain't done in the middle.  Y'all need to think straight and take some advice form this here rooster booster.

Why are y'all so easily led?  Don't y'all know your own minds anymore.  Why do y'all keep falling for that fake news chicken shit?  They tell you to jump and y'all ask how high you should jump.  Since when does an American allow some chicken shit organization to regulate their personal habits?

Those propaganda dudes, they got y'all running around in circles chasing your own tails.  I say-I say-I say-I say y'all make me ashamed to call myself an American.  The souls of the pioneers are looking down on us from Heaven and thinking, 'What the Flippity Floppety is going on down there?'

They keep hitting y'all over the head with baseball bats and telling you it's a kiss...and y'all keep falling for it.  Do ya think Paul Revere was a dude who made copper bottomed pots and pans?  Do ya think Sybil Ludington took that midnight ride because she needed some fresh air?

Listen up America!   Institutional Tyranny (yep, that's a highfalutin phrase for a rooster) takes many forms and right now, y'all are inviting it into your living rooms for sweet tea and pastries.  I say-I say-I say-I say y'all stop this chicken shit right now and get back on track."

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Marketing and Public Relations UGH

Hello World...Ani Here

Marketing and Public Relations departments.  Do you not want to slap them silly?  I do.

I believe there is a special section reserved on the other side for propagandists.  This makes me happy.

I wish you peace and all things cool.

From Monday Messages

Hello World...Ani Here

Each day brings with it an opportunity to become a better version of ourselves.

That, my darlings, is what physical incarnation is all about. Thrusting ourselves into the realm of experience of our choosing and learning to manipulate the energy within it.

Why do we choose to do this?

Well, if we focus on becoming better versions of ourselves, I am sure we will find the answer.

I wish you peace and all things cool.

A Little Pat of Poetry

A Little Pat of Poetry

Go Away . . . I Do Not Care
A little tongue in cheek ditty for all those peeps who feel I would benefit from reading their poorly written dissertations on why they are leaving my Facebook group.  I hope you find a hobby to fill the gaping void in your lives.

If you want to unfollow my page, click the button,
get it done and save yourself the torture.
I am not an airport . . .
you do not need to announce your departure.

It is none of my business how you react
to my posts and information shared.
Have a meltdown and rant if you must,
then please go away . . . because I really do not care.

I post to share my research and
to promote general awareness,
To highlight what you may have missed
with regard to injustice and unfairness.

If my words offend you,
scroll down for more palatable news.
Why engage with something that offends you . . .
unless of course you enjoy that type of abuse.

If you feel affronted by my point of view
being contradictory to yours,
Big whoopie for you . . .
I am just going to kick back and open a can of Coors.

If you want to unfollow my page, click the button,
get it done and stop playing the martyr.
One more time, I am not an airport . . .
you do not need to announce your departure.

-- Ani Avedissian
Really Bad (but occasionally brilliant)
Poetry from a Mad Suburban Shaman

Emancipation to Emaciation

Hello World...Ani Here.

How different life in America would be today if emancipated slaves were given the same opportunities as European immigrants...

Forty acres and a mule would have given families land owner status.  There's the big divide, right there.  "Come all ye poor and downtrodden from across the waters and get thine selves some free or really cheap arable land.  Build a better life for thy kin and help us build up this new nation of small farmers and free thinkers."

And they did.  "But not you folks.  Not you lot who have labored hard with no reward for the better part of two and a half centuries.  No, not you lot.  We have no idea how you will become independent or feed yourselves without land but so sad so bad.  It's emancipation to emaciation for you."

No land.  No status.  No rights.  The Establishment worked hard to keep it that way.   A government at the mercy of people empowered and united?  "Perish the thought.  Keep those damn minions in their place!"

When seeking solutions to problems, it helps to understand the origin of a thing.  It also helps to understand that History is the study of past events. 

Friday, June 5, 2020

Defining Simplicity

Hello World...Ani Here.

Simplicity.  Let's simplify our lives.  We talk a great deal about that, don't we.  How does one define simplicity?

We can eliminate non-essential items.  We can delete non-essential tasks from our To Do Today list.  We can certainly do with less but is that the sum total of simplicity?

I think it is more than that.  I think it is about focus.  What, exactly, is it we are trying to do?  What core message are we trying to get across?  What is the purpose of any given exercise?  What is the meat of the issue...the nub...the essence?

If that is clearly defined, the journey will be focused. We are less likely to take wrong turns and find ourselves lost in the scenic, yet distracting byways, of Procrastilandia.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Stay Focused When Conducting Research

Hello World...Ani Here.

To all the peeps posting photographs of Buckingham Palace being boarded up, seals missing, a Gurkha regiment guarding the palace and rumors of new king in waiting...I have a message.

You are way off base.  There are logical explanations for the first three items.  The rumor about a new king...that would be cow poo poo of the highest order.

I applaud and encourage those who investigate and research beyond the mainstream narrative...it's just that some of you are lost in fantasy land.

I wish you peace and all things cool :-)