Tuesday, September 6, 2022

You are dying fast enough!

Some may call it 'backtracking' but it comes down to this...we did not die in the numbers they hoped for and they are now forced to admit, "We may have miscalculated. We made mistakes." They miscalculated the death toll. It is high and getting higher with each passing day but, the planned mass depopulation, the let's-poop-in-one-fell-swoop, that did not happen ergo the let's-get-them-jabbed-insanity.

The Establishment prevented the distribution of life-saving drugs. It ridiculed and jailed medical dissenters...all while a fear-fueled mob of media junky, brain-washed automatons cheered on.
If your response to this madness is to wear a mask and bet boosted, I strongly suggest coming to terms with your inflated egos and reviewing the purpose of your incarnations.