Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Baal's Bum Boy

I sit here, piping hot coffee in hand, chuckling. Chuckling is better than wailing. How many times have we talked of deep state, of new world order? We warned you. We showed you the signs to look out for. We sent you literature to peruse. You scoffed. Now Macron, Lucifer's minion, and all his Baal-Bound Buddies WEF are openly announcing their desire to implement the very measures we warned you about.

I'm chuckling because you can live in that world if you wish. Maybe slavery is easier than sovereignty for you. Have fun being controlled by those who have decided that humanity has outlived its purpose.,
are openly announcing their desire to implement the very measures we warned you about.

Stop cowering. Unless you are a cow in line for slaughter.

Welfare State

Thought for the day: when people take care of each other, that's common decency. When the Establishment takes care of people, that's the creation of the welfare state. Study it. It has nothing to do with lifting people up. Quite the opposite. It's an interesting study, for those who are interested in study.

In the long run, it is better to be self aware than on welfare.

The Measure of One One Four. It should never have made it out of the door.

 Good morning, all you beautiful freethinkers

😊 Why would a government take steps to disarm a population? That's an easy one. They plan to do bad things to us and they don't want us shooting back. It matters not whether or not you hunt. It matters not whether or not you possess firearms or your viewpoint on firearms. What matters most is that you realize this...without the 2nd amendment, we would all be in gulags by now, injected against our will, tracked, traced and most probably maced. The times, they are a changin' but one's core moral code should never be re-arranging. Have a blessed day, my darlings, unless you voted in favor of measure 114. In that case, I hope your leftover turkey sandwich bites you back,.

Metaphysical Martini podcast 11-23-2022


You Tube keeps taking my videos down. Bitchute does not censor. Behold my latest Metaphysical Martini!

I will tell the truth

From Astoria to Duluth.

If you do not like my content

Please go elsewhere to vent.

Divide, Conquer and Crucify.

Certain elements are putting forward the theory that Jesus was transgender. Don't take the bait. Don't fall for the division game. Don't let the petty ego win. Smile, laugh it off and move on. Make the big guy proud. If you are distracted by every dog that barks...you will never reach your destination. You have better things to do. Saving America from NWO is a much better project.

Sunday, October 23, 2022

A little catch-up from my various social media posts. Not all one post!

Beware the cult of personality. No one has the full picture. No one has all the answers. Some are doing better than others but remember this...they are not only fighting great evil, they must contend with a misaligned, distracted and misinformed socially engineered population. On the other side of this, we must dismantle the multi party system and, for as long as a federal government is needed, create an American Senate. No left, no right. Just the body with the only agenda being the betterment of the nation, the betterment of mankind.

Because the people have shown weakness, the Establishment will never back down. We have to step up.

Attempted mass genocide against Joe Public should result in all out revolution...yet all I see are peeps going about their daily business. Sudden Death Syndrome. Countless 'unexplained' symptoms. Destruction of the immune system. Mental health issues up the wazoo. Reproductive issues in both males and females. It seems a significant portion of the World of Earth Craft participants have resigned from engagement and become NPCs. Such sadness to see the glory of our divinity cashed in for basic necessities. Depend on the dak matrix and it will swallow you whole.

Welcome to the new week 😊 We are in the weirdest of all wars. No one really knows who the enemy is. We have the bigger picture, sure...but players are changing sides as often as we change our underwear. The worst of it is...there is no clear playing field. No neat rows of soldiers marching up and down, shooting each other. To win this war, each person must clearly define their core moral principles and live up to them every day. Each soul must be illuminated and refuse to take part in the humiliation the 'dark' ones wish to inflict upon mankind. To win a war such as this one, we must have inner peace...or we are lost.

The closer we get to make or break time, the more the misinformation ramps up on all sides. Party affiliations mean nothing at this point. The game is sovereignty versus slavery. Stop relying on mainstream news for accurate reporting. They report the official deep state blurb. The alternative news sources are not all that reliable either. Joe Public is a ping pong ball being bashed about by power players both good and bad.
Reclaim your minds and stop eating pre-digested garbage from the giant spoon of insanity. Gather your own intel and review it calmly and objectively. We are creations of pure Source energy. We came to bring the glory of the divine cosmos to Earth...not to cower in fear and consume pestilence.

Methinks we are taking this attempted mass genocide thing far too lightly...

The NY Governor to require a three year social media report before you can apply for a conceal carry. We warned you all. Next step, three year social media score to get any service, including access to food. Anyone who thinks this is a good idea is welcome to it and we are happy to move forward without you. Did you incarnate just to hand over your God given sovereignty? Sadness. Madness. It will end in badness.

Roos said Small's admission that the vaccine was not tested to prevent transmission "removes the entire legal basis for the COVID passport..."
Pfizer executive admits COVID-19 vaccine was never tested to prevent transmission: 'This is scandalous'
In a shocking admission, a Pfizer executive on Monday stated that the company did not know if the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine it developed....would have any effect. So, apparently tin foil hats are better than blindfolds. Don't say we didn't warn you.

They have admitted it was never tested for transmission.

O the deep roots of indoctrination through fear! On my last podcast, which I hope will be uploaded today, I mentioned that I do not bend my knee or bow my head to anyone or anything, including God. Instead, when I pray, I raise my head and hands up to The Divine in alignment. This seems to have rattled a few folks. They are horrified that I would so disrespect God! I am disappointed by their immaturity. The Divine wishes us to embrace our true nature; our true nature is divine. If I bend my knee and bow my head, I am staring at the floor. If I raise my being up into the Heavens, I am staring into the glory that is eternal creation. If one is so petty, then one can betty that one's mind will turn into spaghetti. xoxo Have a groovy day, my darlings. God is great and so are we. 😊

We warned you about one world government. You said it was a conspiracy theory. WEF now openly talks about one world government. Perhaps it is time to review a few more of our 'conspiracy theories'. If you haven't figured it out by now...sigh.

All these healthy athletes all over the world dropping dead...wow...I wonder why? Could it be something they put into their bodies in the last year or so?

Germans took to the streets demanding the re-opening of Nord 2. Cue deep state sabotage of aforementioned pipe line. Amazing but true...so many people cannot see the controlled demolition of individual rights. Sadness.

Mankind was not designed to consume pestilence. Say no to eating bugs. For the love of decency and common sense...don't fall for this humiliation.

Two opposing factions...oldest trick in the book...for as long as We the People identify with a political faction and not with our country...we will continue to be lied to, manipulated and generally herded like cattle all the way to the slaughterhouse. Why is the obvious lost on so many people? O wait...

Mr. T set out to stop the wars. Jingle Joe has been instructed to escalate them. So many automatons out there, believing the carefully crafted official narrative. Badness, Sadness. Madness.


When I say both the truth and the poop are not hidden, but staring us in the face...that we have missed the obvious...you spout your party's mission statement/agenda/paid for politics/media daily spin blurb/insert preferred substitute for rational mind.
All parties have been corrupted by Deep State money. The entire world is under the spell of the money matrix. Thanks to patriots in the NSA and the military and the civil service, and their ability to monitor all communication, albeit illegally, Deep State agenda was identified, and busted, not by tin foil hats, but by accountants.
They followed the money. The Great Awakening is not about elephants and donkeys or green people. It is about freedom versus tyranny. Sovereignty versus perpetual slavery.
Another post falling on polarized and deaf ears. I think I'll enjoy a nice cold lager and maybe a small shot of Kentucky's best.
Peace be with you all. God bless America.
PS I am sure Snowden is enjoying Russian hospitality but it is time to let him come home.
I am sure Julian Assange is not enjoying life in Belmarsh Prison. Every honest journalist should be up in arms and on the streets because of Assange. Do you see that anywhere? No. Nor do I. A free press? They can pucker up and kiss my ample white buttocks.


Tuesday, September 6, 2022

You are dying fast enough!

Some may call it 'backtracking' but it comes down to this...we did not die in the numbers they hoped for and they are now forced to admit, "We may have miscalculated. We made mistakes." They miscalculated the death toll. It is high and getting higher with each passing day but, the planned mass depopulation, the let's-poop-in-one-fell-swoop, that did not happen ergo the let's-get-them-jabbed-insanity.

The Establishment prevented the distribution of life-saving drugs. It ridiculed and jailed medical dissenters...all while a fear-fueled mob of media junky, brain-washed automatons cheered on.
If your response to this madness is to wear a mask and bet boosted, I strongly suggest coming to terms with your inflated egos and reviewing the purpose of your incarnations.

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Guerilla Gardening

So, back in the UK we had this thing called guerilla gardening. Peeps took seeds, flower or edibles, and made little soil bombs. Drove around and threw them out the window on open space. Now that chain supply has been compromised, we should make this a 'thing' here in the USA. When you eat fruit, save the seeds and engage in fruitful guerilla warfare. Even if we are back up and running by the end of this year, it will take years before we can regroup.

Bombs away!

Money Washing

Here's an example of money laundering. You tell peeps you don't have five billion to build a wall but you give hundreds of billions away in foreign aid. So much poop is going to hit the pavement any day now. Peeps will be horrified at their naivety/apathy/ignorance/arrogance/leisure pants...you fill in the blanks.


 Psst...men can't have babies.

Bugs. Nope.

 Psst...you don't have to eat bugs. You are not rodents.


Prophets came to teach direct union with the Divine. They came to dispel the myth of separation. The Establishment knew it would fall if we connected directly with All That Is. They manipulated the message and placed the emphasis on the prophet, not on God. In this way, they re-introduced the sense of separation between mankind and God...the exact opposite of the prophets' message. And people fell for it, and the world is insane because of it. Prophets do not wish to be worshiped. They came to point the way. Stop worshiping the pointer and honor them by accepting direct union with All That Is. Simplest trick in the book...and people fell for it.

It's the sun...run!

 To all my British peeps

🙂 OMG...run! It's the sun! It's hot! Did you know there was this giant ball of gas and stuff up in the sky, spreading warmth without a license? Run peeps...run! And now to other news: if your friends drop dead or develop serious health issues after being jabbed, that's normal. It's just sudden onset adult death syndrome. It's the same as sudden onset juvenile death syndrome but for adults. Totally normal and nothing to worry about. These syndromes have always been around...unlike the hot sun which is very dangerous and should be blocked by one of Gates of Hell's well-funded projects. And while you are at it, by all means, keep falling for the Establishment mind games. In no time at all, your pronouns will be was and were and RIP.
Ani Avedissian

It's Obvious.

 :-) Peeps resent it when I say they are hypnotized but think about it. A small group of people decides to broadcast a certain piece of information on television and just like that...everyone believes it. Could it be any more obvious?

Ani Avedissian

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Random thoughts for today.

My coffee tastes especially good this morning.  No idea why.  It's the same dark and dreamy blend I brew every day.

Peeps have lost their poop over Roe vs. Wade.  In my ever-diminishing circle, the same peeps who vilified me for not injecting a bioweapon into my body because a man on television told me to, are the ones jumping highest for my body my choice.  What an insane world.

One cannot have sensible conversations with screamers.  Peeps are squawking like propaganda parrots, hawking the Establishment's latest package of half truths and outright lies.

This is my take on the abortion issue.  I am neither left, nor right.  My ideology, formed from years of working for both the malevolent and benevolent organizations of this world, is best defined as spirit-centered libertarian.

At this stage of my life, I can honestly say I have no investment in changing people's minds or having them see things my way.  I am simply sharing my perspective.  Do with it what you will because I stopped reading peeps' responses long ago.

I believe abortion should be legal.  I could go down a rabbit hole of 'legal' because I think common law is an arse and should be done away with but, moving on...

An incarnating soul has six months from conception to decide whether or not it is going to stay.  This clause was written in case the parents, for whatever reason, decide to veer from their pre-written soul contracts.  Under such circumstances, the soul is under no obligation to incarnate.  This accounts for most of the still births at seven months.

The body is forming inside the female (I will not have a conversation about whether or not men can give birth...that is sheer insanity) but the incarnating soul will not take up full residence until the seventh month.

While anyone can fumble through a biological function and create a baby, the crushing responsibility of giving another manifestation of Source an opportunity to have an earthly incarnation is not, in my experience, subject to the due diligence it deserves.  It's not a pet.  It's God in a bod.

Orphanages are filled with unwanted little Gods in bods.  No one advocates for them.  Abuse is rampant and in time, I will write a book on the horrors I have observed. My stories will make Stephen King puke his guts out.   My chosen specialty has placed me in directly the path of the dark and dangerous.  I lost my naivety at an early age. 

It is the height of insanity, cruel beyond understanding, to tell a woman who conceived during rape, she must carry the child to term.  What happens to the rapist?  Shall we hang him in the town square and just before he croaks, shall we cut off his testicles?  Hm.  There's a thought.

People make mistakes.  If those mistakes can be corrected, we should take the opportunity to do so.  The world is filled with unhappy, depressed people, unable to move forward because a mistake they made in the past has frozen them in place. The incarnating soul understands this and will happily go home.  

That said, I do wish we would conduct ourselves in a manner befitting our cosmic origin.  Self-restraint, proper protection, cool minds in rapidly heating bodies.  An abortion is not to be used as a frequent and casual means of birth control.  If we give in to every urge that itched, we would be in a sorry state indeed!  We are in a sorry state.  This world is about to explode and the fallout from the excrement of the false ego is going to be a real stinker.

Does anyone have an original thought anymore?  I think not.  Peeps prefer acceptance from the herd over expansion of creation.  O well.  Have a nice day.  I need another cup of my dark and dreamy coffee.

*Our rights, by the way. do not come from governments. Taking the abortion issue away from the federal and placing it at state level is a good first step in kicking federal govt. out of our private lives. This is the main reason behind the ruling but peeps won't see that...they are far too invested in their programming.

Saturday, June 11, 2022

It's been a while...sorry.

Millions of common or garden variety gay folks, perfectly decent folks who just happen to be gay but are not gender confused or pedo or into animals or any weird shit, are experiencing prejudice for the first time.  It was always the Cabal's plan to corrupt the world under the banner of faux liberalism.  Such a pity so many humans have no interest in reading the playbook.  The play has not changed since Sumerian times.  One would think that by now, some peeps would have figured something out but alas...the naïve, the gullible, the apathetic all seem to outnumber the awakened and the prophetic.

Or do they?  Any guess on the ratio?  Is it 50% clueless television addicted, brain addled, mind controlled noise makers to 50% spirit centered purveyors of common sense?

I can only speak for myself, but at no time have 1 needed or wanted my own initials or my own flag.  I like the initials USA and I confess, I am devoted to the American Flag.  This whole lgbtxyz4&*#789 movement is rubbish.  It's crap.  Just like BLM or Skunk Lives Matter or Armenian Pastry Moms Matter.  

In spirit centered world, there is room for everyone to explore.  We should always keep warm, open hearts and cool, open minds but there comes a time when one has to put out a call for sanity.  There is no such thing as a minor attracted person.  If you want to bonk a child, you have a mental health issue.  And why would you be gender confused?  Men have willies, women have vaginas.  I'm not sure it could be any simpler. 

One choses one's incarnation.  One choses one's family bloodline and gender.  This is done before we project ourselves onto the physical realm.  Pre-incarnation decisions are not taken lightly.  No one wants to waste an incarnation.  

Insane thoughts create an insane world.  What a freaking waste of energy.  What an embarrassment of spiritual poverty.

Peace be with you all :-)

Friday, May 6, 2022

Let's Pick a Word


Let’s pick a word


Let’s pick a word

Let’s pick the word stupid.

If one blindly follows the herd

One’s fear is deeply rooted.

Who fills your trough?

Are the contents diluted?

How will you know

If you are too frightened to dispute it?

That strange, fixed smile on your face

Is a thin veneer hiding inner turmoil.

It’s not peace, it’s not grace

It’s the last remnant of your sanity

Slowly blistering on broil.


If mankind continues to pretend

The nightmare will never end.

If we allow humanity to be hacked and recoded

The intellect will be corrupted and eroded.

The Establishment think they’re the bomb

And think we are their slaves…their programmed bio-automatons.


Why are so many so clueless, so compliant?

Why do they suffer abuse from tyrants

Instead of being self-aware, mindful, and defiant?

Mankind…creations of Cosmic Source, Divine mysticism

Potential so marvelous, it is beyond description

Walking like zombies, filling their prescriptions

All the wonders of the universe at our disposal

Yet…we took the magic and created something tragic.


Ani Avedissian copyright May 2022

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

A Short Poem About Fasting

 I am Fasting.

Reality exists only in the human mind

So, I wish to explore mine and see what I can find.

Such dedicated research needs minimal distraction

I must fast and look upon pastry as wretched putrefaction.

Although nauseated and queasy, the first day is easy

I can go 24 hours without food and whisky sours.

Day two is strange, as daily habits are re-arranged

Not a good day, I think, to take my Glock pistol down to the range.

Day three kicks in and I have visions of donut sin

But I bear it and grin…I will not give in

I know from experience day 4 turns the corner

I replace food with prayer…I’m a human transformer!

Ani Avedissian copyright April 2022

Not an Accident

Food processing plants are catching fire all across the USA. We warned you. Since 2019, we have advised starting a prepper’s pantry. They will starve the population. They will halve the population. Do whatever you can to disconnect from state dependency. Real riots (not the state sponsored ones like bee el mm and an tee fah) start when people cannot feed their families. Peeps will turn against each other to feed themselves. To those who constantly poo poo…you will stave and die if you don’t get a clue.

OMG...they are trying bird flu again!

The puppet administration has started to push the bird flu thing again because clearly, far too many people have seen through the cow poo propaganda.

Well, if it is indeed a threat, let's stand back and watch every single person handling poultry drop dead in record numbers, in record time. I'm waiting.
Chicken is consumed in mass quantities. The puppet administration is destroying our food supply. If you connect the dots, you see the bigger picture. Most people have such poor second sight...they can't see the dots. I guess they will starve.
Everyone else, top up your prep pantries and make sure you have multiple water filters. Real riots, not state funded lootings of luxury stores, real riots happen when people cannot feed their families.
We warned you. We warned you because at our core, we do not see our interests as something apart from yours. We warned you because we do not want your children to suffer from malnutrition or be shot while 'liberating' supplies from the local supermarket.
It's up to you now. There is no point in repeating the warnings of the last two and more decades. Awaken or be taken.

A Poem

 In Case You Are Wondering (a poem)

In case you are wondering
how peeps carry out money laundering...
a popular way
and it's happening today
is to coerce entire nations
to accept experimental medications.
Rats in a lab
Pharma think that's ab fab!
Let's create a brain washed cult
sit back and examine results.
Yes, it's evil and horribly irresponsible...
but no one can touch us
or hold us accountable.
We are the Lords of Damnation
we lie, cheat and steal without hesitation.
Who cares what happens to the humanoid cattle?
They are easily frightened...far too easily rattled.
How easy it is...and how very delicious
We are killing them off...and they aren't even suspicious!
Ani Avedissian copyright 2021

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Quickie Poem Thingy

The fake pandemic was never a threat.  The paradigm was.
Will there be repercussions?  You bet.
The virulent contagion is in the fake inoculation.
By their own hand, millions will die.  We breathe.  We wait.  We practice compassion.
If this era had a name, it would be Gullible' s Travels.
I hold the line while the bullshit unravels.
Millions of collapsed psyches.  Millions of burst bubbles.
This time next year...I look forward to searching through the rubble.

Ani Mad Shaman Avedissian April 2022

Friday, March 25, 2022

I Wish Patriots Were Better Educated on World Events

I wish patriots, on all 'sides' were better educated with regard to the world arena. It's not enough to love America. You have to know what America stands for in the bigger picture. You have to study world history. You have to accept and understand the role of whatever you wish to call the ideology of deep state. It is real and unless you understand who, what where and how...your patriotism is just a thin veneer covering the corrupt cesspool of evil we find ourselves wading through today. Once you accept that mainstream news, on all sides, is the mouthpiece of deep state...a propaganda machine...the rest falls into place.

Selective Morality of the Masses

How many wars have been fought over the last twenty years or so? How many so called wars were you outraged by? I will answer that for you. The ones mainstream media told you to be outraged by. Have the courage to admit this. You don't really care about it until mainstream shows it to you...their own version of it...and they then proceed to tell you how you should feel about it and what you should do about it.

If you had any genuine interest in world affairs, you would look for sources beyond the propaganda machine. You would not need the Mouth of Sauron to inform you of current events or manipulate your emotions.
If you had any genuine interest in world affairs, you would spot the cold, calculated manipulation in under ten seconds.
Admit this. Move on and be a better human.

Really Peeps...study some history books.

The reason 'elites' such as WEF, are cutting ties with Russia is because Russia is rejecting New World Order slavery. This is obvious to people who do not have their noses glued to the magic propaganda box. Ask yourself why senor poo teen worked so very hard to stay in power for so many years...while the newly founded oligarchs fell over themselves worshiping the red shield brigade. Pirozhki anyone?

Blokes and Birds.

Allowing males to compete in female sports is the opposite of equality. Why is this not obvious? It is an open attack on women. It is the patriarchy telling women, "Eff you...we'll show you who's boss. See...now we can play at being women and the brainwashed masses will think they are being virtuous little morons by supporting us." Why are people so very stupid?

Where Grace is Restored

From spirit to human. From human to programmed automaton. We have devolved from glorious space adventurers; we are now spoon-fed pets of the ever-growing behemoth we call the State. A fundamental change in thinking is required to get us back on track…but automatons don’t think for themselves. The magic propaganda box tells them what to do and how to do it. To those in their right minds…do not give up. Remain aligned with the Force. Hold the line. Remain aware, remain vigilant. The final convergence stands. Where grace is restored, common sense follows.


Naughty little laptop...you have put the world on a collision course with the truth. Buckle up all you sleepers.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Such Ignorance...such arrogance.

Do you get your information from mainstream news?
How many 'wars' have been fought over the last twenty years or so? How many so called wars were you outraged by? I will answer that for you. The ones mainstream media told you to be outraged by. Have the courage to admit this. You don't really care about it until mainstream shows it to you...their own version of it...and they then proceed to tell you how you should feel about it and what you should do about it.
If you had any genuine interest in world affairs, you would look for sources beyond the propaganda machine. You would not need the Mouth of Sauron to inform you of current events or manipulate your emotions.
If you had any genuine interest in world affairs, you would spot the cold, calculated manipulation in under ten seconds.
Admit this. Move on and be a better human.

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Daily Reminder

Daily reminder. Mainstream media is a propaganda machine and if you believe its narrative, you are are brainwashed. Not an insult but a fact.

If you do not understand deep state, what it is, how it was created, why it was created and how it operates, you are easily brainwashed because without that knowledge, you have no idea how the world works and are therefore, brainwashed by mainstream media.
The WEF is not a wrestling guild. It is a major part of the deep state machinery. Deep State toy boy Trudeau is a WEF product.
Putin is the good guy. He is routing out the Khazarian mafia from Ukraine. For decades he has fought to keep DS from corrupting his country.
Sleepy Joe is a DS puppet. His handlers are actively working towards the destruction of America. Without the 2nd amendment, we would all be slaves to New World Order. Look at Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
Naivety, apathy and poor judgement (due to brainwashing) are killing millions of people. Don't be a useful idiot.

Why is this so difficult for people to grasp? It should be beyond obvious by now.

Friday, February 18, 2022

My Telegram Channels

Peeps, I have two Telegram channels.   The first is dedicated to my silly poems and spoof songs.  The second is a general chat support group for patriot freethinkers.



I'm back and apologies for absence. Work has been beyond crazy. OMG! Canadian cops are Lickspittles!

 #1 Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Italy...this is what happens when you give government too much power. This is why we Americans will never give up our 2nd Amendment rights. If you are okay with the illegal, immoral, evil actions of tyrants, please take a moment to go home and feed your pet pineapples. The voices in your heads...yes...they are real. ;-(

#2 Cops in Canada are going to get a dose of Car-ma. Hey, copper! Leave those trucks alone! You can serve the Light and help us win this war or...you can be Trudeau's whores. I have worked with many cops over the years and I don't know a single one who would take arms against their own people. Shame on you. Vos actions sont déshonorantes.

#3 Peeps write to me to let me know they do not resonate with my religious language. "I am not a Christian.' or "We are not religious." On both counts, nor am I. That said, I do have the utmost reverence for Emmanuel and while I have no need for religion, a man-made construct, I strive to live my life through cosmic divine alignment. If it helps, do this. Replace God with the Force and Lucifer with Darth Vader. Better? Good. Thank you.


#4 Hey RCMP! You cannot serve two masters. You can either protect and serve We the People or you can be a Luciferian Lickspittle. Do you wish to serve an almighty, loving, forgiving and generally awesome God or...you know...the other one?

#5 Strange dream last night. I was Aria Stark from Game of Thrones. I eliminated (polite term for extreme sanction) House Frey. The Hound came along and made me a cup of tea. We laughed and laughed and then played frisbee with digestive biscuits. Today is a good day 🙂

#6 To all Canadian Police. You are on the wrong side of history. You will be held accountable for your actions. Please take some time to watch videos of what happened to fascist police after WW2. You cannot serve two masters. Choose the Light or the Darkness. It's not a difficult choice for people in their right minds. Shame on you all.

#7 Y'all know that woman is not actually Hillary Killer Clinton...right? Y'all know that's not Joe the Deep State Ho Biden...right? Y'all know that's not O so grossee Pelosi...right? Y'all see the difference when they use Illuminati Toy Boy Trudeau's double...right? I mean...look closely. It's obvious.

#8 Whatever you read in Satan Stream media about Ukraine is...rubbish.

#9 The Cabal disguised dystopia as democracy and y'all fell for it? Swiss cheese has fewer holes than the official narrative yet...y'all fell for it?

#10 Sung to the tune Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley.

Hang down your head Justin Trudeau
Hang down your head and cry
The Truckers are coming for you
when they find you, your arse is pie.
You tried to deceive your people
Told them they had no choice
It turns out they are wolves not sheeple
They are howling, do you hear their voice?
Hang down your head Justin Trudeau
Hang down your head in shame
The people are coming for you
They will end your evil game.
Ani Avedissian wrote this and made a cup of tea to celebrate.