Sunday, September 17, 2023


If someone could place Bill Gates in a locked room with his mutant mosquitoes, that would be great and thank you.

Thursday, September 7, 2023

Ballots of Bullets?

If we don't clean up the ballots, the next president will be installed with bullets. Why are so many silent in the face of such evil? Do they think that by cowering in a corner, it will just go away? Stop cowering and start empowering.

Sitting in a corner waiting for it to end? At some point, they will entice you with a piece of cheese and because you have made your world so small and yourself, so insignificant, the cheese will look good. You will creep out of your corner and, because you have closed your eyes and minds to the feast that awaits freethinkers, you eat the little bit of government cheese and bam! They will lock you into that corner for the rest of your mortal life. The Cabal has done a wonderful job. It somehow convinced powerful, cosmic co-creators to turn their backs on their self-worth and behave like rodents. Wow.

Choose well.

What is the worst they can do to us for exposing corruption? Sure, they can kill us but, so what? Sovereignty is supreme and while 'no thing' matters enough to die for, sovereignty does matter. It is everything. They can go ahead and make as many martyrs as they wish...we are not going to comply and we are not going to keep quiet. If you enjoy being monitored and humiliated, go ahead and check yourself into a SMART city. Let them feed you. Let them tell you where you can go and what is off limits. Let them tell you what you can eat, drink and how much. Once they have you, they will implement phases two and three. Most of you won't live through that and...that is the point. You enslave yourselves. You eat Big Brother's processed survival rations. You stay within the boundary lines or risk a huge fine. You become a rat in a cage and one day, when the corporate overlords tire of indulging their pets, they will exterminate you. Is that what you want? Think carefully because once you make that choice, no one will come to rescue you. You paid your money-you made your choice. Good luck out there. Life gets wobbly for those without a spine.

Saturday, September 2, 2023

Respect the Front Door

Becoming an American citizen was the greatest moment of my life. I jumped through hoops to be worthy of the honor. I did not jump over walls.

Sincerely, Ani Avedissian