Monday, June 15, 2020

They are Playing You For Fools...

Hello World...Ani Here

All you self-righteous peeps, vandalizing and tearing down statues, chanting against white privilege, crying out for the police to be underfunded, smashing windows, defecating in public, screaming profanity at anything and anyone resembling any shade of blue, applauding the creation of no-go-zones and the list goes are not fit to kiss the shoes of an honest anarchist.  

You misguided morons.  They are playing you for fools.  The Establishment giggles, counts its profits and drools with delight.  How do you sleep at night with the rattling noise that one thought in your head makes?

"OMLL and hurrah" say they.  "The minions have bought hook line and sinker into our narrative of division.

They are tearing down statues of their founding fathers...they are carrying out our master plan! The eradication of America...erasure of all national history and sense of national sovereignty.

What a bunch of twats.  They don't realize they are paving the way for their erasure, the eradication of their sovereign identity, their personal history and their future.  This makes us happy, of course, but also sad.  We want obedient mind-controlled minions who respond to any bug we plant in their ears but I suppose we should review adjusting the stupidity meter once we have taken full control of the planet.

World domination through perceptual engineering.  It's a process.

I wish you peace and all things cool but mostly, I wish for common sense.