Saturday, June 6, 2020

Emancipation to Emaciation

Hello World...Ani Here.

How different life in America would be today if emancipated slaves were given the same opportunities as European immigrants...

Forty acres and a mule would have given families land owner status.  There's the big divide, right there.  "Come all ye poor and downtrodden from across the waters and get thine selves some free or really cheap arable land.  Build a better life for thy kin and help us build up this new nation of small farmers and free thinkers."

And they did.  "But not you folks.  Not you lot who have labored hard with no reward for the better part of two and a half centuries.  No, not you lot.  We have no idea how you will become independent or feed yourselves without land but so sad so bad.  It's emancipation to emaciation for you."

No land.  No status.  No rights.  The Establishment worked hard to keep it that way.   A government at the mercy of people empowered and united?  "Perish the thought.  Keep those damn minions in their place!"

When seeking solutions to problems, it helps to understand the origin of a thing.  It also helps to understand that History is the study of past events.