Sunday, June 7, 2020

A Message from Foghorn Leghorn

Hello Ani...Foghorn Leghorn  Here

"I say-I say-I-say-I say Wake up America!  Your corn bread ain't done in the middle.  Y'all need to think straight and take some advice form this here rooster booster.

Why are y'all so easily led?  Don't y'all know your own minds anymore.  Why do y'all keep falling for that fake news chicken shit?  They tell you to jump and y'all ask how high you should jump.  Since when does an American allow some chicken shit organization to regulate their personal habits?

Those propaganda dudes, they got y'all running around in circles chasing your own tails.  I say-I say-I say-I say y'all make me ashamed to call myself an American.  The souls of the pioneers are looking down on us from Heaven and thinking, 'What the Flippity Floppety is going on down there?'

They keep hitting y'all over the head with baseball bats and telling you it's a kiss...and y'all keep falling for it.  Do ya think Paul Revere was a dude who made copper bottomed pots and pans?  Do ya think Sybil Ludington took that midnight ride because she needed some fresh air?

Listen up America!   Institutional Tyranny (yep, that's a highfalutin phrase for a rooster) takes many forms and right now, y'all are inviting it into your living rooms for sweet tea and pastries.  I say-I say-I say-I say y'all stop this chicken shit right now and get back on track."