Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Here We Go Again...White Privilege. Ugh.

Hello World...Ani Here

The catch phrase this week is white privilege.  Ugh.  Those words make me cringe.  They invite division by invoking the ghosts of slaves and their masters.  The media's cashiers love white privilege.  It stirs up all manner of shit for people to fling at each other.

Before I continue with my pattern of thought, I am familiar with American history.  I came to this country many years ago and devoted time each day to the study of American history, culture, civics, systems, structures, Jim Crow and so forth.  I did this out of respect for my new home because I wished to be a productive member of American society and not some ex pat living in a bubble, eating stale McVities Digestives and longing for a proper cup of tea.

America has a sacred purpose...to prove that achieving unity through diversity is the main theme on physical realms.  There are many, for convenience let us call them The Establishment, who will do anything and everything to stop this from happening.  These are the people who come up with catch phrases such as white privilege.  These are the same people who jumped through hoops after emancipation to convince poor whites they were superior to freed slaves.

In shaman lingo, we call this Luciferian psychology.  Luciferian means refusing to co-create with Supreme Cosmic Intelligence.  It means focusing entirely on material gain and controlling every aspect of life lived upon that realm.  It is the driving force energy that created Deep State ideology.

Before you get your knickers in a twist, and knock yourselves out if that's all you can come up with, any label on a physical realm is a mindset.  When we are children, someone gives us a wooden toy shaped a certain way and says, "Look, this is for you.  It is a wooden horsey-poo just for you."  As human children, we have no conscious frame of reference for this strange object so we accept it into our lives as a wooden horsey-poo.  What makes it a wooden horsey-poo?  The fact that someone told us it was so.

Are we still children?  Do we still believe whatever we are told by the purveyors of media-poo?

There is a deep psychology attached to the phrase white privilege.  It is designed to trigger a multitude of emotions across all partisan affiliations.  Here is the one that bothers me the most; it implies that today, in 2020, the fact that black Americans do not thrive is solely the fault of white Americans...and today in 2020, not only is that untrue, I consider it the grossest of insults to black Americans...because it implies they will never thrive without white intervention. 

After emancipation, black Americans were not given the same advantages as European settlers.  It's a fact.  We had segregation from 1877-1964.  It's a fact.  History is filled with accounts of people treating each other with unimaginable cruelty and yet, somehow, we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and have another bash at this game called Life.  Whatever we feed, will grow.  That too, is a fact.

I wish you peace and all things cool. :-)