Thursday, June 11, 2020

Do Not Waste this Incarnation. It's a Big One.

Hello World...Ani Here

Every morning we tune into a new episode of "What is Surreal and What is Real?"  Each episode is more cringe-worthy than the last. 

Do you not see what is happening in plain sight?  Do you not see the merging of government and private corporations?  Do you not see the campaign to erode our intellect...our individual and national sovereignty?

Do you not see how fiercely the Establishment is fighting to dislodge the current administration?  Do you ask why?  How many people have been brainwashed, via media character assassination, to despise President Trump?

How many people know anything about this man and his history other than what they have been fed by the Daily Spin?   It's a valid question.  I ask it often and am met with silence and blank stares.

We are at a karmic crossroads.  The Corporate Establishment's perceptual engineering department registered an  80% success rate by 2015.  Having reached critical mass and then some, they were poised for a complete takeover.  They had several end game scenarios up their sleeve.  Releasing a deadly contagion to wipe out a significant portion of the population (failed) was top of the list.  Fear and panic would take care of the rest...any humans surplus to requirements would be dispatched by other means...mass vaccinations were discussed.

New World Order is not exactly unknown to those who take an interest in mankind's evolution.  By 2015, government administration had moved beyond had become a tool of the Corporate Establishment.

The Deep State was outed not by tin foil hats, but by government accountants and those working in the NSA.  They followed the money...they followed the intel.  They saw the writing on the wall and moved quickly to regain control of their country.  The key words here are their country.  NWO seeks to eradicate cultural identity and turn us into one big dull colorless homogeneous lump of goo.

America's sacred purpose is to prove that unity through diversity is the goal for life on physical realms, and that is why the Corporate Establishment wishes to destroy America.  

Patriots in the intelligence service and the military joined forces to expose and eradicate the deep state agenda.  They asked Mr T if he would run for president.  To all those who despise this man and think him unsuitable for this office, I have a question.  If he was just a brash, entitled, arrogant, wealthy ne'er do well...why on earth do you think the military would ask him to take the helm during this light-versus-dark-fighting-for-our-sovereignty-scenario?

I'll admit, I wasn't a fan at first, but since my mind is my own (mostly) and not influenced by partisan affiliations or whatever the Daily Spin churns out, I listened to my higher self, I gathered intel from several sources, both on and off world.  I even had a couple of astral realm conversations with him. 

Right now, he is the only thing preventing us from becoming micro-chipped minions and walking through the Bill Gates of Hell.  Right now, he is the only one strong enough to stand up to the Luciferians running the world...and if you are laughing at the notion of Luciferians running the Corporate Establishment...I have the distinction of having been employed by them on a few occasions and I assure you, when you are in their presence, laughter is not only the last thing on your mind, it is physically impossible.

Very soon, difficult truths will come to light.  We will see that people we hailed as heroes were anything but heroes.  We will see how easily the people we had high hopes were pressured by the Establishment to do their bidding.  It would benefit mankind if we opened our minds to these revelations.

So what if the guy leading the charge is brash and over-brimming with a sense of self?  When you are going head to head with the combined forces of darkness, you don't need Prince need someone who can manifest his inner Minotaur.  We tried the elegant tall guy in nice suits who spoke in complete sentences.  It didn't work.

I wish you peace and all things cool.