Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Attention Citizens! We have unleashed a new threat...we mean social conditioning device...we mean virus...yes...that's it. A virus...not man-made.

Attention Citizens!

We have been made aware of a new threat to your health (one which we planned decades ago and have worked diligently to update as we gauge your reaction to our ongoing perception games).  This new threat, a medical emergency of gargantuan proportions, is called Mind Control Mast Cell Activation Syndrome.

Primary symptoms include but are not limited to:

The belief that the CDC is an organization actively working for the benefit of mankind.
Following CDC guidelines to the letter.
Insisting that others give up their mental faculties and engage in your no-think-necessary automated responses to Establishment engineering.
Assuming whatever position the authorities ask you to assume for maximum penetration.
The assumption that all symptoms listed are beneficial and welcome.
Forgetting everything you were taught in Human Biology 101 with regard to what constitutes a healthy immune system.
Forgetting everything you were taught in Philosophy 101 with regard to achieving mastery over your minds.

For your safety, please follow our instructions to the letter.  It doesn't matter what we ask you to do.  We have witnessed the erosion of your intellect, capacity for critical thought and the ease with which we distract, bait, divide and conquer.  We chuckle.  You are ants.  We will crush you, tens of millions at a time and we will do it effortlessly because you will ask us to...and we know this because this was always our plan.

It took a while but in some ways, it was almost too easy.  Humans...ugh.  We don't want you.  It's the planetary resources we are after.  What?  This is news to you?  Point proven.  What use would we, the Glorious Establishment, have for such compliant-go-with-the-gang-automatons?

Strength, Honor and Glory to the Empire!  The rest of you...put on your masks and wipe your arses with the mountains of toilet paper you recently procured.

The above was a message from your Globalist Overlords.