Saturday, June 13, 2020

Ani's Raves About All the Money She Saved.

Hello World...Ani Here

When this social conditioning experiment started, I vowed to withdraw my custom from any business that required I wear a mask and stand in line, six feet apart and follow the orange arrows.  I challenged three of the business establishments to show me the box the masks came in.  None claimed to protect from viral infection.

Q:  What exactly is the point...I asked.   A:  To make people feel safe...was the response.

Illusion.  It is all an illusion.  Some are waking up to the realization they have been played for fools and have started researching Deep State and New World Order.  Others continue to jump on whatever bandwagon the Daily Spin comes up with.  A great range of emotions come into play here.  Amusement.  Bemusement. Embarrassment. Disgust. Back to amusement.  A short sojourn into apathy and back to bemusement.  

Honoring my word to withdraw support  from those who bankrolled the illusion has proved quite profitable.  No wasted expenditure in big lot stores.  No paying obscene amounts of money for fresh produce, especially those marked organic.  I have discovered small, privately owned grocery stores and produce stands not thirty minutes from my home.  Drive a few minutes more and I can buy direct from small farmers.  Not only is the food fresher, it is almost half the supermarket price.

Does it get any better?  Why yes, it does.  Because most of the produce is local, it is naturally ripened and compared to the supermarket-pick-me-when-I-am-green-to-account-for-transportation-variety, it is flavorful.  

My gut and pocket book are healthier.  The small businesses and farmers are happy.  My new side quest is to play my part in helping these folks maintain ownership of their land.  If the globalists get their way, our landscape will continue to be littered with densely populated urban ghettos.  Ugh.

The next step is to move out of our apartment and set up home on about 1/2 acre of arable land.  Better get on with it, Ani.  You are not getting any younger!  God Bless the preppers of America.  They saw the writing on the wall and vowed never to depend upon the state.

I wish you peace and all things cool :-)