Sunday, June 28, 2020

Our Country. Our vision. Our choice.

Hello World...Ani Here

Independence Day is around the corner.  Don't you love it when these things fall on a weekend?

Jefferson wrote the first draft of the Declaration of Independence in June 1776.  Independence was declared on July 2nd 1776.  Final edits were decided upon on July 4th 1776.
It was not signed until August 1776 and was not delivered to Britain until November 1776.  So, why do we celebrate on July 4th?

It is the date printed on the Dunlap Broadsides,the original printed copies of the declaration that were circulated throughout the new nation.  When people thought of the Declaration of Independence, they remembered the date July 4th 1776.

From my shaman's perspective, America has a sacred purpose; to prove that unity through diversity is how we evolve on this physical plane.  There is an ongoing plot to subvert that sacred purpose.
It takes many forms, but the desired result is always the same; to destroy America from the inside out.  To erase its history, to erode all sense of national sovereignty in favor of a homogenized, colorless, soul-less corporate identity.

This is the agenda behind open borders.  This is the agenda behind sanctuary cities.  It is also the agenda behind the current planned-demic, social distancing and ready-to-go-just-add-water planned, fake race riots.

It pains me that so many are oblivious to this in-your-face-could-we-be-any-more-overt social conditioning experiment.  It pains me to see so many people support the Establishment as it pours acid on the precious notion of personal freedom.  They, the people, know not what they do.  Bang!  There goes another nail in the coffin that America will be buried in.

Every country has a mixed bag of good and bad in their history book.
Whatever happened in the past does not obviate thriving in the future.  There exists today a campaign to make Americans ashamed of their identity; to replace our sense of rugged individualism and soul sovereignty with obedience to and reliance on the corporation.  Do you scoff at my suggestion?  Perhaps you should open your eyes.  You will see that corporate interests merged with government a while ago.  It happened while you were distracted with whatever the Daily Spin deemed fit to fill your minds with.

Be careful with the choices you make.  Think long and hard on how you react to Establishment engineering because the choices you make today, will color the next one thousand years.  America the beautiful...or America the screwable?

Our country.  Our vision.  Our choice.