Thursday, June 25, 2020

Butt Check Please America!

Hello World...Ani Here

Good Morning, America.  Time for your daily butt check.  Please take a moment now to check your butts and see if your heads are up there.

If yes, please pull head out of butt.  Wash head.  Take a deep breath and ask yourself, "What the heck is going on here?"  

When head is free from butt space and body is oxygenated, head is primed for thought process.  Thought process should not be confused with repeating daily media narrative.  That is parrot process.  You are human.  The universe expects more from you.

To those who support and comply with mandatory mask use, the air is bursting with multiple contagions 24/7.  Why did you choose to protect yourself from this specific gene edited patented virus...which has a high recovery rate and clearly is not a pandemic because...look around you.  I will answer that for you.  You bought into the official narrative.

Your fear induced compliance gave the Establishment the strength to push other agendas, falsely labeled as per usual, and designed to destroy America from the inside turn it into a soul-less, border-less homogeneous franchise of Corporation Earth.  Do you not see the writing on the wall?  No?  Perhaps those masks are messing with your depth perception.

Wear one if you wish but give the likes of me a wide berth if you set out to regulate personal habits based on Big Brother's daily spin.

I love this country.  I will honor America's sacred purpose until my least breath and, when I take that last breath, it sure as heck won't be covered by a mask.

I wish you all peace and healthy immune systems :-)

Postscript: You don't get those unless you allow your bodies to experience and interact with the environment.  But hey, it's a free will universe.