Monday, June 8, 2020

"I Didn't Know." is not an option.

Hello World...Ani Here

The war waging in today's world is for control of information.  He who controls the narrative, controls the people.

People are easily led and therefore easily misled.  He who runs our mind, runs our life.  We should ask ourselves each day, "All those thoughts in my head...all those words I spoke today...are they mine or am I repeating what I heard on the Daily Spin?"

We think we are in charge, we think we are objective thinkers but we are not.  The campaign to engineer our perception is relentless, well planned and expertly executed.  The captives are identifying with and defending their captors.  It reminds me of those biblical epics where demons are riding on the backs of the people, slowly plunging their tentacles into our flesh, causing just enough pain to distract us from our true path and the truth in general.

It hurts, at first, but after a while we become accustomed to the persistent plunging.  We accept it.  But deep within our essence, mind-body-soul are not happy.  They are more than a little disgruntled.  They are fomenting dissent.  They wish to re-assert our Supreme Cosmic Programming. 

This makes us uncomfortable.  The demons have fed us for so long now...can we remember the taste of our true nature?

The answer is yes.  Yes, we can because our true cosmic nature is the only part of us that is real...and it is magnificent.  All else is temporary illusion.  If we focus on the light within our true nature, the demon energy will fight back with a vengeance at first but, as our inner illumination grows, all that is wretched and filthy will be exposed and we, being repulsed by it, will watch it shrivel into dust.

Awakening is not easy, but in today's Light versus Dark scenario where we are quite literally fighting for our soul's sovereignty, it is not negotiable.  When we find ourselves, through our own lack of awareness and engagement, in an End of Days story line, "I didn't know." is not an option.

I wish you peace and all things cool :-)