Wednesday, June 24, 2020

If Your Friends are Entrenched...Just Let Them Be.

Hello World...Ani Here

Another day, another dollar, another opportunity for the unwashed minds of the masses to hoot and holler.

If peeps are deeply entrenched in their partisan affiliations, if they truly believe the Blues are better than the Reds, or visa versa, just let them be.  Clearly, they have no idea how the world works.  You might as well try taking jelly beans away from a sugar-fueled toddler.

Save your breath for the peeps wishing to expand their world view...for the ones who know things do not add up, the ones who want to make sense of it all.  We are at a major karmic crossroads.  How we respond to Establishment bullying defines the next one thousand years.  That is a long haul, so let's not waste our time trying to influence the Establishment's useful idiots.  Step away and save yourselves the frustration.

Focus instead on becoming as self-sufficient as possible and on building a community of like-minded folks.  We are in for Toad's Wild Ride for the rest of the year.  Behind the scenes, the forces of light and dark are fighting for their lives and the fight gets dirtier by the day.  If that sounds is supposed to.

If your family is 100% dependent on supermarkets and big lot stores for food and essential supplies, you are at the mercy of the globalists.  Start making changes now, unless, of course, you wish to destroy America from the inside out and change the Red White and Blue to communist grey.  Did that sound a tad dramatic?  Aw...I'll let you get back to your jelly beans. Not sure how you will eat them through those masks but hey, don't mind me.  Just keep believing what the propagandists tell you.  Comply.  Consume.  Obey.  It's a free will universe.  

Safety is an illusion.  I wish you Freedom over Tyranny...Free Thinking over Mind Control.  I can only hope you know the difference.