Monday, June 22, 2020

Stop. Think. Get the Brain in Sync.

Hello World...Ani Here.

It seems they have convinced a great many peeps to fear the act of breathing.  Did you think the masks were about something else?  

Life on physical realms is a balancing act.  The planets came first.  Humans are obliged to adapt.  If we do not adapt, we die.  Getting sick is part of the process.  Our bodies respond to incoming intelligence.  If it is unfamiliar, the body will get busy processing and sorting it all out.  Getting sick is part of that process.

If we survive, hurrah.  We now have archived intelligence and are ready to tackle the threat, should it rear its head once more.  If we do not survive, we die but...we do so having recorded the process on the depository of planetary wisdom.  If a great many of us die, we leave more resources for the survivors.  It's a win win scenario.

Jumping through hoops to protect ourselves from perceived-threat-fill-in-the-blanks is not living in harmony with our surroundings.  The air is, quite literally, bursting with thousands of contagions and toxins 24/7.  No one had a problem with it until they instilled the fear of Lucifer in us with this latest plan-demic.  Seriously peeps...please get a grip.  You fell for it...fell right on your compliant, trembling, terrified arses.  They will have you wrapped up, head to toe, in Saran Wrap next, blocking out the fresh air, blocking out the sun's life-giving rays, screaming while running away from anyone standing less than six feet from you in the supermarket aisles.

So much for America's rugged individualism.  It's morphed into a nation of pussies.  I don't mean girly bits.  There is nothing wrong with girly bits.  I'm quite fond of mine, actually.  No, by pussies I mean the do-as-1-am-instructed-because-I-have-given-my-mind-over-to-the-Establishment variety of humanoid automaton.

Life is an eternal and magnificent adventure.  If you fear death, you also fear life.  Take a chance on life.  Go on...get out there and breathe!

I wish you peace and Summer wine.